Imagine while on Asgard, Loki catches you staring at him, your mind indulging in harmless daydreams of the prince when you notice he’s stopped and approached you, asking you if you often stare at him with eyes so full of longing. You stammer “no” and he responds with, “Your cheeks turn such a pretty shade of pink when you lie to me, try again. ” 

Imagine finding a person who natively speaks your target language and is trying to learn your native language – and you just click. You spend a lot of time sending messages to each other, playing together online while using voice chat, and sending snail mail and post cards. You scream to each other about impossible grammar structures and hard to pronounce words. You feel ridiculously proud every time your friend takes a step forward towards fluent language use and they never miss pointing out your progress.

Eventually you get the chance to visit each other and put the language skills to a real test in a country where it’s all around you. Only thing is you’ve gotten so used to the bilingual friendship that you pay way more attention to just having fun together than making the vacation into a learning experience.