days fall like leaves


[ Yoongi x Reader ]

Genre: angst & fluff

Song: Mercy by Shawn Mendes

Word Count: 11.5k

Description: If there’s one thing he knows about you, it’s everything, from the way that you smile when you’re upset to the way that you lick your lips when you lie. But when he decides that he no longer wants to suffer through this one-sided love, he is instead left to pick up the pieces after a near fatal car accident.

Much love goes out to @workofteaguk for writing such an amazing piece Take My Hand, and because her writing is absolute G O L D I was inspired to write this ♡

Special thanks to @kpoppinthatbooty for being a wonderful idea buddy ♡

AND happy birthday to the love of my life, Min Yoongi ♡

inspired by the kdrama Pinocchio - ©SBS&SBS Contents HUB

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good morning romantically shipping real people is disgusting have a nice day

It’s a bit early for a sweater, though… 

bangtan + kisses

immense description on the manner of how bts would kiss you


Like chocolate and warm pie. Like sunshine seeping through the clouds on a rainy day. Like walking through the park with a light breeze kicking up the ends of your hair as little kids run around you with smiles on their faces. Like a bright and fruity lollipop that tastes so sweet on your tongue. Like a high school anime full of aegyo and pastel, occasionally catching sight of lace or cotton under little school skirts. 


Like a porcelain tub brimming with warm water. Like a red canvas splattered with black paint. Like crystalline bedsheets and lazy Sundays between them, reading books and filling your ears with loud music from big headphones. Like a soft punch or gentle kick. Like no air but also like gasps and sighs. Like a walk along The Seine with sounds of water and locks clicking closed along the bridge with timeless ecstasy. 

Rap Monster: 

Like black lace and colored lingerie. Like a late Friday night, covered in sweat from the club or from being on your back above cold sheets. Like a thousand stars in the night sky and a bright sun, partially obscured by thick clouds. Like rolling green hills and tall red heels. Like pressure and pleasure and something you don’t think you need until you do. Like fine wine and plush leather. Like ink stains along fingertips and along the lines of recycled paper.  


Like sweet rolls and coffee in the early hours of the morning. Like a bouquet of brightly colored flowers that smell like Spring days and finely spun strands of gold. Like orange suns and dark moons and collections of rainbows that twirl across a blue landscape. Like a loose blouse and tight pants and undressing after a long day in the dark of your bedroom, a beckoning hand calling you from atop a gray duvet as sunshine fills his smile. 


Like an inside joke you shared as kid or a secret you can’t tell anybody. Like a long shower with strawberry scented soap and voices echoing off the clean tile. Like a waterpark on a hot day, wet and fun and relieving, with cute polka dot bikinis and suggestive smiles as you drink smoothies. Like a sundress in the summer and stockings in the winter, like lavender and roses scented candles filling a dimly lit room. 


Like puffs of blue cotton candy going past pink lips. Like an everlasting summer with dark dark nights that end in breathlessness and sore mornings. Like the sweet taste of fruit juice and texture of whipped cream. Like a low cut blouse and long hair that wrap around his fingers during late nights of embrace. Like early awakening and unspoken motivation. Like the cotton of dresses and the lace of what’s hiding underneath.    


Like fall days and long plaid shirts with red leaves littering the ground. Like a shy rain dotting along the rooftop and laying in bed with soft music as you watch puddles form along the streets. Like a late night car ride to clear your mind and a million fireworks exploding in the sky. Like an amusement park churro and a cold iced water. Like dim lights and musky cologne, and a  dangerous comfort as you move between silk waters.   

Hope you enjoyed because I honestly don’t know what this is…

~Admin Eggplant

Pomegranate Seeds


Based on the word “Dalliance”


Draco meets her in June. All cotton candy smiles and diamond eyes, a sundress brushing against her thighs. There’s a wand tucked behind her ear and water dripping, dripping from her fingertips as she smiles at him, knots her fingers behind her back and sways in the sweltering breeze.

Draco meets her in June and is spellbound/ entranced/ enchanted by her fluttering lashes, thin wrists, a laugh that settles like a butterfly in her throat and the butterflies trapped behind his ribs.

“Y/N,” she tells him, extends a hand. “My family’s renting the manor next door for the summer.”

And he knows who she is. Has heard his parents lament more than once about the sort that live next door, the blood traitors and mudbloods, the disgraces. He doesn’t quite care, though, not as he takes her hand and watches a smile – molasses slow and sugar sweet – blossom across her mouth.

He can feel her fate lines pressing against his. Can’t help but think that he never did believe in coincidences.


