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God pls send me a hot boy who ain’t gonna fuk shit up in my heart and brain but is also down with my busy lifestyle and blesses my ego by telling me daily Ma ass is lookin good AMEN
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Alvis from Xenoblade Chronicles || Art by me || sketch ver. || Twitter

One of the reasons why I hate Alvis so much is because throughout the game I always get the feeling that he’s laughing at me, acting so mysterious all the time. The kind of face someone makes when they think “Oh, poor people. They know so little. They’re playing my game.”.


im speaking from real experience, i got my ass sabotaged

the colored version of my previous art

You Go, I Go (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

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AN: like if you cry everytime 

Steve ran his thumb over the glass full of liquor sitting on the table in front of him, eyeing the light brown color liquid and just wishing he could feel a buzz right now. He needed something to numb the pain, and not being able to just get crazy stupid drunk only made him angrier. Overtime he closed his eyes, he saw Bucky holding onto the side of that train. Steve saw him holding his hand out and he saw Bucky just disappear into the white daylight.

Steve stood beside his best friend, the air cutting through them almost like a knife and Bucky fiddled with his gun, “Remember when I made you ride the cyclone on Coney Island?”

“Yeah, and I threw up?”

“This isn’t payback, is it?”

Steve grinned, glancing over to his best friend, “Now why would I do that?”

Steve cringed, taking a long swig of the alcohol, letting it burn his throat because it was the only thing he could feel at this point. He couldn’t even glance over at you, where you were sitting at the bar and drinking away your feelings as well. Steve couldn’t imagine how you felt.. And he didn’t want to. But when he glanced over at you, keeping his eyes low, he really wished he could just feel nothing. Your cheeks were stained from tears, your eyes lightly painted pink and puffy, and Steve looked away quickly. He couldn’t see you in this state.

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My top 14 favorite TV episodes of 2014 | #5

It’s too late, Tommy.
It’s 11, Grace.

Peaky Blinders 2x05