Fell, Destroyed
Fell, Destroyed

30 Day Song Challenge

Day Eleven - A Song From Your Favourite Band Day

Fugazi - ‘Fell, Destroyed’

Gaaaah. How am I supposed to have a favourite band? I don’t know if I’d label them as favourite (seems like a question from school - 'What’s your favourite colour? What’s your favourite food? What’s your favourite band?’) You can’t make me pick just one. I can, however, choose the band that have never left me.

When I was 18 someone played me Steady Diet Of Nothing, which had just been released. For the first few listens I hated it. I thought it was jerky, annoying, and I didn’t 'get’ it at all but then it clicked - it became, and has remained ever since, one of my favourite albums. 

Fugazi are in a league of their own for me. They don’t have one bad song, let alone a bad album. They don’t even have an album that’s good but not quite as good as the others, and choosing a song for this has been really difficult. Something from Steady Diet.. as it was the first album I heard? Something from Red Medicine? The fact that their last album (released in 2001) was in every way as incredible as their first (released in 1988) is testament to them as a creative entity. 

I can’t choose any of the tracks over the others for any particular reason so I put their entire catalogue on shuffle, and Fell, Destroyed was the song that was playing when I finished typing this. 

Day 11

1.01 miles, 12:12 min, 12:04 pace

Oooooh, this one was slow. I think it was mostly the big hill at the beginning because it didn’t feel that slow…I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. Usually you feel sluggish or slow and then it turns out you were faster than you thought…not this time…guess I’m satisfied that the run is complete. Sometimes just squeezing in the one mile is enough to pick up my mood a teensy bit.

Her name was October.

A late autumn
Where the crunch under foot
Comes from the gravel
Rather than the inferno of
Reds and goldens
That had slowly turned to
Mulchy greys and browns
Under the feet to and from
The old yellow bus
And the damp in the air
Leaves the stinging scent of cold
Crisp and deep
Turning noses to glow
Like the fleshy hollow faces
Burning with the inner light
Of no possession
Their eyes shining with a
Manic light
To contrast with the laughter of
Old creatures with
New meanings and mixed up
Intentions of being
There was where
I first tasted the metallic
Bite of a
Sense of reality
There I first met

The 365 Day Challenge.

Day Eleven; 11/365

The worst advice you’ve ever heard, or been given.

The worst advice that i have both heard and been given was from some close friends and the other halves family members. Basically when i found out i was pregnant, the first thing that i wanted to do, was to get our own house, so that we could bring up and start our family off in our own house. Everyone was saying it would be best for me to stay at home with my mam and then it means she could help me out. But whoa whoa whoa… You don’t have a baby to stop at home, to get help, or to even EXPECT help. So i just ignored everyone, and me and my partner moved out and we did everything ourselves. We did all the night feeds, day feed, all the diapers and everything you can imagine. Just like a mammy and daddy are meant to do. To be honest it was the best thing i ever done. I don’t think i could have stayed at home and let other people run around after me and let other people care for my baby. One thing i can openly say i am proud of is the fact that i have only once let my baby sleep out once at her aunts house. She was 3 months old, and i can honestly say it was horrible! First thing next morning at 9am i was at her aunts door wanting my baby back. I don’t understand how people can get pregnant and then stay at home and expect help and support. I’m sorry but if your big and wise enough to have unprotected sex and to produce a baby, then your big and wise enough to stand on your own two feet and provide a family house and the right kind of care for your baby.