daylight in on it


DBD Console Version is OUT IN EUROPE!
(we’re always the last… “safe the best for last” AHAHA ok)

I literally just took the game, ran around in the store and inconspiciously presented it to other people.

(you just stand there in the store and suddenly a Neko stands right next to you, aggressively holding the DBD console version in her hands and staring at you… then she vanishes~)

This would have happened if I had stayed there any longer tbh, haha~

Things I love about the newest Dead By Daylight Lets Play
  • Jack the fucking MVP in the first game
  • “Maybe the red t-shirt wasn’t the best way to go”
  • Everyone screaming and yelling but saviors are fucking dead silent
  • Geoff singing loudly while Micheal saves Andy
  • Just people getting saved really.
  • Andy leading Dr.Jack to literally everyone
  • “You’re my curse!”
  • “Andy Come here.” “Where?” “Out.*Tiniest ”okay” ever*
  • Jeremy hiding the second he see’s Andy. And Dr.Jack coming around the corner 5 seconds later.
  • Andy’s no!’s
  • “Where is he I don’t know” *Whack* “Damn it! I thought you were serious.”
  • Dr.Jack unceremoniously dropping Andy and going after Micheal at the exit
  • Gavin’s entrance into the room
  • Gavin shining a flashlight in Andy’s face
  • Dr.Andy trapping Jeremy and not knowing how to use his weapon
  • “I touched your back. “How was it?”
  • Jeremy’s million dollars but phone call
  • “Jack are you a generator?” “I am a generator”
  • “Is Andy still in the game?”
  • Jeremy wiggling in Dr.Andy’s arms, Andy walking past Micheal at a generator and then being followed by Jack all while Jeremy is just saying “WIGGLEeee” in the background.
  • Jack: “Is anyone opening a door?” Geoff:“Nooooooo” Three seconds later “Yesssssss”
  • Micheal and Jeremy leaving through the opposite door
  • Jeremy got away with his lunch

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