Mofftiss, TFP, TRF, TJLC and sherlock fandom mashup.
  • Mofftiss: "Well, here we are at last. It's you and me Sherlock Fandom, and our problem, the final problem: keep plotting. It's so boring! Plotting. Overarching story lines. Making sense out of things. All my life I've just been filling one plothole with the other and you were amazing with your theories, fixing everything we did, picking up on our little 'clues'. In the end it was easy. Now I got to go back to writing ordinary shows, with ordinary fandoms, and it turns out you're ordinary. Just like all of them. Oh well.
  • Sherlock Fandom: "But... TJLC..."
  • Mofftiss: "Did you almost start to wonder if it was real? Did I nearly get you?"
  • Sherlock Fandom: "The tea, code?"
  • Mofftiss: "Nobody seems to get the joke, but you do."
  • Sherlock Fandom: "Off course. Tea is gay, coffee is hetro."
  • Mofftiss: "Just trying to have some fun." [Sherlock Fandom throws glass of water in Mofftiss' face] "Oh good! You got that too!"
  • Sherlock Fandom: "Of course we did, water represents emotion, just as food represents intimacy and the phone represents the heart. And let's not forget the 'random numbers' in the show, or the constant mirroring."
  • Mofftiss: "Very good."
  • Sherlock Fandom: "Yes, but now that it's up here I can use this key to decipher what is to come! I can predict series to come!"
  • Mofftiss: "No, no, no, no, no. This is too easy. It's too easy. There is no key, DOOFUS! Those metaphors are meaningless, there is no endgame. Did you really think there would be a point to all of this?"
  • Sherlock Fandom: "Than how did you...?"
  • Mofftiss: "How did I write such a compelling story? Daylight robbery! All it takes is some willing participants."
  • Arwel: [waves]
  • Sue: [waves]
  • Amanda: [waves enthusiastically]
  • Ben: [waves hesitantly, like he's unsure what to do]
  • Martin: [Stands there with folded arms and a grumpy look on his face]
  • Mofftiss: "I knew you would fall for it. That's your weakness. You always want everything to be clever. Now, shall we finish the game? One final act. Glad you choose Tumblr, nice way to do it."
  • Sherlock Fandom: "Do it? Do what?" [thinks] "Yes, of course, theorize. Finish your story for you."
  • [Runs off to come up with compelling theories about extra episodes, extended dream sequences, morphine induced dreams etc.]

🍅🌶😍🤤So what’s the first meal I go for when I get back form my foray to Canada🍁? A cheap as hell can on Lidl Tuscan bean soup and. A slice of toasty soda bread of course haha! 😅
Hey (what can I say) after experiencing the daylight robbery that is wholefoods for the past week my little heart yearned for something warm and tasty that costs less than 50p 😜
Having said that I did smuggle 5 boxes of diaya deluxe mac n cheese 🧀 😬

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Hello :) There are loads of discussions about the whole weirdness of Mary's death scene. What I found strange even during the first watch and haven't seen mentioned yet: There are three or four cops there, wouldn't they at least draw their weapons at lastest the moment Vivien points her gun at an unarmed civilian (and in the general direction of everyone)? I mean, she's not even hiding the gun, they must've seen it when they came into the room. The only one really reacting seems to be Greg...

SHERLOCK: But then how did …
JIM (speaking over him): Then how did I break into the Bank, to the Tower, to the Prison?
(He turns and spreads his arms wide.)
JIM: Daylight robbery. All it takes is some willing participants. (x)

Mary’s death is very melodramatic- almost too perfect: leaping in front of Sherlock, being able to whisper some last dying words… “like a scene from a play” as Sherlock says in TEH.

That’s because it’s all STAGED, a fake, just a performance. Mary has a group of “participants” as Jim did, and they may very well include that ineffective group of police! (And that’s not the only allusion to The Reichenbach Fall, see here.)

Except, this time, Mary’s “participants” in helping her fake her death may not be very willing at all. They could very well be trapped in a corner.

