Fell, Destroyed
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  • Fugazi
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30 Day Song Challenge

Day Eleven - A Song From Your Favourite Band Day

Fugazi - ‘Fell, Destroyed’

Gaaaah. How am I supposed to have a favourite band? I don’t know if I’d label them as favourite (seems like a question from school - 'What’s your favourite colour? What’s your favourite food? What’s your favourite band?’) You can’t make me pick just one. I can, however, choose the band that have never left me.

When I was 18 someone played me Steady Diet Of Nothing, which had just been released. For the first few listens I hated it. I thought it was jerky, annoying, and I didn’t 'get’ it at all but then it clicked - it became, and has remained ever since, one of my favourite albums. 

Fugazi are in a league of their own for me. They don’t have one bad song, let alone a bad album. They don’t even have an album that’s good but not quite as good as the others, and choosing a song for this has been really difficult. Something from Steady Diet.. as it was the first album I heard? Something from Red Medicine? The fact that their last album (released in 2001) was in every way as incredible as their first (released in 1988) is testament to them as a creative entity. 

I can’t choose any of the tracks over the others for any particular reason so I put their entire catalogue on shuffle, and Fell, Destroyed was the song that was playing when I finished typing this. 

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I am a consistant-blanket-hide-underer.
I am a sometimes-forget-to-brush-my-teether.
I am a room-temperature-water-drinker.
I am a stare-out-the-window-til-Heaven-is-pale-blueer.
I am an occasionally-lose-my-house-keyer.
I am a take-too-long-at-the-produce-sectioner.
I am an over-salt-the-chicken-and-potatoeser.
I am a hide-our-peas-in-a-napkiner.
I am a brush-my-hand-on-your-arched-backer.
I am a silly-dish-dryer.
I am a kiss-you-with-a-wet-smileer
I am the until-the-sun-dies-stay-by-your-sider.

Day 11

1.01 miles, 12:12 min, 12:04 pace

Oooooh, this one was slow. I think it was mostly the big hill at the beginning because it didn’t feel that slow…I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. Usually you feel sluggish or slow and then it turns out you were faster than you thought…not this time…guess I’m satisfied that the run is complete. Sometimes just squeezing in the one mile is enough to pick up my mood a teensy bit.