Harry: “Dear” 

So it’s whispered to your ear and against your lips. “-It’s all right, dear.”He assures whenever that overwhelming amount of notes and essays are one minute away to consume the very last bit of your sanity, taking his time to touch your lips with his own. It is called as a soft demonstration of his loving, caring, tender heart that beats only for the sparkle lighting your face whenever you’re reading your favourite novel in the middle of the night with a mug of coffee resting on the table in front of the living room couch. “-Come to bed with me, dear. It’s late.” He would say leaning forward to close the book resting on your hands so that it imitates the motions of your eyes, about to fall shut for sleepiness was beginning to overcome the excitement of fiction. It was unique when it came to you, he used to call this very same way other girls. But, it was unique for one merely and simple reason, you weren’t just another “Dear”. You were his “Dearest”.

Liam: Babe”

He just can’t help it. He adores to finally be able to say it, so he does… every time of the day. Liam usually finds himself trying to find an excuse for him to call you that way, even though you were not exactly a fan of pet names. So he tries to keep himself at ease not really wanting to be embarrassed or to look too eager or crazy about you. But God, he was. “-Hi, babe. Doing fine?” It is said as he walks inside your shared apartment fitting his jacket on the hanger and almost tripping on his feet to kiss your lips only for you to crinkle your nose still trying to get used to his loving ways. “-That would be great, babe.” “-I love you, babe.” “-Babe, are you okay?”. Even though he attempts to remain cool, he, just, can’t, help, it. And it’s that you were so beautiful to him, with your messy hair and perfect clothes, like a strange mix of carelessness and style. He loved it, he really truly loved it. 

Louis: Love”

Of course it wasn’t always about sweetness, though sometimes it could appear it. “-You look amazing, love.” His amused voice would cover every other sound inside the room as his eyes quickly took in your entire figure in, making a slight inch of self confidence invade your glowing skin. “-Love, please. Don’t cry.” Louis would beg whenever your eyelids closed just to release some salty water fulfilled with words that had never been said and emotions too intense to forget about. His fingertips taking away the sorrow so palpable and cold, resting on the bones forming your cheeks. “-You like that, love?” So he said under his breath, heated bodies tangled like the yarns moulding the remaining of both of your clothes, now resting on the floor. So it wasn’t always about sweetness, sometimes it was darker. Bitter. “I can tell you do, love. I can tell you do.”

Niall: Petal”

Niall never used to refer to you in any particular way, it has always been your birth name, echoing words sounding like: “-[Y/N], can you pass me the remote?” Nothing other, nothing else. So it is that when he starts to get closer an alarm triggers inside your mind, wondering what had changed his. “-Are you all right, petal?” You frowned, startled and confused. It didn’t happen just once, as time passed by he kept adding that address to more of your shared conversations. “-There’s something on your hair, petal.” Niall told you reaching for you with his hand and placing some strands of hair behind your ear, looking directly at you, not wandering pupils, but hesitation among his shaking feet. “-I think I’m in love with you, petal.” He said at least, placing his hands inside his pockets. “I think I’ve always been in love with you, [Y/N].”

Zayn: Lovely”

“-C’mon, lovely.” He would left out only to make you roll your eyes, for you hated it, giving him a smart remark about calling him “Zaynie” in front of his closest pals. He would laugh it off coming closer to place a kiss on the top of your head and calling you by it once again. “-Five more minutes, lovely. Please.” Zayn would beg as you tried to lift the covers of his fuzzy body, only for you to end laying next to him, arms wrapped around your waist and sleeping until midday.  “-I love you, lovely.” It is said, warm air caressing the top of your shoulder as he leans forward for a kiss, sending shivers of electricity through all your muscles. “-I love you too, Z.”

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feloninadeadheaven asked:

what would the signs daydream about

Aries is likely to daydream about winning, having a nice car, or having a hot partner!

Taurus is likely to daydream about what their next creation is going to be or what their next vacation is going to be like.

Gemini is likely to daydream about their current crush (whether it be a real person, celebrity, or fictional person), about alternate universes, and crazy scenarios between people they know.

Cancer is likely to daydream about their future family, their dream career, or about negative ideas and scenarios.

Leo is likely to daydream about the day they rule the world!

Virgo is likely to daydream about the perfect career, the perfect partner, and the perfect life!

Libra is likely to daydream about fame, romance, and coming out on top!

Scorpio is likely to daydream about power, sexual encounters, and being right or winning an argument.

Sagittarius is likely to daydream about the future in general, about adventures and trips, and about possible opportunities.                

Capricorn is likely to daydream about success and maybe on some days… romance too.

Aquarius is likely to daydream about a different world, about leading, and about living an offbeat life.

Pisces is likely to daydream about everything!

Something happens in a daydream. A hand
trails over skin like sunlight. Outside
there’s sin, and the calls of a lost city.
A city dipped like an ochre-dawn. In quiet
moments, your breath is on mine, like
salvation; like forgiveness. But in time,
names for love elude us. We breathe in dirt
and cough up bones, until a new world,
like the birth of a star, is raked across
your skin. Now leaving is all I have.
Unlike memories. Unlike your mouth.
—  As The City Burns, Michelle Tudor