Who helped Sherlock fake his death, who initiated ‘LAZARUS IS GO?’

Who was seen shaking hands with Moriarty? (x-a brilliant video by @mollydobby) (not yet seen on the show, but I’m sure it will appear…)

It’s a bit odd that Sherlock asks Mycroft to phone an ambulance and, instead of doing so there and then, he goes OFF SCREEN, OFF THE STAGE. He’s hiding something very big.

And, when all this comes out, that he helped Mary fake her death and shook hands with Moriarty… Dear me, Mr Holmes, dear me.

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Seventeen going to the Convenience Store

Episode Four: Where Seventeen visits the convenience store because of someone’s hunger.

Mingyu: “Wonwoo~”


Mingyu: “Wonwoo~”


Mingyu: “WONWOO!!!”

Wonwoo: *jumps up from bed in shock* “What now?”

Mingyu: “I’m hungry” *smiles*

Wonwoo: “You’ve got to be kidding me”

Mingyu: “Minghao”

The8: “Shut up and go back to bed”

Mingyu: “No wake up!”

The8: “Go bother someone else”

Mingyu: “I’m hungry let’s go to the convenience store”

The8: “Ask someone else like Wonwoo”

Mingyu: “I did and he didn’t want to”

The8: “Obviously he wouldn’t IT’S 4AM YOU IDIOT”

Mingyu: “FINE you all leave me with no choice then…” *leaves room*

The8: “Finally thank god”

Mingyu: *takes a sip of water*

Mingyu: *clears throat*














Mingyu: *takes a seat on the sofa and waits patiently*

Seventeen: *runs into the living room*


Jeonghan: “AM I- AM I BALDDDD???! No wait don’t tell me I don’t want to know” *cries*


Jun: “My passport! My passport! Nooo!! I need it to leave this placeeeee”

Wonwoo: “1 beanie, 2 beanie, 3 beanie, 4 beanie…. WAIT beanie number 5 is missing!!!”


Woozi: “You creep into my room to sleep?!” 

Hoshi: “I didn’t say anything”

Vernon: *runs out with a pail of water and pours it on his mac*

Woozi: “Vernon, you know that you just poured a bucket full of water on your perfectly fine Macbook right?”


Vernon: “What?” *realises situation*

Woozi: “Unlike you all, I don’t fall for Mingyu’s dumbass tricks”

Vernon: “Give me a moment while I cry in the corner”

Woozi: “It’s gone bro”


Joshua: “Is this powder on the floor- perhaps the remains of my guitar?” *welps*

The8: “No, it’s just leftover ramen seasoning that a certain someone forgot to clean last night”

Mingyu: “Minghao, I said I was on FIREEEee! why aren’t you asking if I’m okay??”

The8: “I honestly just came out to watch you get burnt alive but after coming out of my room, I am utterly disappointed”

Scoups: “Hang on someone’s missing! ONE OF MY CHILDREN IS MISSING!”


DK: “Sleeping”

Mingyu: “But your donkey kong is on fire!”

DK: “UGH I’m so done with you Mingyu, I hope every donkey kong burns to the ground” gasp

Scoups: “Okay so everyone’s fine, there is clearly NO fire, it’s 4 in the morning, what in the name is the meaning of this Kim Mingyu?”

Mingyu: “Mingyu wants food”

Seventeen: “…”

Jeonghan: “So let me get this straight, you woke us up at 4 freaking AM and messed around with my hair getting caught on fire, for food?!?!?!”

The8: “I knew it”

Vernon: “Dude not cool, my macbook got fried” *sobs*

DK: “Great, so donkey kong isn’t on fire, what a nightmare”

Woozi: “I’m going back to bed”

Mingyu: “But Mingyu wants some food” *pouts*

Jun: “Someone hold me back if not I’m gonna hit this tall thing”

Scoups: “Alright, alright. First of all, no violence in this household is allowed, secondly if it was allowed, I am the one who is going to hit this child”

Scoups: “Thirdly, since we’re already up, let’s just go down and get some food”

Mingyu: “YAYYY” *throws confetti in the air*

Dino: “Confetti! Wheeeeee!!” *tries to catch confetti*

Joshua: “Am I the only one who wonders where the confetti came from?” 

