UK Parliament Will Consider Banning Trump After Petition Attracts 300,000 Signatures In One Day

After just one day, a petition calling on British Parliamentarians to ban Donald Trump from entering the United Kingdom has nearly 300,000 signatories. That’s almost


the number needed for Parliament to consider the matter for debate. The petition drew so many visitors that the government website which hosts it


for about 20 minutes on Wednesday.

Looking for new blogs!

My dash has been filled with lots of bts and seventeen lately (not that I’m complaining) just want more variety; specifically girl groups! 

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you and i need to have a little patience, iii

waiting on a brand new day

after twenty minutes hunched over the toilet, stomach swirling and throat burning, cole collapses onto her butt on the tile floor and feels blindly for her phone.  it’s 7:50 in the morning, and there’s no way she’s going to work today.

cole knows she makes for a sorry sight, sitting on the floor in her pajamas, pushing hair off of her sweaty forehead, and she’s glad niall’s not here to see it.  he’d hold her hair out of her face for her and rub her back and say sweet things like, “there, there, love,” and it would be absolutely no help at all.  

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