dayna is awesome

poet-whos-unknown  asked:

Well, there's nothing wrong with having your insecurities. You and Dayna seem so awesome. Helping each other is great. I hope everything works well in the end. Idek but ever since finding your blog I feel as if I've found new friends even though I don't know you but you have a positive feel in this blog.

I hope that everyone feels welcomed and happy on this blog. We want people to be happy. It’s why at least for me- I write. -Admin Cat

I think we can all agree when I say daynadoodles is a blessing to this world especially the grump calendar page this month.
Her art is rad, she is rad and there are so many hidden things in the page if you look closely

This has been a positive shout out post to Dayna cause shes an awesome friend and artist and deserves all the love