Save The Day- A Peter Parker Imagine

Anonymous Requested: Can you do one where the reader and Peter get in a fight because they got hurt in a fight against a villain or something. Then she’s like why do you even care and he’s like because I love you! Cliche I know lmao. You’re writing is awesome so I think you’d make it awesome

Based off of The Amazing Spiderman Vol. 2

Save The Day

After a long day of school and studying, you and Peter were walking home together. It was quite late at night and Peter didn’t want you to walk home by yourself. You passed by the city bank, when someone knocked you down as they were running past you. They had a giant bag and there were people running out of the bank, calling after him. You saw the person then fly into the sky with the bag and you knew exactly who it was. It was the Vulture. You gave Peter a knowing glance and you two ran off to go fight the Vulture.

Now, you yourself had no powers but you couldn’t leave Peter by himself at this moment. You couldn’t let anything happen to him. You two hadn’t been friends for too long but you had had a crush on him for years. You found he was Spiderman on accident when he helped you fight off a drunk man and his mask slipped off on accident. Ever since, you always made sure that he was safe before he went off and made sure he got home. You were also his alibi whenever Aunt May asked where he was.

Peter found The Vulture up on the rooftop so, you two went up there to find him. “I knew you’d be here,” he said, waiting for the two of you to get onto the roof. You were a little scared, but you knew Peter would save the day. “So, you brought a friend,” Vulture says, looking past Peter to look at you. “You aren’t going to touch her,” Peter stated. “Oh really now?” in one swoop, the Vulture has you dangled over the side of the building. “Peter, just grab the bag and go. It’ll be ok,” you said, trying to do what’s right. “No! I won’t leave you!” Peter said, coming towards you. The Vulture drops you and you start to fly off the side of the building. You prayed that Peter would grab the bag, but Peter grabbed you with his web and pulled you up. Peter webs the Vulture, leaving him trapped and grabs the bag.

Peter and you fly across the city and you hold onto him for dear life. He drops off the bag to the building, which turns out to be 1 million dollars worth of diamonds. Peter carries you home, since you were so winded and he kicks the door open, putting you on the couch. He sits next to you and pulls you onto his chest, running his fingers through your hair. “Peter, why didn’t you just let me go? You could’ve grabbed the bag,” you said, pushing him away. “You can’t expect me to do that, [Y/N]!” Peter exclaims. “Why not?” you yelled back, standing up now. “Because I love you!” The room grew silent. Neither of you knew what to say. “Listen [Y/N], I’ve got to go. I’m sorry, I’m an idiot,” he said starting to walk out. You grabbed his arm and turned him around, with enough force that caused him to crash into you. You grabbed his face and kissed him so he got the message. “Peter, I love you too”.

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