Jun: “There is no way I’m going down at this time-“

Wonwoo: “I’m a little hungry”

Jun: “LETS GO”

Jeonghan: “Seungcheol, I blame you for spoiling our children”

Joshua: *glares at coups*

Scoups: “What do you mean? Mingyu’s bad habits came from you…”

Jeonghan: “What are you saying, you’re the one who always-“

Mingyu: “I WANT FOOD”

Scoups: “Can’t you see that your parents are arguing?!”

Jeonghan: “Don’t yell at the children!”

Scoups: “URGH”

*at the store*

Mingyu: “This is how heaven must look like”

Seungkwan: “Yeah, if you want to gain like 50 pounds and wear a size 100, going to the emergency ward for a heart attack then yeah sure!”

Dino: “Dino was upset about my albums before but my heart is fluttering, I think I’m in love”

Jun: *stares at chan and stares at the dinosaur crackers and back at chan*

Jun: “Must. Contain. Judgement.”

Dino: *hugs box of dinosaur shaped crackers*

Jeonghan: “Do you want me to buy that for you Dino?”

Dino: *nods like the adorable child he is*

Vernon: “Do they sell Macbooks here?”

Joshua: “No Hansol it’s a convenience store why would they sell Macbooks?”

Joshua: “Frankly, I’m quite happy that your Macbook is gone, it’s been creating a gap between our relationship, now I just need your phone to disappear and it’ll be all good between us”

Vernon: “Hello kind sir, do you perhaps sell Macs?”

Cashier: “Oh, we don’t but down the street there’s a Mac-“


Cashier: “-Mcdonalds…”

Joshua: “So far so great” appearance of evil josh?


Wonwoo: “Chips?”

Hoshi: “It’s called Cheetos gyu, haven’t you tried it before?”

Mingyu: “BUT IT’S ORANGE!”

The8: “It’s just cheese”


Mingyu: *opens bag*

Wonwoo: “Erm Mingyu you know that you’re supposed to pay before opening it right?”

Mingyu: “Om nom nom what is this magical taste in my mouth?”

The8: “Don’t over-react Mingyu, it’s just chips covered in oil and artificial flavoured cheese”

Seungkwan: “You forgot to add trans fat”

Mingyu: “But it tastes sho good!” *squeals*

Mingyu: “Minghao can you hold this for me, I need to tie my shoelaces”

The8: “Fine but hurry up”

Cashier: “Did you just open up the chips without paying?!”

Mingyu: “He did it” *points to Minghao*


Cashier: “I’m calling the cops” *takes phone out*

Scoups: “Okay what’s happening now?”

Cashier: “Are these yours?”

Scoups: “Yes they’re my children, that at this point of time I’m seriously considering abandoning, but for now yes they are”

Cashier: “They opened the packet of chips without paying for it, it’s a crime and they can go to jail for it”

Seungkwan: “I predict you’re going to rot in that cell until you’re 30”

The8: “I ain’t going to jail man”

Scoups: “I’m sorry, these kids didn’t know any better, can I just pay for it instead? Please don’t call the cops, we have a music show to do tomorrow and the CEO will flip out if they aren’t there, just tell me how much it is”

Cashier: “Just pay me 50 bucks and we’ll call it even”

Scoups: “50?! What a rip-off!”

Hoshi: “Well there goes your hard-earned money”

The8: “The worst part is… I DIDN’T EVEN DO IT”

Cashier: “What do you mean you didn’t do it, the bag is open and it’s in your hands”


The8: “WHY I OUTTA-“ *rolls up sleeve* thughao

Scoups: “Boys, don’t fight here!”

Seungkwan: “Pass me that bag of chips hosh, this is getting interesting”

Cashier: “Hello is this the police?”


Cashier: “Sorry, there’s an inflation of price, it’s 100 now”

Scoups: “That is absurd, it’s practically daylight robbery!”

Wonwoo: “Actually hyung, it’s night-time robbery…. because it’s at night…”

Hoshi: “So it’s either we sent Minghao to jail or pay $100? What kind of sick logic is that?”

Seungkwan: “I say we send Minghao to jail and spend the hundred on something else like meat”


The8: “I feel the love y’all”

Cashier: “The address is 62-gil Gangnam-gu, yes the convenience store-“

Scoups: “HERE’S 100!”

Cashier: “Happy New Year children” *kisses the stack of cash*

Hoshi: “There goes our lunch for tomorrow”

Scoups: “WHO DID IT”

Wonwoo: “Wonwoo will not testify”

The8: “I swear hyung its Mingyu”

Mingyu: *shakes head*

The8: “You liar! You almost sent me to JAIL!”

Mingyu: “Okay fine, I opened it. It just looks so yummy I had to eat one”

Scoups: “The CEO gave it to me for us to use wisely and now it’s all gone, you better not make any more trouble or I’m going to seriously consider abandoning you”

Seungkwan: “Don’t forget that he broke Jin Sunbaenim’s display case that day”

Mingyu: “SHHHHH don’t remind him”

Scoups: “Let’s just all go home and get some rest”

*back at the dorm*

Mingyu: *sits on bed and takes out Cheetos packet*

DK: *wakes up*

DK: “What is that crunching sound?”


DK: *sniff sniff*

DK: “Is that cheetos I smell?”

Mingyu: “MINE!” *closes packet and hides under blanket*

masterlist ✨

Read the previous episode: Seventeen going to a Christmas Party (feat. BTS)

Happy New Year Everyone!!! 😘🎉🎊💫🙌💕 Its 20 Seventeen!~

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Do you read fics? If so what are your favorite Sekai fanfics? :)

  • Posted on 15.04.05

i do~, but i didn’t read much sekai fanfics since i’m kind of person who can enjoy reading sekai fic that i love repeatedly. and i do read only top kai and bottom sehun.

here are my fav sekai fics :

SF :

- We’re Pretty And Sick; We’re Young And We’re Bored | R | ( Sehun transfers high school to a wealthy part of Seoul and meets the whirlwind that’s Kim Jongin.)

-Take Back The Night Sehun finally returns to Jongin and hot reunion sex ensues. |NC-17| (Sequel to We’re Pretty and Sick; We’re Young And We’re Bored even though it’s 8 months too late).

- DAYLIGHT ROBBERY. | NC-17 | (don’t call me baby)

- Lost kitten. | NC-17, fluff, smut | 
(Without a clue as to who he is besides his own name, Sehun wanders into Dr. Kim’s office.)

- Falling Out | G | (Baekyeol breaks up and Sehun steps in to help. Will he be able to save the relationship when the cause of breakup is his own man?)

- One Uncomplicated Life, To Go Please | PG | (Sehun serves behind the counter in a café & pastry shop while Jongin goes to college.)

- Talking Kai | G | (In which Kai is a talking Sim in Sehun’s most loved, more than how much he loves his bestfriend, and trusted iPad.)

- The One Who Makes You Happy | G | (Sehun shows Jongin a compilation of their memories together through photos.) ps. unfortunately the pictures that were used in this fic were removed by the owner ;’(

- Trying To Tell You No But My Body Keeps On Telling You Yes |NC-17| (Oh Sehun has a tiny little crush on Kim Jongin.)

- What If  | G | (Jongin wants to protect Sehun so he keeps their relationship a secret. But what if what he wants makes him sad?)

- Yellow Zinnia | G | (It’s that day.) ps. so beautiful, but it’s the only character death that i read, and i swear to myself that i will never read this kind of sekai fic again

- My Heart Is So Lost Because You Took It With You | R | (Sehun was away on the Eve of Christmas Day so Jongin decided to be all sappy and disgusting and gross and, you get it.)

