“Those digits are meaningless. They’re utterly meaningless. You don’t really think a couple of lines of computer code are gonna crash the world around our ears? I’m disappointed. I’m disappointed in you, ordinary Sherlock.”
“But the rhythm-”
“Partita number one. Thank you, Johann Sebastian Bach.”
“But then how did-”
“Then how did I break into the Bank, to the Tower, to the Prison? Daylight robbery. All it takes is some willing participants. I knew y
ou’d fall for it. That’s your weakness- you always want everything to be clever.”

February 13, 2016

I wonder what these three are trying to rob… (。´・д・)a

Jesse James was the most famous member of the James-Younger Gang.

He’s one of the likely culprits in the first daylight armed bank robbery in the United States during peacetime,the robbery of the Clay County Savings Association in the town of Liberty, Missouri in the date written in the entry.

You can read more about Jesse James here. ~ x

Quarry rave :) was one of the most amazing nights/mornings ever! gash, daylight and herbal sessions sound systems, i can’t explain how amazing it was! at the bottom of a beautiful quarry, and whilst it was dark all the strobe lights flickered really far through the branches like dancing stars, was so surreal! the music was so dark and eerie, and had an echoing effect, people were rope climbing the quarry walls, old young, everyone was so lovely :) wish raves like that still existed! danced right through till the morning with a smile on my face :D aha

Sneaking your own snacks into the cinema

Thrifty and necessary or cheap and pikey?

Frankly, I dont much feel like spending £8 on a bag of popcorn and watered down coke, so I’m going to fill every pocket I have with jolly ranchers.

Over 5 quid for a little plastic tray of warm chips and orange squirty cheese? HOW DO YOU ALL SLEEP AT NIGHT!?

There should be a little guy at a “cash for gold” stand nearby, in case you need to pawn off a few things to afford a bag of pick ‘n mix.

  • Civilians
  • Daylight Robbery
  • Ecstatic Vision LP

Daylight Robbery - Civilians (Ecstatic Vision LP)

Rédi haverommal éppen egy fanzint csinálunk közösen, amiben erről a számról is biztos szó lesz. Meg majd különböző számok kapcsán fikázhatok és méltathatok benne dolgokat, szerintem klassz lesz! De most csak a szám miatt írtam a posztot főleg, mert nem nagyon bírok leállni a hallgatásával.