days gone bye

Goal is to finish this post the same day i was tagged (edit: i did it)

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Rules: Answer the questions with the first letter of your name, then tag 10 people. If the person who tagged you has the same initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use the same word twice.

What is your name? Hannah
A four letter word? Hand
A boy’s name? Henry (oh gosh I’m reminded now that henry green is 7 years old o_o)
An occupation? Head Director of the company (is that a thing? I’m just guessing it is)
Something you wear? Hat
A colour? 黄色 huang se (yellow) (I couldn’t think of any colour with a H at the start)
A food? Honeydew
A place? Helsinki (not fair that kaji went there :/)
Something you shout? HOW ARE YOU??!!
A movie title? How to train your dragon
Something you drink? Herbal tea
An animal? Hen
A type of car? Honda
Title of a song? Helpless - hamilton

I tag: @akashikuroko0411 @huhwhatyak @cottonballwithmustache @simplyphangirl @gut-goat @quippuh @jyoujimi @paradisedan(rip to y'all sorry for tagging you twice) take as long as you want

Ridiculously early tomorrow morning, I’ll be flying to Paris for the weekend so I’m just letting you know why there won’t be any new comic pages or anything until Monday at the earliest. I have no idea what time I’ll get back on Sunday so I might have time to draw something to tell you I’ve returned. I’m quite excited to go back to France again (I’ve been there three times before and loved it). Hopefully I’ll be able to take a lot of reference photos for cheesy, romantic FrUK fan art. 

Catch you later.

- Alex