Texts From Anakin/Texts From Vader Master List

(I mean, so far. We all know I’ll be writing these forever.) 

Texts From Anakin 

Anakin Ships Obitine 

Anakin Skywalker, Party Planner

Anakin Gets His Valentine’s Day Present

Anakin Clears Obi-Wan’s Schedule

Anakin Doesn’t Like The Sound of This Cocktail Party

Anakin Is a Lightweight

Obi-Wan Is Probably Dying and Only Anakin Can Save Him

Anakin Is Definitely Dying and Better Not Be Replaced

Anakin Is Very Concerned About The DVR 

Anakin Might Eat Bugs But He’s Also Scared of Them

Texts From Vader

Vader’s Still Alive and Leia Bit Him

Obi-Wan Took Care Of Some Old Business || Vader Wants The Deets

Vader Hates Scarif and Rogue One Ruined His Day

Obi-Wan Has a Friend

Vader Celebrates Empire Day

Luke Finds Old Ben’s Phone || Vader Can’t Believe Obi-Wan’s Ghost Would Do This

Obi-Wan Knows Someone Who Might Go For This

Vader Really Needs To Check Before He Presses Send

Ahsoka Really Hates The Group Text

Fuck/Marry/Kill: Part 1 || Part 2

Vader’s Super Bored

Vader Watches The History Channel and Gets Nostalgic

A Light Jog

Obiyuki Modern AU Fluff Fic

“You want me…to teach you how to jog?” Obi asked, one eyebrow quirked.

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