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this is amazing! XD



Green man and the Dayman song from Charlie’s insta!!




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dennis reynolds, charlie kelly, todd chavez

general opinion: fall in a hole and die + love them
hotness level: neutral
hogwarts house: Slytherin? I hate to do the “Slytherins are bad people” stereotype but the whole Gang probably fits under “cunning and ambitious” better than any other house.
best quality: A golden god. Quality hair. Hilarious weird phrases that nobody else uses. Falsetto voice in the musical episodes that is my reason to live.
worst quality: Oh boy, where do I start.
ship them with: Many restraining orders.
brotp them with: Everybody in the Gang, in a dysfunctional everyone-symbolically-drowning-together-in-the-s11-finale kind of way. They’re pretty much the only ones who can tolerate or understand each other at this point. Special mention to the Dennis&Charlie friendship which has had some pretty cute moments like them writing the Dayman song together, maybe because Charlie is too dumb for Dennis to manipulate.
needs to stay away from: Who does he NOT need to stay away from? Especially that poor way younger girl on the cruise ship, though.
misc. thoughts: Probably my favorite character on Sunny. I love that he sees himself as the token normal, intelligent guy in his crazy friend group, but under the surface is the most messed up of all of them. His slow-burn development into more of a total psycho each season is so great.

general opinion: like them!
hotness level: neutral
hogwarts house: Slytherin, see my above reasoning for Dennis.
best quality: One of the more sympathetic people in the Gang, likes cats, consistently weird in a fun way.
worst quality: Stalks the waitress, manipulated Ruby Taft, is generally down to participate in terrible schemes with the rest of the Gang.
ship them with: Not inhaling quite as much paint.
brotp them with: Mac! The ultimate ride-or-die childhood friends. His weird bond with Frank is also pretty great.
needs to stay away from: The Waitress, honestly. I know fans have wanted them to get together for a long time but there’s no reason she should have her life ruined by a garbage-eating stalker weirdo.
misc. thoughts: WE’LL LIVE AND DIE BY THE CRAB, DEE!

general opinion: actual love of my life
hotness level: neutral
hogwarts house: Hufflepuff (insert weed joke). He’s definitely not a hard worker, but he’s loyal, kind, and given Hufflepuff’s “take the lot” mentality he probably fits there better than anywhere else.
best quality: Patient, caring, follows his ridiculous dreams, gave a callout speech that ruined my entire life.
worst quality: Broke the Cordovian government, apparently.
brotp them with: Princess Carolyn and Mr. Peanutbutter. Honestly Todd is chill enough to be friends with pretty much anyone.
needs to stay away from: Bojack, but so does like every other character.
misc. thoughts: A pure boy. A friend. I want to say that I have nothing bad to say about Todd and never will, but I’m afraid he’ll like commit arson in the next season and I’ll have to take that back.


Dayman Song - It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia


this show is saving my life right now.


It’s not a bad song whatsoever. And it is now my ringtone.