days like this are what make me say i'm a fan of the fandom

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Hello Sir/Ma'am. Your art with the eyes made me watch KLK though I hated TTGL and didn't want to watch it but I binged it on the weekend and it was so good! I was devastated after I was done so I checked out your blog and it's AMAZING my mind is BLOWN it's a temple for KLK fans! It's like most original KLK posts are from your blog, I love your art so much! I love the short blond guy too! Thank you for making me watch the best series in my life I'm forever in your debt! Have a lovely day, thanks!

!!!!!! ashkldjfhakljsh I don’t know what to say wow someone watched KlK because of something I doodled this is just hdsjklahdslk *cries*

Thank you for dropping by and telling me this, this is the most wonderful thing for me to hear!!

And welcome to the fandom!

I’m still adjusting to what it’s like having an OTP where the pairing tag actually updates daily. I’m used to relatively small fandoms (where even the FANDOM tags barely update daily) or pairings in fandoms that are very obscure (or even disliked). But there are actually lots of other fans of Soriel. There are fanworks to see. A place to share fanworks. There are PEOPLE TO TALK TO ABOUT IT.

This… this is a really nice feeling. It gives me something to look forward to every single day. And I imagine others out there feel this too.

Day not going so well? SORIEL. Woke up on the wrong side of the bed? SORIEL IS THERE TO SET YOU ON THE RIGHT FOOT. Stressful time at work/school? HERRRE’S SORIEL. Feeling under the weather? A LITTLE SORIEL SOUP FOR RECOVERY. Bad news? SOME SORIEL COMFORT FOR YOUR HEART AND SOUL.

I know a lot of people say the tag is kind of short and not as updated as some other pairings, but for me, this is a really new experience and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. You guys are all fantastic and amazing.

*sheds a tear of happiness*