The Doll Maker

Raph busted into the room ahead of his brother’s sai at the ready for any surprise attack. He paused and opened his eyes in wonder. He had found this room to be the creepiest in this old stupid mansion.

“What the heck is all this?” – Raph

“Raph you need to wait for all of us, don’t just go-…” Leo paused in awe before the room that lay before them.

“Woah dudes look at all the Dolls, HEY there’s one that looks like Frankenstein.” –Mikey

“Don’t touch anything Mikey we don’t know what these things are….or can do.” –Donnie

“He’s right Mikey these….dolls……they are attached to something or someone…it’s best to get what we came for and leave.” -Suichi  

Raph spotted exactly what they were looking for, it was a giant emerald ball. He wasted no time running and reaching for his prize.

A hand reached out and pulled him up closer and closer till he was staring at a pair of big shiny hazel glass eyes. “Don’t. Touch. THAT!”

Raph struggled to loosen the grip on his arm but then started to notice there were more limbs pulling him in with the little….doll?

“Raph! Crap you never listen!!!” –Leo

Everyone rushed towards Raph to help him out. Mikey slammed his foot hard on the ground causing a mini earthquake. This caused the arms to loosen their grip on Raph just slightly.

Raph began to get really irritated and combusted making the hands retreat into the pile of broken pile of broken dolls. He retreated back near where his brothers were so they could come up with a combination plan of attack.

“What do we do LEO!?” –Raph

Leo was standing guard and put up a water shield over the four of them.

“Well if you’re willing to stop CHARGING in and wait for a plan of attack I will gladly let you in on the plan, RAPH!” –Leo

Raph grunted and rolled his eyes waiting for Leo to get on with it.

The eyes that were staring from within the pile of broken pile of dolls stared intently at Raph, he wanted to take away her precious gem, he meant her harm. She had noticed that he was the only one to try to steal it, but there was more than one. She was enticed by this one he had stared her blankly in the eyes…she liked his eyes, she wanted them….in her collection.

She slid from the pile and walked away into the darkness.

“Alright whatever these dolls are they are obviously being controlled by something, we need to break down the defenses of that pile I believe what’s controlling them is in there. So break it away until we get in the center, Mikey your earthquake stunned it for a minute so that’s what we need to barrage it when you stun it, clear.” -Leo

Everyone nodded in unison.

“Suichi you stay at a distance we can’t have you getting into trouble, you know since there seems to be some type of D.Trap in here.” -Leo

“Right…I’ll be your eyes when I can.” –Suichi

They broke and started there barrage. The dolls that were clinging to the bubble Leo dispursed with immediately when he shatter the ball into ice. Mikey got close to the pile, it began to form and make a monster full of broken pieces and shattered limbs. Mikey attempted to stomp and stun lock it again, but before his foot met the ground he was grabbed from behind.

“What The!!!?” –Mikey

Mikey turned his heads far enough to see it was the giant Frankenstein doll. He kept him tight in his grip. Mikey was going nowhere.

“Mikey!” –Raph, Leo, Donnie.

The broken monster slammed its hand down and separated Raph from Donnie and Leo. All other dolls that were hanging along the walls began to attack Donnie and Leo keeping them at bay, far from Raph. Raph went to help Mikey.

“Raph NO it’s her!!!” –Suichi

Raph spent to see who he was talking about, when he turned and looked down a little girl in a puffy dress with ribbons nearly In every wrinkle and black broche, with curly pigtails was standing before him. He tried to move back but she caught him, strings burst from her hand and into his skin. He could feel the strings basically running through his veins. He knelt down on the ground and the next thing he saw was a blank doll rushing at him, he felt a huge wave of energy rushing towards him…and then nothing.

“You with your brash actions, and lack of thinking. You who needs to be rescued all the time because of your lack of tact. You are mine now, I have those eyes, that burn like a ghostly flame. But the body will be disposed of, only the eyes… pure and dark. Come to me my new doll.


……….Raph didn’t wake up in The Room, instead he was in a chair when he awoke, wearing a lacy burgundy gown. His hands never moving no matter how hard he tried to force them to. When he looked down to see if he was constrained he saw porcelain fragile pale hands…..


Tiny Daydream

I just had a dream where Nino was trying to make comfortable places for Wayzz in his room and Wayzz was saying he was a simple dude, if he had somewhere warm and some water he was fine. And Nino was standing there all awkward and rubbing at his neck before saying, “Uh. Not to be like uh demeaning or anything but uh, do you just want a turtle tank?”

“Whats in a turtle tank?”

“Uh, like one side would have deep water thats filters and nice, and the other would have a heating lamp and a little like rock place for you to be under the lamp. If thats like insulting-”

“I would love a turtle tank. I want a turtle tank.”

“Do you want to go get one now?”

“Yes. I want that I want a tank.”

so they go to a pet store and Wayzz is so excited that this is a thing cause its perfect for him and Nino is thinking, “well uh youre a turtle so” but doesnt want to say that so he just blows his savings on a super sweet tank and Wayzz flies around excitedly while Nino is reading the instruction manual for the heating lamp, and then out of nowhere when Nino is setting all this up his dad walks in the room and is like “uuuuuuh wHY”

and Nino just fucking panics cause Wayzz is so out in the open staring wide eyed and he just says “I bought a turtle sorry.”

“You bought WHAT”

“Yes. I’ve bought a Turtle, ive always wanted one, look at him he’s cute.”

Wayzz instantly gets down on all fours, trying to stare blankly and munch on carrots or some shit, and the dad is like “That is the weirdest turtle ive ever seen”

“Its extremely rare its a- its a very rare breed of turtle the Antenna t-turtle. Only a handful left dad its my responsibility to nurture this endangered species-”

“You can’t just BUY A PET how much did all of this cost!?”

“It was my money dad ITS MY TURTLE”

and nino just has to bullshit everything and eventually his dad is like well fuck if its that endangered and you cant return it and his dad hangs out in the room for awhile watching Wayzz who sort of awkwardly waddles around until Nino is done filling his tank up and setting it up. Eventually his dad leaves and Wayzz and Nino trade a look like ‘i cant believe we got away with that’

and it turns out to be a blessing because now Ninos parents think he has a really weird pet turtle that he is weirdly attached too for some reason and sometimes carries around with him so as long as wayzz walks and doesnt fly he can pretty much just be around

and his parents are just like “Well at least hes into turtles and not drugs or something”

i’ve got that...

james dean daydream look in my eyes: aries, libra, sagittarius

red lip classic thing that you like: leo, virgo, capricorn

long hair, slicked back, white t-shirt: taurus, scorpio, pisces

good girl faith and a tight little skirt: gemini, cancer, aquarius