“Just for the summer,” they tell each other, legs tangled in his bedsheets and fingers laced together. Salt-slick sweat sliding down the notches of his back as he presses chapped lips to hers, presses warm hands against her thighs.

“Just for the summer,” they say, as he hides her from his mother/hides her from the truth.

Because there’s a mark on his arm and a task on his shoulders and loving her feels like he’s being robbed.

“I know something’s wrong,” she tells him. And Draco is two months past scribbling her name in the margins in his notebook, dreaming about how she tucks her tongue between her teeth, tucking a sun blurred photograph of her beneath his pillow. Only –

“It’s almost September,” he tells her, all bitter sweet and bitter sour. “Don’t you think it’s about time that we give this up?”

She doesn’t say anything. Lingers like a ghost on the bed beside him. Soft breath and tentative fingers as she brushes through his hair. And he would’ve thought, if he hadn’t known better, that her eyes swept over his forearm before she left.

“Just for the summer,” they said,

But Draco never has been good at keeping promises.



Draco sees her in September. All pink cheeks and scarf fluttering in the wind as she boards the Hogwarts express. Glances at him as she walks by. Brushes her fingers against his shoulder because she knows that the whorls of her fingerprint are embedded there like a tattoo.

He didn’t tell her that he had more than one.

And he watches her for three days, four, thinks he’s falling like autumn leaves against the pavement; rust red and copper yellow, bruised orange and scarlet brown. He’s falling and he can’t quite help himself, no, not when his constellation is already in the sky.

He catches her after class. Knots his fingers around her wrist and pulls her into a cupboard and kisses her. Kisses her with trembling knees, mouths and fingers and heartache. How they don’t say, “It’s only for the fall”. They’ve already fallen. And Draco’s fingers are shaking as he tucks her hair behind her ear.


The first snow falls in November,

And Draco tells her that he loves her beneath the frost bent boughs of the ash tree. Thinks how he’s a boy with a sharp tongue and wicked smile who shouldn’t be doing this, no, shouldn’t be playing with hearts.

There’s a gun in his mouth; he’s aching to tell her.

Only, there’s nothing better than a slender boy with a handgun and a dream.

He tells her he loves her and she smiles, laughs, wraps her hands around his neck and says that she loves him too.

“It’s only for the fall.” All the words they don’t say.

Draco wants to string up caution tape and scrub the evidence clean. Obliviate the witness and swallow the bullets and take it all back. Only –

He wraps his scarf around her neck, laces their fingers together in bed. Writes fucking odes to the brilliance of her eyes and the soft of her mouth and doesn’t realize that he’s Hades and she’s Persephone and there are pomegranate seeds stuck between her teeth.

He knows how this one ends.

Draco tells her the truth in December,

And it’s like watching the world unravel before his eyes.


Draco breaks her heart in December. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Because he rolls up his sleeve with quavering fingers and she grabs her clothes off the floor, says, “I can’t believe you,” before leaving.

He can’t quite blame her, no, not when he wants to run away, too.

He’s a robber without a getaway car, with an albatross around his neck and he’s drowning, drowning, drowning.


Draco tries to kill Dumbledore in December.

Only succeeds in cursing Katie Bell and it isn’t until later, when he’s lying on the bathroom floor and Potter’s standing over him, blood on his shirt and blood on his hands and blood pooling in the water leaking from one of the broken faucets, that he thinks about her.

About how she’d left and how her clothes are still in his dresser and her picture is still under his pillow and her name is still stitched onto the softer parts of his heart.

He thinks he sees her in the hospital wing, when he’s turning over and looking through a haze. Thinks he hears her murmur “It’s just for the winter”.

But when he wakes up the only thing that’s there is his scarf looped around the chair.



Draco sees her in April. All earnest smiles and soft laughter beneath the wilting mistletoe tree. Draco sees her, and she sees him, and he can’t quite help the smile that tugs at the corners of his mouth.

She hesitates for a heartbeat of a second, melting snow and dulled edges, before she raises her hand and tips her mouth, allows her eyes to flicker to his forearm before she glances back up at him.

Draco kisses her beneath the cherry red boughs of the mistletoe tree, all locked knees and hands, fingers, heartbeats. “It’s only for the spring,” she murmurs and he should tell her, can’t tell her – not yet – that it’s never going to be enough.

“I’m Sorry I’m Protective Over the Things I Love” (#Gun)

Hey I’m the one who asked for the gun scenario where he gets jealous because you spending more time with Mino if you can do it with #91 of the drabble challenge (happy ending, slight angst please)

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     Hey, where are you? i came to your place to see you.

