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here’s a couple gay lil doodles of adam/koko and james/wilhelm that i stockpiled for a couple days bc theyre too small to post individually!!!


It’s still February so it still counts as Valentine’s Day fic, right?  Right? *nervous laugh*

There’s another drawing, too, but it really belongs at the end of the story, so it’s under the spoiler cut.

Inspired by this post about a Valentine’s Day-ike holiday for Hyrule - almost all the worldbuilding about Ribbon Day is from there, so credit where it’s due, those aren’t my ideas!

Ribbon Day

8,007 words, Vio/Shadow, rated T

Summary: When Shadow is introduced to a Hyrulean holiday celebrating different kinds of relationships, he starts to question whether his feelings for Vio are really as platonic as he has believed them to be for the past two years.  But even if he lets himself admit that it’s romantic love, he can’t escape the feeling that he’s getting it wrong somehow.  That he’s missing some crucial piece.

Who would expect a shadow-demon to be able to love properly, anyway?

Featuring asexual!Shadow, internalized acephobia/self-loathing, and lots of pining.  Which makes it sound like a much sadder story than it actually is.  I swear it ends well!

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Happy St David’s Day!

Today is the feast day of Saint David, the patron saint of Wales. Traditionally daffodils (a symbol of Wales) and leeks (a symbol of Saint David) are worn.

This is a hand-coloured lithograph of daffodils, printed by Day & Haghe in the 1840s. The original drawing was by Jane Webb Loudon (1807-1858), and it featured in her book ‘The ladies’ flower garden of ornamental bulbous plants’ with 57 other botanical prints.

Until Death Do Us Part

Once again, I changed the prompts for the last few days because the original ones sucked, just fyi

Day 28 was absolutely satisfying to draw in every way

This is Niscient, the only uncorrupted black hole in the entire Iconoclasm Universe, which is why his appearance is so different from the others. He wields a half of a pair of scissors that can cut through time and space, and has a habit of turning into a roomba-like creature to scare newcomers.

Fun fact, Niscient used to be a persona of mine, and also one of my previous internet handles c: