Omg smh ayo I cannot believe that I am saying this shit to you. R.I.P. Day-Day This shit is unreal! I have known ya irky ass since pre-k my nigga pre fucking k! We had damn near every class together growing up! This shit is so unreal! I’m mad as hell that I am just finding out about everything a couple of hours ago! I have known you forever my nigga you were always one of the biggest goofballs/clowns that I’ve ever known, you always had everyone geekin! You always had that big ass smile on your face and always crackin slick to someone lls! Ayo I remember ya ass ALWAYS had a comeback for everything and sometimes that shit would be so outrageous but funny as shit! I know we sorta fell off after middle school but I would still always see ya ass around the way and it was always nothing but love! And I just seen ya ass a couple weeks ago too smh! Its crazy how life works but you’re in a better place now! My prayers are with you and your family! #RipDayDay #Dayquan @_osoarrogant_r3x 😢😢🙏🙏🙏👼👼 I love you and miss you hun R.I.P.💜😘😔😢