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How to figure out your MBTI type, according to Tumblr

If you play sports, do drugs, regularly injure yourself and have no idea what the words “future” or “long term” mean, you’re an ESTP.

If you are loud, fun, have never had an intelligent thought, and party for 27 hours a day, you’re an ESFP.

If you are a psychopathic bag of internet trolls, secretly are building Frankenstein and/or an Iron Man suit in your basement, and have never had a conversation that wasn’t an argument, you’re an ENTP.

If you eat rainbows and poop butterflies, can’t stop daydreaming about love and/or memes, constantly flake out on others, and have never finished anything in your life, you’re an ENFP.

If you love rules, yelling, unborn babies, crushing the dreams of your NF children, and being emotionally insecure, you’re an ESTJ.

If you are social, caring, and also extremely shallow, fake, and boring, you’re an ESFJ.

If you consider yourself intelligent, occasionally think about the future, and have zero respect for others, you’re an ENTJ.

If you founded a charity to save all the children in Africa and were born with the ability to read minds, you’re an ENFJ.

If you ever go out into the woods in a leather jacket and skinny jeans to build motorcycles with your bare hands you’re an ISTP.

If you have deep feelings, nobody understands you, and you like to get high and draw emotional pictures, you’re an ISFP.

If you have zero feelings, moderate six subreddits, love to procrastinate, and are secretly twelve calculators in a trench coat, you’re an INTP.

If nobody understands your tortured, selfish soul and you write dramatic poetry every waking hour that you don’t turn and toss in bed, wondering if anyone will ever understand your terrible plight of life, you’re an INFP.

If you are quiet, considerate, and literally made of chocolate, you’re an ISFJ.

If you love rules, never have ideas, and are extremely boring, you’re an ISTJ

And if you have ever thought about the future ever and consider yourself at least slightly above average intelligence, well you obviously must be an INTJ.

And finally, if you have ever thought about the future, have feelings, and want to be special, you must be INFJ. Did you know it’s the rarest type?

G/T Thought of the Afternoon

Imagine if you will, your giant girlfriend (or boyfriend) taking you out to eat but they forget that youre tiny so they order you like this giant-sized plate of your favorite food, and they panic when they realize their mistake and get all flusterd and cute so you gotta reassure them that you dont mind eating that for like, a month~

okay so like. I love g/t interaction, I live for giants, but I also really love the idea of simply being tiny. for me being tiny is more than just giant interaction, I just love the concept of being small, and that extends to times when I’m alone

being small and going on walks. grass dancing overhead, the smell of plants and fresh earth nearly overpowering but ever so pleasant. clouds drifting in the sky, impossibly high up, and crickets chirping softly. taking rests underneath mountanous trees, or smaller mushrooms. using leaves or small flowers as parisols. 

exploring abandoned buildings. clamoring over rock and brick, balancing on worn out beams that would collapse underneath anyone bigger, scaling decripit housings to reach the rusty roof, sitting on the patchy metal to watch the sunset. hearing the creak of the building settling, a soft drizzle bouncing off metal, a gusty wind that’s strong but not too strong.

getting work done. finding leaky outdoor faucets or tiny streams to wash clothes. making tiny fires in tiny clearings to cook small meals. going out into the woods to find sicks and rocks to shape into tools. nabbing slips of fabric to make clothes.

humming songs while borrowing supplies, dancing in overgrown fields that are as big as oceans, treking across vast roads or beaches. wandering, exploring, creating, and simply living as a small.

Maladaptive Daydreaming Disorder

also known as Madd

It’s a disorder used for coping and a sympton of multiple mental disorders\ilnesses.Can also be due to prior psychological trauma or abuse.

It interferes with one’s life and it isn’t a good thing for everyone.

People with Madd don’t all experience it the same. Some people pace, mutter things under their breath,and do weird facial expressions.

For most people Madd is an alternative story\universe starring a “better version” of yourself.In the daydreams some people are also loved more.

But that doesn’t mean daydreams are perfect. It can turn dark and twisted without being able to controle it.

It’s hard to focus sometimes and depending on it’s severity it can get in the way of everyday things. People with malaptive daydreaming find it hard to concentrate during books ,movies and songs because they feel the need to daydream.They can also take inspiration from said movies,books and songs for specific parts of the daydreams.

And for everyone that feels like Madd is making them isolate themselves from family and friends, wasting time and not enjoying life and causing other mental ilnesses\disorders you are very strong and I’m so so so proud of you.

