A+rmy read this ! focus on >> RUN<< now !!!

The war starts again. Our guys are going to start promoting “RUN” this week rumors say with a new MV .. However since the charts starting this week all counts we have to start NOW !!!

so lets start !

For those without a streaming pass :

- just keep streamin the one minute stream it may count

- But your biggest “duty” is to search:

1. MNET =
2. Olleh =
3. Bugs =
4. Naver =
5. Nate =

Others that still need searching:
1. Melon =
2. Soribada =


엠블랙 Run


(one of them should work ! )

After searching WAIT 3 MINUTES ( u can open 100 tabs for each one of them xDD ) then close the tab, delete your history and cookiesagain !

Voting :

-VOTE on just click the star and then ok !

- <- click the pink box on the left side !! try as often as possible

- AND First of all stream! Iam not sure whether the one minute stream counts but there is a slight chance it does so just do it !

-More important are the ones with a streaming card ! If u dont have one just ask other A+ the might give u one !

U know HOW TO STREAM? if not watch and read this (ignore the fact that its about se7en xD) !

most important thing is to log out and clear your playlist before the next “hour” starts and ththen to log in etc. !

- Keep streaming guys !

spread the words A+ !!! tweet and reblog do everything possible to reach A+ all over the world ! LETS MAKE OUR GUYS HAPPY!!!! 

in love