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The johnsnavi fam go to Disney world


Johsnavi + Disney Vacation: 

  • Usnavi checking, rechecking they have everything, literally not sleeping for a full week before their flight. 
  • Johan reminding his kids that Disney may look like a family oriented company but they are nothing but money grubbing business— (insert Usnavi slapping him) 
  • Claudio, responsible big bro, gets a good night sleep and remembers the passports when Usnavi accidentally leaves them on his dresser
  • Namaste decides to hide in the carry-on luggage compartment and Johan and Usnavi can’t find her, their flight is delayed. “WHERE IS MY BABY” (1) 
  • Finally @ Disney, Johan and Usnavi decide to divide and conquer and rejoin at Frontierland for lunch. 
  • Claudio and Usnavi aka “I’m not getting on that…” they ride the Dumbo ride without shame
  • Namaste chases down Mickey and gets lost, “WHERE IS MY BABY?!” (2) 
  • Twins double team Johan and end up getting him to the Buzzlighter laser shooting ride, Johan literally jumps at all the pop ups and offers peace
  • Twins notice Namaste is not with Usnavi, they say nothing and disappear after her
  • Johan doesn’t want to tell Usnavi he lost the twins, Usnavi doesn’t want to tell Johan he lost Namaste
  • Claudio sees them running around like every five minutes and tries to tell his father but is ignored
  • Finally he runs off and Usnavi runs after him
  • Johan runs after Usnavi
  • They find the three kids eating massive turkey legs while Namaste wears one of the Mickey Mouse mascot heads
  • No one asks why
  • They watch the fireworks as a family and Johan loosens up their diet for ice cream because its been a long day
  • Dads kiss under the Disney fireworks
Dad!Ashton would include:
  • “Honey it’s bed time”
  • “But daddy I don’t want to sleep!”
  • “No, sweetie, you have to. I’ll tuck you in, come on”
  • bed time stories
  • Uncle Calum
  • Uncle Michael
  • Uncle Luke
  • “Guys shut up the baby’s sleeping”
  • strict parenting
  • healthy food
  • family road trips
  • “Dad are we there yet?”
  • teaching your 16 year old daughter how to drive
  • buying little boy irwin his first set of drums
  • “SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND?” “No baby do NOT tell me to calm down”
  • weekly evening dates without the kids
  • reminding him he’s a great dad when him and his teenaged daughter have a disagreement
  • “Baby, she loves you. Don’t be so hard on yourself. She’ll forgive you.”
  • family outing for father’s day

Dad!Michael / Dad!Calum / Dad!Luke

Dad: The world is becoming less decent by the day

Dad: But don’t be too worried, sweetheart. The sun will still rise tomorrow, it will still be a beautiful day.

Dad: And you can deck out your new apartment with bunk beds and invite all your American friends to live with you.

Dad: Make them pay for rent and food though won’t you