This hurt won’t, won’t go away.

And from the other side, she’ll  s a v e  me.
Her courage, strength, and heart beyond.

                                                         I  w i s h  s h e ’ d  s t a y  m i n e.

But her place is in some other time.

Goodbye forever, my darling, whether I was everything you thought I’d be
..or not.

I was a bad man, ooh, to stop you girl, from loving me.

She walks around the corner, it’s like she brought the sun with her.
Then everything just.. brightened up, I couldn’t make this up.

My fingers in my eyes, as she walked by, like I was waking up.

And so many words.. I couldn’t string a sentence together to bother her.

I instantly forgot all my plans and started to follow her.