A dash of lipstick
The curling of the hair
A dress so exquisite
The nicest she ever may wear

Anticipation, excitement 
Joy, no hesitation
A night so blissful
One forgets all frustrations

She floats down the stairs 
Gleaming in gold
Her dates starstruck eyes
Will never get old

He wisks her away
A swelling joy in her heart
A night painted perfectly
A masterpiece of art

He takes her in his arms
Wrapped tight in his embrace
The blood rushing fast
To her bright smiling face

Exhausted and drained 
The night comes to ends
She waves goodbye 
To her tuckered out friends

She and her boy
Drive home in silence
At her home, he kisses her
She responds in compliance


Snapping back to reality
Cuddling her blanket tight
Dreaming of what she could have been doing
This balmy Saturday night

—  Victoria J/ “Prom”

so sunggyu guested on tablo’s radio show. and at first, it was like… oh cute, they’re wearing couple shoes

and then it was … oh cute, they took a photo together

wait, what is tablo pointing to?

ermagad, he’s wearing a sunggyu shirt