- When You Say You Love Me, Know I Love You More | G | (Not only the year is saying good bye but so is he, or not?)

- A Man Provides | Wolfau |

- Stupid NGs | G | 

- Perfect To Me | Fluff | 

- Sehunnie’s BFF | Fluff |

- Feel This Moment |NC-17|

Series :

- Overlapping Worlds [ i ii iii iv v final story video ] | G | (They live in the same house, in the same space, at the same time. In the same world, but not really.)

- Safe (Lost Memory) [ i ii iii iv v hidden part vi vii viii final ] | G | (He always carries a gun. He probably carries a code. He has never wanted to protect a man all his life. Until he is lost. Who is he protecting? And who is he protecting him from?)

- Absentia [ i ii iii iv v vi vii final playlist ] |NC-17, Drama| (Sehun wishes to see the future. He unknowingly jumps in time and loses five years in the past. Slowly, he realizes, he didn’t only lose time. He lost a lot.) ps. i love this fic but i can only read for once.

- Chance [ 1, 2, 3, 4, Special 5] | Fluff, Mpreg |

- Can I just Alohomora your heart for me? | Fluff, HarryPotterAu | NOT COMPLETE YET

The below sekai fics are belong to one of my favorite sekai writer FishMeAnEXo

- Everlasting Summer | G, Romantic | (Everyone wants their summer to last.)

- Kitty Wants It | Fluff, CatboyAu Smut|

- Yes, Boss | Smut |

- Lapse of Etiquette 1 & 2 | Wolfau, Fluffyangst, Mpreg |

- Once Upon A Time | Fluffy, Romanticcomedy |

- I Wish I Could See You (A short sequel to Can I See You?) Ps. i love this one but you need to read  Can I See You? first.

- Ardour In Avalanche  | Wolfau, Mpreg |

- Purr Of A Catboy | Fluff,CatboyAu |

- Daddy and His Kitties | Fluff,CatboyAu, Mpreg | (A short sequel to Purr Of A Catboy)

- My Sweet Baby | Fluff, Mpreg | 

- That Wasn’t The Plan | Bondage, Smut

- It’s Just You | Fluff, Mpreg |  ( Sequel to If Not You.) i love the special sequel since i just love baby jae so much so i decide to put it on my fav sekai fics lol

- My Crazy Stalker  | Fluffy, Comedy |

is that too much ?? lol~ but i think those are all my most favorite sekai fics ^^ ♥

  • Update 15.04.13 :

- Bittersweet | G | jongin lives as a member of poor carnival troupe, until one day he’s takes in by a rich man to live with him and be the companion of his sick son.

  • Update 15.05.10 :

- Garden city movement | R | In which Sehun starts his senior year of college with a new roommate – Jongin has one too many demons to fight.

  • Update 15.07.07 :

- Room 301. |smut , hybridau| Jongin is a dog hybrid who’s lived at the veterinary hospital his whole life and Sehun is a cat hybrid who’s Jongin’s new next door neighbour.

  • Update 15.08.06 :

- My Angel  | Smut, Fluff, Little Angst | Having a pampering sugar daddy may not be a bad idea after all.

  • Update 15.11.07 :

- Hypernova | Smut,Fluff, Non-AU| The story of how Jongin and Sehun’s friendship forms, strengthens, and delves into love over the years.

  • Update 16.01.03 :

- Territorial Boundaries |Fluff, Smut, Mpreg, Hybridau| Sehun get’s a hybrid puppy for his 8th birthday. The two grow attached to each other. 10 years pass by and Sehun notices some changes in his pup. It was how Jongin seems to stare at him quite often with a wanton glint in his eye, or how he had turned possessive and growls at anyone who so much as laid their hands on Sehun,

- A Sinner or a Saint |Fluff, Romance|  Oh Sehun was from a strict Christian family. His father was a pastor, who had already decided Sehun’s life plans for him. When the boy Kim Jongin, with bleached blonde hair, tattoos covering his body and a couple of piercings moves into the neighbourhood, right next door to Sehun

- Somewhere Only We Know |R , Bestfriendsau| Following a divorce, Jongin’s high school love suddenly moves into his city. But it’s been years–and Osaka is full of surprises.

