Daymond John: Building Dreams Into An International Branding 

We had the honor to interview legendary entrepreneur Daymond John, the founder of FUBU currently known best as a panelist on ABC’s Shark Tank. A successful self-made branding mogul, Mr. John now embraces the assistance he can provide to other people chasing the same dreams by investing in the companies of aspiring entrepreneurs.


Daymond John on Dating

The debonair Daymond John (ABC’s “Shark Tank”) stopped by “The Real” to talk about dating and business – and how they’re not that different! Plus, his take on prenups, and why he respects women who have their own money. 

It’s not too often that savvy businessmen and visionaries are also sartorially adept. When it happens however, it’s usually in the person of someone like Daymond John, one of the most dynamic businessmen and media personalities worldwide.

As the founder of global apparel brand FUBU, one of the ‘Sharks’ on the ABC hit series SHARK TANK, and a motivational/ branding strategy commentator/ guru, Daymond shows here, why his style (much like his business insight) is impeccable.

[Daymond wears the Ralph Christian Chronograph in rose gold]

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Daymond John, 'Shark Tank' Star, Talks New Season, FUBU And Technology's Impact On Fashion


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As the founder, president and chief executive officer of FUBU apparel, Daymond John is no small fish when it comes to offering his expertise on ABC’s hit reality show “Shark

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If you want to be a great Entrepreneur, Grow up very poor or very rich

Growing up middle class may not be as great as it sounds. I think middle class people tend to be more conservative, cautious, and less willing to take risks. They tend to easily get caught in the Rat Race and not be bold or daring. This makes them less likely to become successful entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs are people who are not afraid to take risks. Rich people will take risks because their rich parents encourage them to do so, just as they did to make their money, if they were entrepreneurs themselves. Additionally, rich people have money to fund their ideas and they have money to fail, another important component to successful entrepreneurship. Poor people, what more would they have to lose? There are much fewer consequences to stop them from taking risks. They’ve already tasted the bad side of life, and so are perhaps more motivated to make something of themselves. They may be successful if they are innovative and bold enough.

I have some examples to illustrate this. Bill Gates is an obvious one. Though I believe his dad had a “steady” profession, Gates nonetheless had the freedom to be bold because he was rich. On the other hand, though Steve Jobs was raised by a middle class family, he later abandoned that lifestyle and the college life to the point where he practically lived in poverty. He returned cans for coins to buy meals and slept on the floors of friends’ apartments. Nonetheless, he was bold and innovative and later he developed a powerhouse company. Same with Daymond John, creator of the FUBU clothing line. He grew up in the projects and began creating and selling his initial clothing there. Nothing else to lose.

My message here is a bit exaggerated. I realize that the living conditions of those in poverty is terrible and is not something anyone should take preference over. I’m just trying to make a point.


Daymond John, star of ABC’s Shark Tank and founder of FUBU, talks about how entrepreneurs can leverage Shopify to kick-start their business.