days of 1903

“Carving is interrelated masses conveying an emotion; a perfect relationship between the mind and the color, light and weight which is the stone, made by the hand which feels.”

Happy Birthday to sculptor Barbara Hepworth, born on this day in 1903!

Hepworth took inspiration from organic forms and her compositions mimic the rhythm and flow of water-smoothed rocks, caves, and ancient hills. “Figure for Landscape” (1960) is on view in our sculpture garden, have you seen it at different times of day? Sunlight creates varied effects, and the openings allow for the surrounding landscape to become part of the artwork.  


November 3rd 1903: Panamanian separation

On this day in 1903, Panama separated from Colombia, forming an independent state. Earlier that year, Colombia and the United States had signed a treaty granting the latter use of the Isthmus of Panama to build a canal. The Colombian senate, however, refused to ratify the treaty. With foreign trade routes in jepoardy, President Theodore Roosevelt sought a solution, adhering to his policy to ‘walk softly and carry a big stick’. While the United States had previously worked with the Colombian government to undermine Panamanian independence movements, they now turned to these same revolutionaries. The United States gave tacit support to a nationalist rebellion, sponsored by French business interests with investments in a potential Panama canal, sabotaging the Colombian effort to crush the movement by removing US-owned trains which provided vital support for Colombian troops. The revolution, led by José Augustin Arango and Manuel Amador Guerrero, was successful, and the Republic of Panama swiftly signed a treaty granting the United States possession of the Panama Canal Zone, receiving $10 million in return. Construction on the canal began in 1904, and was completed in 1914. For many Panamanians, who had long dreamed of their nation’s independence, the treaty appeared in violation of their newly-won soverignity. The Panama Canal remained a contentious issue in the region until 1999, when it formally returned to Panamanian control.

Parasite (1/3)

Title: Parasite ( link right here)
Rating: M (Rated R to NC-17)
Pairing/characters: Bonnie/Kai, Elena, Damon
Category: AU, angst, more angst, romance/smut 
Chapters: 3 
Word count: 12,942  
Summary: ‘She doesn’t know why, but she needs him to look at her. She needs him to see it, her lack of remorse, the power which courses through her at the sight of his pain. In a way, it excites her.’ Post 6x17-snow-scene AU. Bonnie stabs Kai, but doesn’t leave him in 1903. Internal conflict, angst and a particular brand of hunger ensue. 
Warnings: Angst, mild dark!bonkai 
Disclaimer: Characters are not mine but they need me because Plec has failed them. 
Authors’ note: First draft of this was written in May, but real life… Partially beta’ed along the way, for which I owe a huge thank you to @leidi-bonny-zivah and @unicornsince88 and especially @slayerkitty who doesn’t even ship bonkai but still took a look at it for me. This fic is already completed, will be posted in three parts, second part will be up in a few days. Finally, English is not my first language, let me know if anything sounds weird. Enjoy! 

|| Part I || Part II || Part III ||


Her satisfaction is short-lived.

His blood on her knife hasn’t even dried before Elena tells her. Kai.

“Why didn’t you tell me before I-”

“I didn’t know Damon was going to come up with the idea to leave him here! It’s like you guys… You and Damon, you talk- you talk about stuff, just you two, scheming, and I- Damon didn’t tell me.” Elena looks dejected, her brown eyes all doe-eyed and tearful. As though considering there’s a part of Damon’s life that’s not about her leads to many a sleepless nights and profound agony. 

For once, however, Bonnie doesn’t feel it. It doesn’t hit her in that sweet spot, that Elena spot, the one that makes her want to give Elena everything. Maybe it’s the cold snow seeping through the cracks of her boots. Or maybe the spot is hidden underneath her rage now, her now permanent state of rage. Like her grandmother’s necklace underneath piles and piles of coats at Vicky Donovan’s birthday party that one time. She’d spent so long trying to find it. 1994 must have robbed her of it, of her need to provide comfort and reassurance to anyone but herself. Add it to the list of things 1994 took from her. Gave her, she thinks for a second, but she pushes the thought away.

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An Architect’s Home

The warm refuge of this California home stands in stark contrast to its rugged surroundings in the Carmel Highlands. In the autumn of 1952, Nathaniel Owings, a founding partner of SOM, scrambled up a stretch of the Big Sur coastline with Margaret Wentworth. They found respite on an idyllic slice of land, where they picnicked and resolved to make the place their home after they married. A year later, they returned to build “Wild Bird” on this very perch out of concrete and reclaimed redwood. As Owings later said in an interview with Time magazine, “No house can do more than snuggle into and grab hold of and hold on to a sheer bit of granite on this coast.” Working with architect Mark Mills, they set the A-frame structure into the cliffside and surrounded it with cantilevered balconies to take in the Big Sur landscape. Owings, who was born on this day in 1903, would spend much of his life in the coastal residence. As he told the magazine, “This is a onetime house for the rest of the time we expect to be here on earth.”

Photos © Richard Waite