  • Update 16.04.12 :

- You Mean The World To Me |Fluff| jongin described sehun as his whole universe, the one who had always rotated around him and the one who kept him standing without falling apart.

- Being In Love Is Not A Crime |Fluff| In which Sehun had to marry someone he hates wholeheartedly.

- Give You Everything You Want (Everything You Need) |Fluff, ParentAU| When Sehun moved to a little town far from everything he’d ever known, he wasn’t expecting get feelings for anyone. Even less for his daughter’s annoyingly perfect kindergarten teacher.

- My Eyes Adored You |Fluff| A nerdy outcast unexpectedly gains an avid secret admirer when he moves into a new university. Who? His hot supermodel crush whom he always thought was a million miles away from him.

- Rivals at Heart. |RivalAU| Sehun never expected things to get dirty with his rival in a swimming pool.

- For His Happiness |Fluff, Mpreg, Angst| Jongin and Sehun had a good life. They had been lovers for five years, and even though Minseok wasn’t his son, Sehun had raised him with Jongin since the child was four.Everything was perfect.Until the father of Minseok and the love of Jongin’s life came back, and Jongin’s special smile returned.What could Sehun do but back away from the life that never really belonged to him in the first place?

  • Update 16.07.04 :

- Starlight  |Fluff, Mpreg| Three months down the road, and things never seem to be boring in the lives of Sehun and Jongin. sequel to For His Happiness.

-Suffer, demon |Smut,Fluff| it’s sehun’s birthday, he’s got ticklish hip bones, and he thinks he might pass out a little when he’s fucked on his back

- J |Fluff, Smut,HighSchoolAU| Jongin just wants to show the world that Sehun is his.

  • Update 17.01.29 :

- The story of a deal turned love |Angst, Romance, Mpreg| Sehun and Jongin are forced to marry in order to produce their hair.

- Pregnant with my best friend’s baby  |Angst, Romance, Mpreg| Sehun was in love with his best friend. Nothing new here.But one night will change everything between them. Sehun doesn’t regret it but how long before Jongin finds out the trust.

  • Update 17.02.05 :

- So Baby Come Light Me Up |Omegaverse, ABOAU| Getting a new student is a rarity in the first place, but someone transferring a quarter into the school year is basically unheard of. Why the son of one of the wealthiest and most influential families in the country has suddenly decided to come to their school is a mystery. Even more so when the son in question is an alpha.

February 13, 2016

I wonder what these three are trying to rob… (。´・д・)a

Jesse James was the most famous member of the James-Younger Gang.

He’s one of the likely culprits in the first daylight armed bank robbery in the United States during peacetime,the robbery of the Clay County Savings Association in the town of Liberty, Missouri in the date written in the entry.

You can read more about Jesse James here. ~ x

Quarry rave :) was one of the most amazing nights/mornings ever! gash, daylight and herbal sessions sound systems, i can’t explain how amazing it was! at the bottom of a beautiful quarry, and whilst it was dark all the strobe lights flickered really far through the branches like dancing stars, was so surreal! the music was so dark and eerie, and had an echoing effect, people were rope climbing the quarry walls, old young, everyone was so lovely :) wish raves like that still existed! danced right through till the morning with a smile on my face :D aha

I don’t call. I don’t write.
I do owe you an explanation for my sporadic absence.

So… I’m not sure how many people know that I’m a novelist. That’s what I do when I’m not here, write books. Specifically, I’m writing a book series? We call it Daylight Robbery, there are eight main characters, and things tend to change without my foreknowledge. It’s meant to be a parallel universe. The first one is all about shifting the balance, i.e. what happens if you position someone with extrasensory perception attributes near, for instance, the Secretary General of the UN. Suddenly, you have influence over the course of history as it occurs, and done correctly, no one will ever notice any change. This is their job, every day. Until the only thing left is to run.

