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AU: Bahrain didn't happen and Melinda is an Avenger

  • May’s good at the job. Really good at it. She has a knack for picking out odd teams and seeing how they might work together, and for holding said teams together through sheer force of belief and will. Fury sends her in often with teams under the guise of her teaching them piloting and combat skills, but really her task is to leave them as more of a functioning team than before, and they almost always are. She’s the middle ground between Nick and Phil in the planning for the Initiative, and both of them see how the time she’s taken out to have a daughter with Andrew has only made her more driven and better at her job. 
  • Pepper and Rhodey are involved in the Initiative from the beginning. Melinda May refuses to deal with Tony Stark alone.
  • Melinda calls Andrew and the Maylet as soon as things start going seriously wrong with the Tesseract. The Maylet tells her mommy to do good and to come home.
  • Coulson doesn’t die on the Helicarrier. Loki is no match for Melinda ‘fought actual literal ghosts and survived’ May; both Coulson and May survive with minor injuries. Nick tells May to work her magic to pull the team together.
  • As soon as Melinda realizes what has happened with Clint she calls her mom, who sends resources to protect Laura immediately just in case. Both Melinda and Clint however went through extensive training to block out their families in case of torture or control, magical or otherwise.
  • After Nat returns from Calcutta shaken, Melinda does her best to keep her and Bruce separate as much as possible. Andrew, who jokes when she calls that even he has no idea what to do with an alien army, offers up advice on how to deal with each of the Avengers. And as far as Coulson/May/Andrew go, they are a total dream team in getting the team to work. 
  • May sees New York coming from a mile away, and the Avengers come together as a united front much earlier. Lian May helps pull enough political weight to help Nick stop the missiles from launching.
  • Maria sends a Quinjet to get Andrew and the Maylet after the battle is over, because May was throwing up at the shawarma restaurant and was stuck in quarantine with Clint under suspicions that the sceptre had some effect on them. It’s only when Andrew mentions that she’d been sick earlier that week too and Maria mentions she’d been sore that Nat puts those things together with May complaining about her combat uniform fitting wrong and tells a tech to find an ultrasound machine. Maria tells her goddaughter stories about her mommy flying alien ships while Andrew and May hear the heartbeat.
  • When Andrew and Melinda come back out the Maylet goes hurtling down the hall towards her mother, knocking Mjolnir over and hastily righting it before jumping into Melinda’s arms. The half of the room that’s not stunned into silence goes ‘gently’ because they can tell from the grin on Andrew’s face, and May’s, and May glares at them because like Maria said, she spent the day flying and jumping from alien ships, the baby’s pretty damn tough. (Nat calls dibs on being godmother.)
  • Half the intelligence community threatens to retire the day Maylet comes of age. When Lian brings Maylet to the office everyone is like oh god another May woman we can’t handle this.
  • May and Steve talk a lot about duty and its limits; May and Bruce do tai chi together in the mornings; May grudgingly makes peace with Tony. Clint, Nat, and Maria come over for dinner at the Mays every week anyway.
  • SHIELD still falls, but it finds a strong ally in Lian May’s former agency, who watched Melinda grow up and knew that as long as she was at its helm new!SHIELD would be going straight.

Quran 82:17-19 – Surat al-Infitar

وَمَا أَدْرَاكَ مَا يَوْمُ الدِّينِ (17) ثُمَّ مَا أَدْرَاكَ مَا يَوْمُ الدِّينِ (18) يَوْمَ لَا تَمْلِكُ نَفْسٌ لِنَفْسٍ شَيْئًا وَالْأَمْرُ يَوْمَئِذٍ لِلَّهِ (19)

And what will make you realize what the day of judgement is? Again, what will make you realize what the day of judgment Is? A Day when no self will possess anything (to help) another self; and the Command upon that Day belongs to Allah. (Quran 82:17-19)

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This may be kind of a weird request but I would LOVE to see Flower's POV on coming over to the house and meeting Sid for the first time.


In a lot of ways, Marc-Andre feels like he’s already met Sid.  He’s been reading about Sid off and on for years, articles about his play and then about his disappearance and then about his marriage.  And he’s been hearing about Sid nonstop from Geno for the last week.

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Quran 80:3 calligraphy – Surat Abasa

لَعَلَّهُ يَزَّكَّى

[The Prophet frowned and turned away, because the blind man approached him.] But how could you know [O Muhammad]? He might perhaps have grown in purity. (Quran 80:3)

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DAY 125/365
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Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness?
2 Co. 6:14 (NKJV)

My dear sister,

1. Develop bonds with people who believe like you do
A “yoke” is an object used to harness two animals together for plowing. In order for the two animals to accomplish any work at all, they have to be equally yoked. Without that, they won’t
make any progress. They won’t get anything done. This is why we are not to be unequally yoked with believers. It’s not because we hate unbelievers, because as Christ followers, we are to love everyone (John 13:34-35), however, when it comes to the who we share the deepest and most intimate bonds with, we have to be headed in the same direction. Often times when we think of this verse, we think that it only applies to marriage. However, let’s take note of all of 2 Corinthians 6, as this chapter is about staying at our post as believers. It is a reminder to Christians that the reason why we have to be equally yoked is because the world is us watching and they’re watching how we are with each other. They’re watching when we stand together and when we don’t. They are watching when we support each other and when we don’t. So as followers of Christ, let us continue to develop relationships with others who we not only have common interests with, but we have a common goal of pursuing the things of God with our lives!

2. When you develop bonds with those who believe as you do, you develop accountability with one another
When you’re in need of someone to talk to or stand with you as you’re dealing with something, go to the person who you know loves Jesus just as much as you do. Go to that friend that you know is not going to do anything that is against what you believe! These are the kind of people that are not perfect, but they know they are imperfect saved by perfect grace! Those are the kind of relationships that make a difference. Surround yourself with people like that!

Biblical context + further reading: 2 Co. 6

They say that dating someone you wouldn’t marry is a waste of your time. That the endless giggles and butterflies aren’t worth it unless you’re both in it for the long run. That while you’re falling asleep in his arms, you’re stealing him away from the soul mate he’s supposed to have and he’s keeping you from the love of your life. 

And honestly, I don’t know what the future holds for us. I don’t know if I can see you at the end of an aisle in some beautifully flowered church in 10 years. I don’t know if I can feel your hand squeezing mine as I bring new life into this world or if falling asleep next to you every night for the rest of my life is a decision I’m going to make, but I’ve all too recently learned that there’s no point in making such long term plans because no matter how strongly you will them to stay the same, they’re going to change. 

And when I look at your goofy smile and listen to your laugh that sounds like you’ve known no heartbreak and I drift in and out of consciousness in the most comfortable embrace I’ve know for a long time, I realize: I don’t know if we’re supposed to fall in love or just waste time…

but, boy, I’d love to waste time with you.