Electric Grandma "Electric Grandma’s Theme Song" Motion Graphics: Matt Duplessie

Electric Grandma is a Starseed, beamed down to Earth [Savannah, GA] 23 years ago from planets beyond to open your minds and fill your hearts with the sweet sounds of the Universe. Her music is a morph of Electronica, Pop, Dubstep, and 1930s era sounds, creating a mix that can be summed up in two words: Neon Victorian. Blending the best of music old and new, Electric Grandma aspires to take you on a trip within and throughout the Universe.

Be sure to check out Electric Grandma with Daymoths 8 February 2011 at the Wormhole in Savannah, Georgia or any number locations with her family W.O.R.D.O.F.M.O.U.T.H. and specifically on 30 January 2011 at Tantra Lounge.


Daymoths- “Back in Time”

One could call Daymoths the twosome from the Twin Cities or the Matt and Kim of Minnesota. Nicknames are nice, it’s just a shame that nobody’s listening enough to give them one. At least not one that I’m aware of. Composed of Emily Dantuma on the keys and Ollie Dodge behind the kit, the married pair released their full-length debut Back in Time last month. Comparisons are hard, but they’re like Portishead covered in rainbow sprinkles. Daymoths recently flew south for a tour, most likely because winters in the Midwest are incredibly miserable. Stop and see them if you happen to spend the first half of February in the Sunshine State. They had me at “Thank You.”


daymoths - back in time

these kids are playing the pony tonight.
should be good.