Forever and always darling

(Y/n)- your name
(Y/l/n)- your last name
(H/c)- hair color
(E/c)- eye color
(Y/d/n)- your dads name

Surviving was more difficult then the movies made it out to be. Especially when if you were 11. The day seemed normal. I went to school, had lunch with my friends, played on the playground, then went to Carl’s house after school. Both my parents worked late and they didn’t have the heart to leave me alone at home till 9 or 10 o'clock at night. So they let me stay with our family friends. Rick always joked around the dinner table and Lori would always let me help her cook. She was an amazing mother, and Rick was a caring father.

I remember once when Carl and I were doing homework in the living room Rick, Lori, my mother and father were laughing and whispering. I turn around and see a smirk on all their faces. “What?” I ask looking at the grown ups. “Nothing. You two just are hard workers.” Rick says nudging my father and laughing.

“You got number 3 wrong darling.” Carl says ignoring they adults conversation and pointing to my paper. Carl and I have always called each other pet names, but I didn’t think they meant anything. We just heard our parents cute names and then we just started.

“What is it supposed to be?” I ask confused looking at my math worksheet. “10x. You can break it down but you left it as 20x.” Carl explains my mistake. “Oh okay. Thank you babe.”

I erase my answer and write the correct one. “Alright love birds it’s late. Come on (y/n) tell your boyfriend goodnight.” My dad says in a teasing tone. “He’s not my boyfriend!” I laugh gathering my papers. “I’m not?” Carl asks softly looking at me. “Oh this just got serious.” Lori says in a sing song voice. “Let’s give these two a minute.” My mother says and goes to the kitchen having the others follow her.

I zip up my bag and look up to see Carl twisting a strand of string. “I kinda thought we were in love.” Carl says looking at the ground. “Carl I’m not saying I don’t like you like that-” “so you do?” He asks excitedly. “Well…I mean…yeah.” I play with the strings of my backpack stumbling over my words.

Carl’s arms wrapped around me and enclosed me in a hug. “Do you wanna be my girlfriend (y/n)?” Everything at the moment changed for me. I wasn’t hugging my best friend. I was hugging my boyfriend. “Yes Carl. I will be your girlfriend.” I smile into his shoulder.

He pulls back slightly and looks me in the eyes smiling. “Could I kiss you?” He asks in a innocent voice. Nodding my head yes in response he wasted no time getting my lips upon his. A simple kiss nothing major, but it meant the world to me. “Whoa alright kidos! Don’t grow up to fast.” My dad laughs entering the room. “Bye Carl.” I say to my boyfriend hugging him again. “I’ll see you tomorrow (y/n).” Carl says kissing my lips once more.

The next day was better then the last. I went to school sat with Carl at lunch, and played with him at playtime, but at the end of the day it was different. My parents were there with my dads truck full of suit cases. “I guess I’ll see you tomorrow’s baby.” Carl says. I lean in and kiss him before leaving to go to my daddy’s truck. Once I got in that car my life changed forever.

Carl’s POV:
“You think they made it?” I ask my dad sitting on the couch. He doesn’t have to ask who. He knows I’m talking about her and her family. I use to ask him everyday when we were at Hershel’s farm, but now I ask once every two weeks. He gives the same answer most days, but today was different. “Carl that morning (y/f/n) called me telling me how thankful he was for everything we’ve done for them. Now I didn’t think anything of it then, but hearing now that they went north knowing they’ve got more family up there they just might have.” “We need to look for them.” I say twisting the string on my wrist. I remember giving her one saying they’d always keep us close. The once white string is dark and stained now.

“Carl, I understand (y/n) was your best friend, but son-” “I loved her dad. I still do. You and mom always use to joke about how we would get married.” “You were 11.” “So? Didn’t mean I couldn’t feel love for her.” I say looking back
at my dad. “I know you’re not one for fate, but the one time I’ve seen this to be true was when I found you and your mom. Now if (y/n) and you are truly meant to be together you’ll find each other.” He tips my hat and smiles at me. “Believe me?” He asks. I sigh and smile thinking about if and how we would met again. “Yeah. I believe you.” I smile at him.

-2 months later-

I sit under a tree reading a comic book distracted by the words and the pictures to realize my surroundings. Turning the page I hear a twig snap. Sitting up straight and holding my gun I look around studying where the sound came from.

Suddenly I’m knocked off my feet and the horrible sound of growling of the dead is right in my ear, but only for a second. Then all I hear and feel is dead weight and soft breathing. “Did you get it daddy?” A girls voice yells and footsteps are heard crunching against the leaves.

“Yeah. Some boy too.” A mans voice says back. He comes around and looks at me. “What’s your name boy?” The man asks. I gulp and stare up at him. He can’t be any older then my father. “Ca-” “Carl?” The girl asks now coming around to my view.

I examine her. Soft (H/c) hair, beautiful (e/c), and a plump pair of pink lips. I know her. “(Y/n)?” Her shocked face turns into a excited smile. Her hands cover her mouth and she walks towards me.

I stand up and rush to her enveloping her in my arms. “Oh my god. Carl. It’s you. You- you’re alive!” “And you! You’re okay! I-I was so worried!” I say releasing her but still holding her to me.

“Carl. Carl Grimes.” The man says with a smile on his face. “Good to see you again Mr. (Y/l/n).” I say tipping my hat to him. “Where’s your parents?” “Dads back in our safe place, and mom- she uh she passed.” I say softly.

“I’m so sorry Carl.” (Y/n) says into my chest. “You got shorter.” I say kissing her head. “No you got taller, and just look at this lushish hair!” She says pulling lightly at my hair.

“Come on. You’re coming with me. Dad is gonna be so happy to see you.” I pull them both to the wall and start to climb over. “You coming?” I ask looking down at them. As soon as I get to the bottom (y/n) is right behind me.

“Let’s go! He’s gonna love this!” I say grabbing her hand and running to the house. “Dad! Dad! Guess what!” I yell running up to the door. “Carl? What is it?” “LOOK!” I yell and push (y/n) and her father forwards.

“Son of a bitch! (T/d/n)! (Y/n)!” He hugs them both and rushes them inside.

We spend hours talking and persuade them to stay here till we get them a place. “I’ll take the couch daddy. You need a good bed.” (Y/n) says and lays flat on the couch.

“No wait. Come on my bed sleeps two. (Y/n) can stay in my room. Please it’s better then her sleeping on this old thing.” I don’t get approval. I just rush both of us to my room.

Once the door is closed a silence fills the air. “Hi.” She says looking up at me. “Hey.” I answer back. “You look good.” “You do too. Like really good. Beautiful in fact.” I say nervously.

“Carl listen I know it was such a long time ago, but now that we’re here and I know that you’re alive could we have just one more kiss? I know we were 11 and stupid but I felt something and I just wanted-” I shut her off with my lips pressed against hers.

Fireworks, butterflies, tingles. Everything they say in the movies. This girl was meant to be mine. She left for 6 years. Left without any contact. I never thought I’d see her again, but here we are. Together.

“I’m nerve letting you go. Never again.” I say against her lips. “I love you Carl.” “I love you too (y/n). Forever and always.”