  • Make a change in your environment. Seek out new friends. Reduce time spent with toxic people. Find stimulating ones. Search for an environment that is supportive of your goals.
  • Plan in advance, in order to avoid getting overly anxious about day-to-day decisions. Establish a great routine with healthy habits.
  • Eliminate the unimportant. Focus on your priorities. Don’t always say yes. Be attentive of how you spend your time. Focus on the essential. Don’t watch too much tv. Ask yourself every hour “What am I currently doing and is it relevant for my goals?”
  • Don’t hoard. Declutter. Let go of things. Let go of memories. Let go of fears.
  • Don’t be afraid to commit to what is important. Don’t shelter yourself by thinking that you don’t know what you want.  Don’t daydream. Work on focusing your attention to become an active participant in the world around you.
  • Express your anger. Don’t act passive-aggressive. Exert yourself. Your position is valid. Express your opinion.  Use your anger to motivate you towards your real desires.
  • Exercise. Be aware of your body and of your emotions.
G/T Thought of the Evening

Join me in a little day dream: picture this, you had a terrible day, its raining and you’re just sitting outside in the day, not knowing to cry or scream or both and then suddenly the rain stops. You look up and see your giant girlfriend/boyfriend with their hand over you to cover you from the rain and they just pick you up carefully, cupping you in their hand as they kiss you and comfort you, taking you inside their home and out of the rain.
Im such a dreamer, a loser dreamer ; . ;

Date a Girl That...: BTS RAP MONSTER

/ Rap Monster // Suga // V // JungKook // JiMin /

/ B.A.P /

  • Someone book smart;
  • A bookworm;
  • Philosophical;
  • Rational;
  • Soft clothes;
  •      Like baggy and woolen and stuff;
  • Doesn’t judge him for whatever shit he’s done in the past;
  • Appreciates moments as they are;
  • Enjoys the small things;
  • Allows him the freedom for his career;
  • Doesn’t jump on assumptions;
  • Doesn’t listen to gossip;
  • Likes long talks in the evenings;
  • Sentimental;
  • Short;
  • With long dark hair;
  • Pretty random sometimes;
  • Gets along well with the rest of Bangtan;
  • Someone who also looks into the future a lot;
  • Someone that is serious about relationship;
  • A person with a big heart;
  • Into all the romantic stuff;
  • A total daydreamer;
  • Someone who isn’t afraid to tell what’s on her mind;
  • Going against all stereotypes for women/men;
  • Strong personality;
  • Can be scary when needed;
  • Shows interest in what he’s doing;
  • Will give her full support whenever he’s on tour and concerts.
Things Ravenclaws Say #26
  • Ravenclaw boy: Can't believe you guys are making me, Chris, kiss John
  • Slytherin: We are not
  • Ravenclaw: I wonder what it'll be like
  • Gryffindor: Dude, we are not making you
  • Ravenclaw: Definitely haven't daydreamed about this
  • Hufflepuff: Look, this is fine, but this isn't a dare-
  • John: Shh, let the man do his thing
  • Ravenclaw, whispering: I'm gonna kiss John, hell yeah
G/T post of the Afternoon

Imagine going trick or treating with your tiny boyfriend/girlfriend and you both decided to dress up as Mario. People compliment your costumes but ask the same thing: why didnt one of you dress as Luigi? Your tiny partner never misses a bear and speaks up proudly: “Because! I’m little Mario and they’re Mario after i eat the mushroom to grow!”


You couldn’t see,
I hid the hate,
You didn’t realise,
Until it was too late.

I wore long sleeves,
So you couldn’t see,
I wasn’t as okay,
As I seemed to be.

You just thought I daydreamed,
You couldn’t tell,
Honestly I was drowning,
In my personal hell.

I hardly ate,
I never showed it,
You didn’t notice,
That my clothes didn’t really fit.

They’re on my wrists,
I never showed that part,
I feel cold everywhere,
Even my heart.

I’ve nearly given up,
It’s been a rough ride,
I won’t ask for help though,
I’ll just continue to hide.

mahershala ali is so beautiful that I don’t even daydream about being in a relationship with him, I fantasize about him smiling at me as he passes me on the street and saying “have a blessed day” so I can feel warm and special for a full week

anonymous asked:

(unpopular? unusual?) opinion: Mai/Zuko is very much like Nala/Simba and that's not a bad thing

I mean, have you listened to Can You Feel the Love Tonight” recently?

So many things to tell her
But how to make her see
The truth about my past? Impossible!
She’d turn away from me

He’s holding back, he’s hiding
But what, I can’t decide
Why won’t he be the king I know he is
The king I see inside?

If that’s not Mai and Zuko at the end of “Nightmares and Daydreams,” I don’t know what is. 

Family tragedy? Check
Childhood crush? Check
A father rivaling an uncle? Check 
Regicide? Check
Something that involves the prince’s father/uncle and the prince feeling some kind of conflict? Check 
A prince who longs for the throne, goes into exile, comes back to take back the throne and ends up with his childhood crush? All the checks 

And, for your viewing pleasure:

  • Konan: *Descends from the sky on paper wings to beat Sasori into the Akatsuki*
  • Sasori: Oh no, she's hot.
  • Konan: Oh no, he's hot.
  • Pein: ...
  • Pein: Oh no.