There’s something about her…
Maybe it’s the way her hair falls so effortlessly and resembles the relief of the sunset after a long day.
Maybe it’s the way her crystal blue eyes glisten when she is inspired.
Maybe it’s the way the sun kisses her skin in the morning and leaves beautiful brown splatters all over her body like paint.
Maybe it’s the way her body reflects the image of mountains, her curves a scene to be seen, majestic and captivating and breathtaking.
Maybe it’s the way her smile sends a beam of light through a room and her laugh fills my ears like my favorite song blasting through my earbuds on repeat.
Maybe it’s not just her physical beauty…
Maybe it’s the way she always sees the good in each day even when the world seems to have sent all it’s weight on her shoulders.
Maybe it’s the way she looks at me with curiosity and love and care.
Maybe it’s the way her skin feels under my fingertips.
Maybe it’s the way her body moves so effortlessly in a way so intriguing and raw like she is sharing a glimpse of her mind and soul.
Maybe it’s the way she speaks when she discusses something she cares about and how her words unapologetically escape her lips.
Maybe it’s every aspect of her mind, body, and soul that leaves me in awe of her each day.
I don’t know, there’s just something about her.
—  daydream thoughts; 04-17-17

i wanna talk about daydreams for a sec, because i absolutely live in mine. my entire life i’ve been so enthralled by the worlds in my own mind, that at times i prefer to be left alone with them. even as a kid i loved playing by myself, being a spy or a mermaid or something, and playing alone meant i never had to explain my intricate fantasy to anyone else.
i’m 24 tomorrow and i have to wonder if i’ll someday be lying next to my spouse and still playing out fantasies in my head. will i be driving my kids to school and spacing out about what if i were an FBI agent?? what if i were the avatar? what if i were a famous celebrity? it’s weird to think about bc my life right now is so empty, and i’m fully aware that my daydreams fill the void, and as a kid it was just all about fun. but if/when i do have friends/a spouse/children/fulfilling career, will my want for daydreams simply dissipate? is it really just a coping mechanism, or will i always be living half in reality and half in imagination?
i hope i never lose it tbh. it’s hard to imagine my mind without it, what would i think about in the car? in the shower? in bed? god only knows. but i will say that i hope parts of my reality someday become as good (or almost as good) as my daydreams. it would be nice to have that particular brand of happiness be a permanent thing.

“I know you like me watching you dancing with my brothers. You put on a little show for me, don’t you, Sweetheart? God...hips so thick and sweet you’d break a damn tooth...”

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So uh yeah… 

Have a little daydream with cowboy Ivar while I attempt to write part two of Ride Me ;P 

i want to live in a foggy forest with mossy grounds, where the season is always springtime and you’re never sure whether or not it’s going to rain… and when it does i know i am safe in my woodland cabin, with its thick walls and snugly-patched roof… and when the rain subdues to a mere patter, then small purple flowers blossom on the forest floor and fill the air with a sweet fragrance as i gather the buckets storm water for my afternoon spells and bath.