daydreams for polar bears

Things I Want the Voltron Fandom to Acknowledge/Pay More Attention to
  • Pidge’s sass? I never had a clue that Pidge was so sassy until I started watching Voltron like two days ago cause y’all portray them as a pure and sweet child who probably daydreams about friendly polar bears. As someone looking in on the Voltron fandom from the outside, I was shocked when just minutes into the first episode this soft and pure child was relentlessly roasting Lance and Hunk. Y’all. This kid could roast all of our asses without breaking a sweat. And they sweat a lot.
  • Allura’s mice?? They’re so cute and sweet and helpful. But they’re sick fuckers. I love them.
  • The paladins’ families???They haven’t had any contact with Earth since becoming paladins. There’s probably not a single person on Earth with information on their whereabouts. Imagine how worried their families must be? Imagine how worried their friends must be? They may never even return to Earth for fucks sake. Their families probably don’t even know that they left Earth in the first place.
  • Lance???? Like, I’ve seen people talk about him and his character but there are a lot of important aspects of him that people just don’t seem to talk about? Sure, he’s an annoying dumbass, but he’s a truly pure and genuine person. Like, he cried in the middle of a party and then excused himself because he missed his mom’s hugs? He waded through a fountain and collected coins just to help Pidge buy a game that they really wanted? Also, despite making himself seem confident, he’s easily the most self-doubting of all of the paladins. These types of characters are never my favorites for some reason, but goddamn do I love and appreciate them even though they cause me pain.
  • Hunk????? Almost no one talks about him? He’s honestly such a big sweetheart and is highly relatable and deserves so much appreciation. I could go on for days about Hunk.

Feel free to add onto this