    “Hold on one second,” you said to Minho, pausing the movie the pair of you were watching. “I gotta text Gunhee real quick.”

    i’m at minho’s, you wrote back. you wanna come over?

    Moments later he replied. nah, you two have fun.

    You sighed. You knew when something was wrong, and it wasn’t really hard to guess why he wasn’t happy. “Minho, I’m sorry; I think I should go.”

    “Everything okay?” Minho asked.

    “Yeah, just… Gunhee came to see me and I wasn’t there. I need to go see him,” you explained.

    “Oh, okay sure,” Minho said, though he sounded disappointed.

    “We can finish this tomorrow or something, okay?” you said.

    “Sure,” he said, smiling. “See you later!”


    As you walked out of the building, you texted Gunhee again. where are you now? i want to see you.

    Or else you want to make me think i’m your top priority so i’ll leave you and my cousin alone in the future.

    You were surprised by the bitterness of his answer and you couldn’t help the twinges of anger starting in the back of your head. You ignored his words, just writing again: where are you?

    at my apartment, he replied.

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Old Mahogany

the night comes to me

in a blur.

blues, reds, and yellows.

bodies dripping with sweat,

air fills with smoke,

the scent of old mahogany

inhabits my shirt.

his  body presses against me,

hands running over my waist.

a red cup is forced into my hand,

the drink’s smell swallows my senses.

the room spins

the liquid burns my throat.

the music booms in waves

through the thick atmosphere.

lips suck at my neck,

teeth nip at the skin,

blood floods to the surface.

cups scatter over the marble floor,

like leaves on a fall day.

my head becomes heavy,

but my body sways to the beat.


if i measured the distance between us
with a ruler pressed against my tenth grade geography atlas,
we would be approximately 17 centimetres apart.
that’s close enough for touch.
i can almost feel you here with me:
your goosebumps,
weathered skin,
warm breaths.
in reality,
the distance is far greater.
you are half a world away
where everything is backwards.
before i sleep, i listen to the voicemails
you leave for me. in this particular one,
you are telling me about the weather;
how the sun splits its light through
your windows each morning, how the flowers
on your balcony are starting to bloom.
when i close my eyes, i dream about it.
the warmth coats me when i wake up
to leaves falling like raindrops.
some days i go down to the beach,
my feet burying themselves in the sand
and i yell at the ocean
for keeping us apart
(as if it is her fault).
she roars back a story
about a sailor who now spends all his time on land.
we are two saltwater beings crying
into each other. she is mourning a love
she can never have. and i,
i am much more fortunate. i have the love,
i just can’t reach for him right now. 

– A.Y.

As he bounded through the forest, his two oldest friends by his side, Firestar felt his mind flood with memories of how they had trained and hunted together as apprentices. For a short time he could almost imagine that those days had returned, that he had shed his responsibilities like falling leaves and was young and carefree again.
—  Excerpt From: Hunter, Erin. “The Darkest Hour.“
Autumn Leaves

Title: Autumn Leaves

Pairing: Reader x Cas

Word count: 3,897

Theme song: Autumn Leaves by Ed Sheeran

Request: Oh my God! The last gif image with Castiel (the one with engagement) it’s perfect and I’d really like to read full one shot. Of course if you have time and want to :)

A/N: Autumn Leaves is one of Nana Kazzy’s favorite songs and she’s been wanting me to do a song fic to it! ;) There’s also some supplemental stuff at the end. But you’ll get there!


Your name: submit What is this?


It was on the first day of Autumn, with leaves falling around him, red like sparks from a flame in the crisp and quiet morning, that Cas let go.

All those fears, all those little nagging doubts he’d had, wondering how he would really know, he just let go of them all. Watching you crouched low over a fallen leaf still wet with the rain that had just passed, he fell in love. The words fell from his lips, soft as the leaves from the branches overhead, but you heard him just the same and turned to look at him.

“I love you, too,” you said with a smile that felt as new as the season. Hesitation hadn’t occurred to you; saying it back felt as easy as it had been to fall. You were full with the newness of the words and with every small look or touch, every shared moment that had led to them. You carried them with you as you stood and crossed over to Cas, letting him gather you in closely.

“I’ll love you forever,” he said. You tilted your head up to look at him, leaning into him and pressing your lips to his. You ran your hand soft through his dark hair, breathing him and the salt air in at once, feeling like it was some kind of magic to be there with him at all.

With one hand gentle over your hair and his other snaked around your waist, you stood together, sinking into it. Sinking into one another. Down past the sharp outcropping on which you stood, waves crashed distantly on the beach below, pulling sand and shells alike back into the foamy and depthless maw of the sea.

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