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bringing back a video from their SMROOKIE days in 2013 !

Christmas Message 2013
David Bowie
Christmas Message 2013

The best thing about this is neither the Elvis impersonation or that it’s the newest recording of David Bowie speaking, it’s the insanely funny fact that you can hear the soft “plop, plop, plopplop” of the Mac towards the end which regulates the volume of the background song (and the click at the beginning which starts it).

This man does records for a living. He could’ve just… edited it in. And, you know, make a fade out. Probably would’ve been a lot easier to time, too. But no.

Bless David Bowie, honestly, and bless you. Have a happy, happy holiday time.

This Day in 1D History - March 18


  • Niall does NOT approve of Liam’s latest hashtag
  • meanwhile….


  • Lirry host their TrekStock event in London!!


  • ……………..
  • Harry gets artsy on Matt Irwin’s Insta
  • **One Direction perform their final concert as a five-piece** – On the Road Again Tour concert—Hong Kong, Hong Kong


  • Niall meets fans in London :)
March 22, 2013

As many Killjoys know tomorrow will mark the 4 year anniversary of MCR breaking up. I am new to the fandom, yet it still hurts to acknowledge that fact. I regret that I didn’t know about them sooner. It rips me apart inside to even think about it. Don’t get me wrong I fully support all of them and the decisions they have made to create a life they wanted. Whether that be making comics or having a solo music career, I will always support them no matter what.

Thanks, fellow Killjoy