daycare meme

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Shimshon and Itvry? (I'm not sure if you ever did a thing for that owo)

you HAVE to come see this here. >w<


And then there is their kids ^w^

Stayce becomes a very concerned kitty in regards to society and government, and starts studying buisness when she turns 15, this cat is going places~

Ermatt Is a lot like his dad, but also has the culture influence of his mom, meaning he Frequently breaks the fourth wall and makes pop-culture references and movie quotes as he is adventuring. XD


Much to Embory’s disappointment, Darla only had the desire to master playing the spoons.

Well here you go the last one! sorry guys I won’t be taking any more but thank you for all the wonderfully fun combos! I’ll sketch a group pick of all the children sometime :’)