Preference #17: High School AU

Luke: Sitting in English class, you tried not to let the final scene of Romeo and Juliet bring tears to your eyes. It was pathetic, the entire movie was utterly awful, but somehow the heart wrenching pain of tragic, doomed love managed to get to you. Despite never having been in a relationship, you felt like you were some sort of expert. You’d spent countless reading the dumb books that made your heart flutter, and you yearned for the boy that could do the same. It was sad, really. You were the type of person that had a large personality, and your mother had informed you too late that it was obnoxious. In general, boys seemed to shy away from you. The harsh lights in your classroom suddenly flicked on as everyone around you blinked rapidly. Your plump english teacher began to waddle her way to the front of the class, as most people attempted to wipe the signs of drool from their mouths that had been the byproduct of an impromptu nap. 

“I know everyone always says how bad it is, but I honestly didn’t mind it.” Came a voice from behind you. Turning around slowly, a tall blond boy sat with his back slouched into his seat, a beanie shoved onto his head. His fingers twirled a pencil around on his fingers as he smiled at you softly, and as per usual when it came to cute boys, you could feel your heart melt. “I have a thing for raw passion.” He said, as he leaned closer to you. Your eyes widened at his remark as you found yourself leaning towards his body. “I wouldn’t be so quick to call that passion, I think it was more of just lust.” You said a little defiantly. Both your voices were low, but they somehow managed to talk over the sounds of your rowdy classmates. “But wouldn’t you agree that often times the two are interchangeable?” He said, an eyebrow raised. “Nah. Lust is about being blinded by the most shallow of feelings. It’s full of haste. I think passion is just the opposite. Passion is all about the feeling, and immersing yourself in it. It’s deep, slow and passionate. Lust is a fleeting blush pink whereas passion is the deepest of blood reds.” Throughout this conversation, your eyes never left each others. You knew who he was, it was just Luke Hemmings, the boy who had sat behind you for the entire semester but somehow your body was only now becoming acutely aware of him. Suddenly, the sound of the bell cut through the classroom, as people immediately stood up with their bags. You could see a smile playing on the corner of his lips at your answer, as you turned around in satisfaction and reached down to grab your bag. As you stood up, you crashed directly into his chest. “Do you think you would ever consider going out with me?” He said softly. “I’ve been staring at the back of your head for months, and I have to say if I could get that sentence out of you in a 2 minute conversation, I can only imagine what other intelligence you have to share with me.” You watched as he tried to smile awkwardly and you felt your heart literally skip a beat. “Of course.” You said smiling up at him, trying not to look too excited. Reaching up, you placed a quick kiss to his cheek, before turning on your heel. “Tell me all about it tomorrow, Luke!” You called over your shoulder, raising your hand slightly. 

Calum: “Hey, lovely.” A sly voice grew beside your ear. Your spine immediately stiffened as you slammed your locker shut forcefully. “Calum, we’ve had this conversation before,” you said slowly. You whirled around on the heels of your feet before two handed pushing the boy away from continuing to breathe in your ear. “Leave me the fuck alone.” You said forcefully. Turning your nose up in the air, you made your way down the hallway. You could hear the sounds of snorting laughter coming from his entourage, not one of them the slightest bit surprised that he had once again been rejected. The bittersweet feeling of satisfaction began to rise in your throat, as you purposely made the heels of your boots clack against the floor. You could feel your ponytail swishing back and forth on your neck with every step, and you could practically feel your eyes piercing the hallway. When it came to Calum Hood, he somehow managed to grind out the sexy, badass in you. And let’s be real, you loved it. 

Arriving in another nameless class, you dropped your bag beside your desk, before sitting up to smack your gum. The teacher had yet to arrive which wasn’t particularly uncommon, so instead you tapped your pencil against the side of your wrist. Suddenly, a hand shot out to wrap around your wrist, your fingers immediately freezing in your place. Turning your head slowly, you startled back by Calum’s intense look that adorned his features, his brown eyes appearing sharp. “I know you don’t like me, and I’m not going to pretend like I don’t know why. I’m sorry I’m such an asshole. I’m not here to ask you to go out with me again. I just know that I like you, and if we ever do go out it’s going to be because you asked me. So for now, do you think we could be like, friends?” You could feel the heat rising in your cheeks, because this kind of change in character was uncanny, but for some reason you respected it. The sly smile worked it’s way back onto your cheeks as you peered at him from the corner of your eyes. “I think that could work”. 

