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FARRAH by Nigel Elliott
Via Flickr:
photo by Nigel Elliott

I know I haven’t been very productive lately and I don’t have a good excuse besides the usual… I play too much dbd, get sucked into RP and have to work much…
So have a little Dwight that I rendered between killing some people and running to work.
Dwight is my favourite model by the way, he looks closest to his ingame model and he kinda looks more ‘real’ than the others. Besides he is so cuuuuuute


The two types of players in Dead by Daylight are survivors (who must escape the arena by turning on generators to power an escape route) or killers (who are trying to kill all the survivors). In addition to a difference in goals, the perspectives of each players is very different: the survivors are all in 3rd person, while the killer is in 1st. This change in view emphasizes the vulnerability of the survivors and the need for them to keep track of their surroundings, while also reinforcing the focus that the killer player can possess.

6 Days till Halloween. Game requested by Anonymous