Hope World’s Astrological Connections

🚀 prepare to be mind blown 🚀

hoseok has a pretty huge stellium (collection of planets) in his 11th house. the standard stellium is only three planets, while his 11th house holds five. it’s also his ruling house as he’s an aquarius. aquarius is the sign of all things bright, eccentric, and trippy:

it’s no surprise that the themes of this house hold great influence over him, which we can see all throughout his mixtape. let’s look at two different professional descriptions of the 11th’s house:

even the names of his projects (along with his stage name, coincidentally!) draw directly from this house:

theres an abundance of airplane symbolism in the music video for daydream and even the mixtape’s cover art:

aquarius is also the sign of all things extraterrestrial. this sign and the house associated with it rules the universe and galaxy, which were also represented in his music video:

in conclusion, hope world is superb in every sense, even an astrological one. long live the king 🌍✨