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in your opinion, what are the top "he went to julliard" moments?

ok first of all, really great ask. thank you. here are my favorite “he went to juilliard” moments:

and let’s not overlook his non-sunny repertoire

  • this scene from that one movie about a coffee shop… trust me
  • i’ve seen this clip from some 2001 movie he was in like 10 times and i still don’t know how to make sense of it
  • i’ve also seen this clip from that short-lived 80s show like 10 times and i don’t know how to make sense of it 




Green man and the Dayman song from Charlie’s insta!!

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K so everyone talks about mac and dennis holding hands at the bow in the nightman cometh but something I find to be very pure is in the final dayman song they all sing together when they say "friendship" and dennis points at mac and smiles... just.. very pure

when ur in love and the only way u can express ur feelings is thru exaggerated gestures during a musical performance w/ the object of ur affection


Oh my gawdddd.

Japanese schoolchildren sing my current favourite song, Dayman.

Again, oh my gawwddd.


Dayman Song - It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia


this show is saving my life right now.


It’s not a bad song whatsoever. And it is now my ringtone.