Sinking in the Clouds of Daydreams

I catch myself thinking of you,
lost in thought,
walking through…
wisps and tufts of fluffy clouds,
on a sunny day;
I feel like tumbling,
tossing and turning,
in this mayhem of fantasies,
foolish possibilities;
Biting my lip, smiling,
as I lay,
on the sofa, in the veranda or on the beach,
a forgotten book beside me,
whereever I maybe;
An imagination taking hold of me;
It is a new feeling,
like a freshly laundered handkerchief,
smelling of jasmines,
and prim roses,
tempting me with a day dream.

so sunggyu guested on tablo’s radio show. and at first, it was like… oh cute, they’re wearing couple shoes

and then it was … oh cute, they took a photo together

wait, what is tablo pointing to?

ermagad, he’s wearing a sunggyu shirt


“When I was young both of my parents went off to work and my younger siblings went to their academy, so I was home alone for seven hours. So, I used to often use my imagination. I thought that there was a monster living in the cupboard of our house.”
“Do you imagine things like that now as well?”
“Yeah, sometimes. I was daydreaming during class today, and it was like…Some alien crash landed on Earth and went to a cafe. There were so many people at the cafe with incredibly long arms, so the alien was embarrassed and left the cafe.”

“어렸을 때 부모님은 맞벌이 하러 나가시고 동생들이 학원 가면 집에서 7시간을 혼자 보냈었어요. 그래서 혼자만의 상상을 자주 하곤 했었요. 막연히 저희 집 벽장속에 괴물같은 게 살고 있을 것 같았어요.”
“요즘도 그런 상상을 하세요?”
“가끔 그래요. 오늘 수업 중에도 상상을 했었는데 그게 뭐였냐면요…. 어떤 외계인이 지구에 불시착해서 카페에 들어갔는데 카페에 팔이 엄청 긴 사람들이 유난히 많아서 당황해지고 그냥 카페를 나와버리는 상상이요.”