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Couples: alexbelle, emerquaid, dayoline - kinda rushed…

Amandla POV

Everywhere I looked, there were people crying and hugging. Although, I can’t say I wasn’t doing the same. Filming was over and the majority of us wouldn’t get the chance to play another Hunger Games role. I stayed close to Leven since she was the one I’d grown closest to in my time here.

We passed Willow who we hugged. She made sure we would all keep in contact. I spotted Isabelle hugging Xander in the corner; the hug lasted a little too long to be called friendly. I shook my head. Why they didn’t just go out was a mystery to me. Then I felt some pity for Josh who was staring at Is; poor guy couldn’t tell that she just wasn’t interested.

I felt a nudge and noticed Leven pushing me towards Jackie, telling me that we had to say goodbye to her. I complied and went over, hugging and making sure she had my info to contact me. As I was pulling away, I whispered in her ear, “Make sure you have Jack’s info, too. And that he has yours.” I left, pulling Leven away and seeing Jackie’s face turn a nice shade of red.

We went to Dayo next, who was trying to pester Isabelle about Madeline. I giggled while hugging my “district partner”, who ruffled the top of my head, effectively messing up my hair. Leven and I then made our way to the front of the hotel, where we would go our separate ways. It hurt to have to say goodbye to her; she was like the older sister I’ve always wanted.

Leven then spoke, “Amandla, promise me that we’ll organize a get together for the cast.” I laughed, knowing that we would have to be the ones to organize it; everyone else was way too lazy. I nodded my head in agreement. We started making our ways to our different cars when Leven called out my name. I turned back.

“And Amandla…if you find a boy you like, make sure I’m the first to know!” 

My mouth dropped, startled. But by the time I could process words to shout, “Leven!”, she was already gone. I shake my head; of course Leven would be the one to say that. As I get in the car, it really hits me that the movie is done and I’ll be missing my Hunger Games family way more than I thought I would.

Eloise's Alexbelle Oneshot Contest!

I am hosting a oneshot contest. Rules, Prompt, and prizes will all be explained now…


  • You may enter as many oneshots as you like, not just 1
  • It must be Alexbelle (Kind of obvious, I thought it should be included though :)
  • It must be from Isabelle’s POV
  • Must mention either Dayoline (Dayo Okeniyi & Madeline Fuhrman) or Emerquaid (Jack Quaid & Jackie Emerson) 
  • Or both idk
  • It must be posted on tumblr, in the “Eloise oneshot contest” tag
  • Alexbelle/Dayoline/Emerquaid tags are optional


The prompt for this contest is very general. I really want some variety in the entries, so think big. 

The prompt is that the oneshots must be written to either the song Pumpkin Soup by Kate Nash, or Stay Stay Stay by Taylor Swift.

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!