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Dayoung, Leo and Lauren reunite in 2014

I just loved MBLAQ’s Hello Baby! I loved the concept of the multicultural kids (Dayoung - Korean/Vietnamese, Lauren - Korean/Canadian, Leo - Korean/French). They were all so cute and funny, especially when Dayoung began to open up to the appas. Watching them with their appas make me want to have half Korean/half Filipino babies… hahaha :) 

Plus MBLAQ gained a new fan in me. Before I watched MBLAQ’s Hello Baby, all I knew about them was that Thunder was Dara’s (2NE1) brother. Now that I got to watch them on TV and interact with kids, I really admire them as people. I just hope that if I get to meet them in real life, they’ll be just as sweet.

Plus they are all really good looking! 

Seungho… damnnnnn… those lips. Noona likey hahaha <3 

G.O is gorgeous! Especially when he had the mustache and the short hair.

Lee Joon is RIPPED. Have you seen the man shirtless? o.O

Thunder/Cheondoong is a cutie! He and his sister are probably the only Korean celebs who can speak Tagalog. :)

Mir is just precious, especially when he speaks Engrish hehehehe.

They’re just 21/22, so I think they’re a bit too young for me, but I’m down to get some KBBQ and soju at Nodaji or something with them.

I checked out some of their songs and I have to say that I really like “Run” and “Cry.” The choreography to “Run” was pretty awesome, I think it competes with Shinee’s choreos.

So MBLAQ, babies, if you come to LA, we’ll go to Disneyland even though you’ve probably been there already. :)