Michael: To put it nicely, school wasn’t your thing. In fact, you’d probably go as far to say that you hated school. You despised the constant pressures, the tests and projects that never stopped, and the constant reminder that this was going to be your future. You weren’t good at sitting still in class and being able to absorb information like a sponge, just to then regurgitate it for an exam. There was only one thing that made school bearable, and that was the arts. You weren’t picky, you loved any and all kinds of artistic things. You loved being in the theatre, you loved painting in the disastrous art lab, but most of all you loved sitting in the music room for hours on end. You went at lunch time, you went before school and let’s be real you went during school just to play and listen to music to your heart’s content. Deciphering between melodies and music notes lay a whole other world that you loved more than anything. 

Just like any other day, you sat in the corner of the empty music room, an electric guitar strung over your lap as you played softly. To be quite honest, you weren’t even sure what time it was, but you were certain that you were supposed to be somewhere that wasn’t here. The sounds of the repetitive cords filling the room was lulling you to a soft sleep, comforting you in the perfect way. 

“You know, you’re always in here.” Immediately stopping your playing, you opened your eyes quickly to see a boy stood leaning against the doorway with his arms crossed over his slender frame. His bright blue hair stood out against the off-white of the room wall, and for some reason you could feel your fingers tingle. “I’m quite aware of that fact actually, but it appears my teachers aren’t quite knowledgeable to just how much time I’ve actually gotten away with.” Your voice trailed off as the boy began to walk closer, his arms moving to swing at his sides. A smile adorned his soft face, as he moved to sit beside you. “I’ve been listening to you play. You’re pretty incredible.” A ghost of a smile fell upon your features, before you turned your head to look closer at his face. “I wish everyone else felt that way.” You looked back down at the guitar, running your fingers softly over the strings. “Yeah, I know what that’s about.” He said quietly. “I’m supposed to be graduating in a year, and all I know is that I love music. You can imagine how well that went over with every authority figure in my life.” Your eyes shot up to meet his, and it was like you were looking at a reflection. “How come I’ve never seen you here before?” You asked curiously. “Let’s just say I’m not a very social person. I like to do everything by myself to the point where it’s almost bad.” You raised your eyebrows jokingly, and he proceeded to laugh at the expression on your face. 

“I’m Michael.”

Ashton: It was lunch time, the worst part of the entire day. At least when you were in class, you could pretend that you weren’t lonely by throwing yourself into whatever the teacher was rambling on about. But lunch was the time you were supposed to spend with your friends. The fact that you didn’t have any sort of defeated that purpose. The sandwich that your mom had abnormally packed you felt heavy in your bag as you slowly made your way down the hallway. You tried to avoid eye contact with anyone who was happily giggling with their friends. You didn’t want to stop and sit by yourself because that only made you feel more pathetic. The headphones in your ears pulsed music, as you hope it would drown any thoughts that crossed your mind. You weren’t alone, you were just lonely. 

Suddenly, your chest collided with another persons, and before you even hit the ground you could feel yourself inwardly groan. Dear god, it was just another reason to make you wish for the floor to open up around you. “I’m so sorry, are you okay?” A soft voice asked. You were momentarily stricken, but refused to look up, instead scrambling to make your books and papers form some sort of neat pile so you could go back to pretending like you had somewhere you were supposed to be. “(Y/N)?” You heard the voice inquire, and that only added to your heightened attention. Because honestly, no one here knew your name. Your eyes lifted slowly, your heart seeming to crawl up into your throat as it continued to beat quickly. It was only when your own eyes meant his bright hazel ones did you feel like you actually wanted to hurl across the hallway. 

“Ashton?” You questioned, standing up slowly. “What the hell?” A sad smile adorned his features as his eyes not-so-subtly flickered up and down your body. You felt suddenly insecure, aching to wrap your large sweater around your torso to hide from his prying eyes. 

“I moved back.” He stated simply, his warm eyes just as you remembered. “Well, obviously.” You smiled, reaching up to push your hair behind your ear. Suddenly remembering all your books that were scattered across the floor, you hazardly reached down and began to shove them one by one into your open backpack. A hand immediately closed over yours as your head shot up, only to be startled by the fact that you were now only a few inches from Ashton’s face. Looking back down, he swept all your books back into your bag with one sweep, before zipping the bag closed. 

“I’ll see you soon, okay (Y/N)?” He said quietly. That’s not likely. You thought solemnly before nodding quickly. As he moved to pass you, his large hand quickly caught your shoulder before he leant down to whisper in your ear. “I missed you.” He said softly, and you swear you could feel the shiver down to your toes. 

  • Nightmare dressed like a day dream:Pisces, Cancer, Libra, Taurus, Leo, Virgo
  • (They dress way too well for it to be true)
  • Daydream dressed like a nightmare:Scorpio, Aries, Gemini, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius
  • (Dress usually in a unique/on edge way so can come off that way)