coworker: everythings offensive in america now. we’re not even allowed to celebrate columbus day

old swamp-mouth redneck coworker: man fuck that murderin bastard anyway

If I were the Rain … An Orihime inoue Fanmix ( Listen Here

Priscilla Ann -Dream //Moddi-House by the Sea //St Vincent-All my Stars Aligned // Audrey Hepburn-Moon River // Elsa -T’en Vas pas // Mumford and Sons-After the Storm //Florence +The Machines-Shake it Out // The Pierces-Three Wishes // Delta Rae -Sweet // Simon & Garfunkel -The Sound of Silence // The Beatles-Here Comes the Sun // Souad Massi - Raoui // Amélie Poulain Soundtrack - Les Jours Tristes // Julie Andrews-Feed the Birds // Poucelina -Merveilleux Soleil // Frederika Stahl -Twinkle Twinkle Little Star // Jacques Brel -Quand on a que l’Amour // Lucy Rose - Don’t you Worry 

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jedimasterjaina  asked:

This is an angsty request, but this time of year puts me in a weird mood: What are the companion's views of the afterlife?

Ada: She understands that there is no afterlife for her and that when she sustains enough damage she will no longer exist.

Cait: At this point it seems like she doesn’t care. Though a small part of her wishes there was something, something which in death brings peace from the suffering she has endured her entire life. She won’t lie that the idea of a state of eternal bliss and peace is appealing to her

Codsworth: He knows that one day he will eventually cease to exist and there will be nothing for him after that day, so he makes peace with the idea and makes sure he cherishes the time he spends with Sole and the others before they also pass.

Curie: It is the great unknown for her and she fears it as such. She hopes there is one, so that she may still be with Sole even after death. Though she questions if it will apply to her as she is a synth.

Danse: He’s not too sure, on one hand it makes sense to suffer and be tested in order to receive eternal bliss, after all is that not how the world works anyway? On the other it makes no sense why there would be a test in the first place if there is no action afterwards. He is open to whatever death brings him once he has completed what he feels he needs to do in life.

Deacon: He believes if there is an afterlife that he doesn’t deserve the eternal happiness kind, after all he has done. Though if there is one he wishes to be reunited with Barbara once he reaches the afterlife.

Hancock: He doesn’t really see the point in the afterlife, what’s the point in doing anything in life if you just live forever? He’d rather live in the here and now and enjoy life, making peace with the idea once he finally does die, that’s it.

Gage: He doesn’t know and doesn’t care, as long as he gets what he wants in life he doesn’t give a shit about what comes after.

MacCready: He hopes there’s something after death, if not for him then for Lucy. It brings him comfort to thing he’ll be reunited with her one day

Old Longfellow: “If it’s not somewhere with a big bottle of whiskey, I ain’t interested.”

Nick: Back before the war he believed in something after death, but now he’s not so sure. After seeing what mankind can do to each other, he questions whether there is something out there, or whether humanity merely exists in chaos. He’s open to the idea, but needs evidence

Piper: She’s open to the idea, though sceptical. Piper would love to believe there’s something more to the universe than senseless killing and caps. Though she sees little evidence, it does not mean she cannot be sometimes found in Diamond City chapel when she needs a certain type of help. The idea is appealing that people can exist in happiness and don’t just live and die in vain.

Preston: He wants to believe. Mainly so that those he’s lost over the years find peace and know something other than constant struggle, that they may be happy.

Strong: If Strong did believe in an afterlife, he’d want it to be one in which the Milk of Human Kindness grants him infinite power to destroy his enemies. A Super Mutant Valhalla in a sense.

X6-88: He accepts once he takes enough damage and is killed in action, that there will be nothing afterwards. He hopes to live on as an example for other Coursers to aspire to be like him.

Maxson: He read a book once while in the Capital Wasteland, about Viking and Nordic history; he believes he will go to Valhalla when he eventually dies in combat

there are so many beautiful, supportive, funny, intelligent, and all around wonderful black women that i am in contact with every day

old friends, new friends, soon to be friends

i’m covered in black girl love

old person: you millenials don’t know how it is, with your cars and taxis… when i was your age i walked to school and everywhere and i liked it

me: i walk 3 miles to work and 3 miles back every day

old person: holy shit excuse me i was wrong