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Clothing meme: Athletic Lob, Something Ricardo would never wear (his proper work uniform), Dressed up for a first date (with Rick of course) Daycare Stan, Prison Uniform Punkle Stan, Crop Top for The Clean Up Crew feat. JERTY, and Royalty Miami Rick (he’s king of the tennis courts). Thanks to everyone who sent in!

i dunno.. i guess Palette in the daycare thing would be thinking like this, i guess..  honestly i like Spray Cray and Palette the same amount XD and Goth is so cute nyaaa XD 

Spray Cray - @weezy-pup (i think? correct me if i’m wrong)

Palette - @angexci 

Goth - @nekophy

Pj’s Daycare - @blogthegreatrouge

More Daycare AU headcanons
  • The rest of the alpha kids are also visitors of the daycare center
  • Jade recommended the daycare to Dave in the beginning because she sends Jake there
  • Dirk isn’t a problematic child but tends to keep quiet to himself
  • Roxy happens to be the first of the other kids to try to talk to dirk
  • The dancestor trolls (meenah’s session) also happen to make appearances at the daycare
  • Young damara and rufioh are who introduce anime to dirk
  • The maryams own the daycare center
  • The kids like to mess with karkat and hang on him like a jungle gym
  • Kanaya is one of the favorite caretakers at the daycare
  • There’s a doodle wall in the daycare and dirk doodles memes he’s seen from Dave’s comics
  • Dave tries to hold some conversations with Karkat to get to know who tf is taking care of his brother before he’s rushing off to work
  • This becomes a routine that the two genuinely enjoy because after awhile they just rambled on about dumb stuff
  • One conversation involved the two of them going on a little too long which resulted in “Hey wait aren’t you going to be late?” “nah i got plenty of ti-SHIT IM GONNA BE LATE”
  • Dave was nervous for their first date, Karkat wanted to see what writer could pull out of the night. Dave left Dirk with his sister Rose who came with him to pick up Karkat, this is what might have lead Rose and Kanaya to meeting as they closed up for the day
  • Karkat, after talking with Dave for a few times tries to get close to Dirk and understand him and Dave’s family like relationship and keep a good eye on him
  • After a lot of skepticism and nostalgia sessions, Dave and Dirk get Karkat to play Pokemon Go

kitarants  asked:

Grell and Lucifer?

Before you say I’m being lazy with the name let me show you a thing:

In Hinduism, Yama (Sanskrit: यम) or Yamarāja (यमराज) is the god of death, belonging to an early stratum of Vedic mythology. In Sanskrit, his name can be interpreted to mean “twin”

The mask is sentient :3c Plus it goes with the whole name theme over here sooo))