SNTS - Daydream [Sacred Court]

I stood there in the stillness of the moment. I felt time slow to a pause as only the drowning sound of waves caressed my ears. The clouds began to erupt with light and the melancholy that had been painted on my soul began to melt away. How wonderful it felt to be anything at all. 

Tiny Daydream

I just had a dream where Nino was trying to make comfortable places for Wayzz in his room and Wayzz was saying he was a simple dude, if he had somewhere warm and some water he was fine. And Nino was standing there all awkward and rubbing at his neck before saying, “Uh. Not to be like uh demeaning or anything but uh, do you just want a turtle tank?”

“Whats in a turtle tank?”

“Uh, like one side would have deep water thats filters and nice, and the other would have a heating lamp and a little like rock place for you to be under the lamp. If thats like insulting-”

“I would love a turtle tank. I want a turtle tank.”

“Do you want to go get one now?”

“Yes. I want that I want a tank.”

so they go to a pet store and Wayzz is so excited that this is a thing cause its perfect for him and Nino is thinking, “well uh youre a turtle so” but doesnt want to say that so he just blows his savings on a super sweet tank and Wayzz flies around excitedly while Nino is reading the instruction manual for the heating lamp, and then out of nowhere when Nino is setting all this up his dad walks in the room and is like “uuuuuuh wHY”

and Nino just fucking panics cause Wayzz is so out in the open staring wide eyed and he just says “I bought a turtle sorry.”

“You bought WHAT”

“Yes. I’ve bought a Turtle, ive always wanted one, look at him he’s cute.”

Wayzz instantly gets down on all fours, trying to stare blankly and munch on carrots or some shit, and the dad is like “That is the weirdest turtle ive ever seen”

“Its extremely rare its a- its a very rare breed of turtle the Antenna t-turtle. Only a handful left dad its my responsibility to nurture this endangered species-”

“You can’t just BUY A PET how much did all of this cost!?”

“It was my money dad ITS MY TURTLE”

and nino just has to bullshit everything and eventually his dad is like well fuck if its that endangered and you cant return it and his dad hangs out in the room for awhile watching Wayzz who sort of awkwardly waddles around until Nino is done filling his tank up and setting it up. Eventually his dad leaves and Wayzz and Nino trade a look like ‘i cant believe we got away with that’

and it turns out to be a blessing because now Ninos parents think he has a really weird pet turtle that he is weirdly attached too for some reason and sometimes carries around with him so as long as wayzz walks and doesnt fly he can pretty much just be around

and his parents are just like “Well at least hes into turtles and not drugs or something”