There are no easy answers, money cloaks a myriad of sins, and good may very well not triumph over evil. If I’ve done my job right, the conclusion forces you to question reality. To that end, the universe doesn’t stop with the books, but more on that later.

As a rule, I’m not supposed to talk about it. So I’ll see something on tumblr that reminds me of the story, or triggers a new aspect. Then, if I say anything, my options are either not being able to use the ideas, or paperwork and notaries. Neither is ideal, much less something I want to inflict on my friends. It’s made tumblr a non-option and, in turn, is causing me to go mental by myself. And sitting behind a locked door with intangible ideas and story people is a favourite pastime.

Honestly, it’s less the story people, more the spending all my time stressed, trying to balance making ends meet with this story needing to be told. My laptop, even if it were functioning optimally, doesn’t have the power to make this a reality, my flat isn’t weatherproofed - making the bills outrageous, and while I dabble in design and coding, I’ve neither the skill nor efficiency to develop the Extended Clayrfield Universe. I admit that I’m failing. I should be able to do this alone, but circumstances aren’t cooperating. I’m very much out of time, and I am absolutely hemorrhaging money.

This story, this parallel universe I’ve been building, it’s frequently described by friends and family as being my child. I’ve been working on this since late 2010/early 2011, in one form or another. This is five years of my life, in a bottle. So, please don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled and in awe, every day, that I get to do this with my life. Not that many people do, and I’ve been very lucky. However, to tell this story better than the above description, something has to give.

Which brings us to that question I’ve been avoiding. I’ve spent a lot of time mulling over whether crowd-funding this series would work, researching the various platforms, and coming to the conclusion that I’ve exhausted not only my personal resources, but also both time and options. I spent weeks debating, then another couple running it by friends and family. They all seem to like the idea and think I’m being overly neurotic, go figure. The last few months, I tried to write this post about a dozen times. Personally, I find talking about money in general to be vulgar, rude, and inappropriate. As things stand, though, a Kickstarter campaign is the only feasible and halfway practical remaining option.

So there it is, all laid out in black and white, complete with paralyzing terror and far too many words. Now, the decision depends on you.

  • Do you also feel that money in general is kind of gross and vulgar?
  • Is a Kickstarter to fund this book series and the extended universe attached to it a solid idea?
  • Would you be comfortable with being asked to support my career in exchange for associated incentives?
  • Do you think Kickstarter would work for a project of this variety?

Anyone who wants to know more about the series and its extensions into reality before weighing in (or even not weighing in) should absolutely come ask me any and all questions. This is a contact page, in case you aren’t comfortable discussing this via tumblr, or don’t like using tumblr comms.

I do, however, want to make an effort to bring this to the attention of a few specific people in no particular order: von–gelmini, bxdcubes, goddessofcruelty, moonlettuce, inouken, lucindasaxon, vaegirs, screaming-towards-apotheosis, snakeslide, loveliness-underneath, thec-monster, theshadiertwin, starbuckmacguff, thisisgallifrey, isaytoodlepip, raptorific, clintorisbarton, haveahearttinman

If your url isn’t listed, it’s not because I don’t love you or don’t want you to chime in on this. I do on both counts. I just couldn’t spell your url from memory. >.<

So. To Kickstart or not to Kickstart?

Sneaking your own snacks into the cinema

Thrifty and necessary or cheap and pikey?

Frankly, I dont much feel like spending £8 on a bag of popcorn and watered down coke, so I’m going to fill every pocket I have with jolly ranchers.

Over 5 quid for a little plastic tray of warm chips and orange squirty cheese? HOW DO YOU ALL SLEEP AT NIGHT!?

There should be a little guy at a “cash for gold” stand nearby, in case you need to pawn off a few things to afford a bag of pick ‘n mix.