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I get why your upset but I watch YJ for the team and last season really borked that up with people like Tim getying no screen Tim. Theres already 2 bats there and a big mystery going on. Do we really need Jason now??

I think they could fit him in though. Like there would be a brief history scene showing it’s a post Under the Red Hood. Batman and Jason aren’t speaking to each other. Present day, Jason gets mixed up with the main villain one way or another (I’m hoping he’s acting sorta like the bad guy). Tim has to explain to his team who this said bad guy is and how to stop him from helping the villain. But towards the end of the season, Jason shows his heroic side. Or something along those lines. 

me, talking about myself:
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me, talking about how proud i am of jesy nelson and how much her confidence has grown over the past few years and how she truly makes the world her runway and how she’s not afraid to be herself and how selfless and hilarious she is and how soothing and raw her beautiful voice is and how she absolutely KILLS every performance and how i would die for her:
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Simon: *peeks out from behind menu he’s not reading*

Baz: *glares*

Simon: *visibly blushing*

Baz: *narrows eyes*

Simon: “So, I was feeling… something… and I did… something…”

Baz: *places down menu in the restaurant they’re sitting at* *takes deep breath* “Simon… what did you d-”

~music starts playing… sexy violins… romantic stylz music~

Waiter #1: *brings giant bouquet of roses*

Waiter #2: *brings giant red velvet cake to the table, adorned with many a decorative, edible flower*

Waiter #3: *brings comically large valentines card over (even though it’s only half way through January)

Baz: *actual rabbit in the headlights*

Simon: *starts babbing* “So, that feeling I was feeling was love and I got carried away and gosh, I was just thinking about everything and things and then you! And then I asked these waiters to come over here and bring all this stuff and so *takes deep breath* Basilton Grimm-Pitch… will you be my valentine?

Baz: *deadpan glare*

Simon: *puppy-dog eyes, looking adorable*

Baz: *deadpan glare*

Waiters: *uncomfortable squirming*


Simon: “Still…”

Waiters: *still uncomfortable, now also confused puppies*

Baz: *resigned sigh* Yes, I will be your valentine

Simon: *fist pumps in the air* *whooping and holling with pure joy* *high five’s confused waiters*

Baz: *blushes* *hides behind his menu and secretly grins at his adorable amazing sunshine husband and thanks his lucky stars he’s married to the most wonderfully amazing goofball in the whole wide world*


Reminder: Kakashi loves you.

Hey! A few of the girls videos are almost Vevo Certified!

They are…..

Word Up - Currently  at 99,514,730 views

DNA - Currently at 94,319,620 views

Change Your Life - Currently at 82,468,337 views 

All of these are less than 2 million away from being certified! So let’s get them certified for the girls! 

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on earth c valentines day is a holiday inspired by rosemary’s legendary love/dedication and y'all can’t convince me otherwise