So the special had an evident Alice in Wonderland Influence...

The Queens and a False Trial, Alice/Steven (and Lars) falling down below, The Twins, The “Late” Rabbit, The ‘red roses’ (eyes) of the scanning trackers 

And the Caterpillar

with his hookah

theory: sooooo, just saying, Fluorite speaks with such a rasping voice since she’s been hitting that sweet homeworld vape with her poly self, all day every day


So, the thing is guys

if Loki is gonna be all cosy and shit sippin tea all day I’m gonna scream

I mean

I know this could just be Tom Hiddleston being comfortable on set

but what if this is Loki’s thing now


oh, the whole world destroying and “I need a throne” stuff?

that’s over, buddy. That’s in the past

believe me, Thor

I’m just gonna chill in my nice little cottage beside the fireplace all day

nice and comfy

in my new favourite sweater

just come over whenever you like

we can drink some tea together


you go on with your whole saving the world thing

I won’t stop you

but you should really try living from time to time

all this being angry can’t be good for your health

oh, and I’ve invited all your Avengers pets over for brunch next Sunday

see you then

bye *sippinsometea*


I’ll go now