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so i always daydream about a character from a fandom i'm in and i've become so emotionally attached to him, i cry when he cries, when he's happy i'm happy, if im angry i imagine him angry. i've connected so much to him and despite emphasizing with him all the time i don't see myself as him. it sounds like he's a para, but he since he was originally from a fandom would he not be a para? if not, is there a word i could use to describe him?

Para’s are not exclusively original characters, they are characters you have a deep connection to through your daydreaming.  They are often drawn from existing media as much of MD is triggered by media.

I’m daydreaming of waking up in the early mornings with you snuggled under the covers, sound asleep. I’ll slip out of bed and grab a cup of coffee, then slip back under the covers and press against you. I’ll stroke your back until you sleepily open your beautiful brown eyes and smile up at me. Gosh, your eyes…they make my heart melt.