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BODY 👏 SWAP 👏 TROPE 👏 Hcs for members switching bodies with another member for a day what would they do 👻 You can pick who switches with who ~ love you 💕

i am loving this freaky friday shit

Yoosung in Jumin’s body

  • suddenly sleep deprived gamer boy has to play head of a massive corporation for the day?
  • he hates it
  • FIRST OF ALL, he cant understand anything anyone is saying
  • he cant even enjoy all the luxury of being Jumin, he’s too busy answering confusing phone calls that he has to clumsily stutter his way through
  • “Mr. Han, did you look over the marketing teams newest proposal for re-branding products to better appeal to a wider range of potential clients?”
  • “um…yea it was good. sounds like a good idea”
  •  “excellent. when you have time today please email me with-”
  • “yea sure tell Jaehee and i’ll do it”
  • “Mr. Han, i think-”
  • he hangs up, and that happens a few times before he even gets to work
  • gets lost like three times looking for his own office
  • as soon as he sees Jaehee he runs up to her and hugs her
  • “Jaehee oh my god this has been the worst morning ever everyone talks like their 50 years old and i-”
  • “Mr. Han? i dont think this behavior is-”
  • he lets go and brushes himself off, clearing his throat
  • “, of course. i’ll be in my office…..assistant Kang…”
  • tries to pull his office door open, discovering that its a push door
  • all day:

Zen in Jaehee’s body

  • first of all
  • he knew Jaehee was a fan but like….
  • not this big of a fan
  • he is both overwhelmed by how thankful he is to have so much support and…a little freaked out?
  • also, he thinks Jaehee is attractive but who are we kidding, when he looked in the mirror and saw not himself, he was pretty upset
  • also pretty disappointed in Jaehee’s fashion sense but thats another subject for another day
  • there is no way in hell Zen was gonna go play Jumin assistant all day, he would rather die probably
  • and Zen knows better than anyone just how desperately this poor girl needs a break
  • so he decides to have a little treat yo self day!
  • he goes shopping and drinks fancy starbucks coffee and even gets a massage
  • he even snags a few cute boys numbers
  • (which yknow….Jaehee doesnt really need….but anyway)
  • he isnt really giving Jaehee a day off by doing this
  • but at least the massage will leave her feeling good in the morning!!

Jaehee in Seven’s body

  • cleaning
  • just, so much cleaning
  • also leaving the house to buy groceries
  • then getting a violent reminder that Seven is a very busy person when his boss calls
  • he sounds so scary and keeps talking about a “hard deadline” and someone named “agent vanderwood”
  • isnt that Sevens maid or something….?
  • well, no one can work on an empty stomach. not even the defender of justice
  • when she returns, agent vanderwood is there but she doesnt know its him
  • probably goes all martial arts on him, thinking its an intruder
  • vanderwood is a trained agent so he fights back a bit before being like SEVEN WHatTHE FUCK WHY ARE YOU ATTACKING ME ILL LITERALLY TAZE YOU
  • “taze me? arent you here to clean?”
  • “just do your work, alright?”
  • “um…yea…of course….”
  • Jaehee has no idea whats going on but she knows how to make it sound like she’s doing shit
  • starts working on C&R projects at one point

Jumin in Zen’s body

  • first thing he does is wake up and chop his hair off
  • all that hair just gets in the way?? he hates it??
  • that will be a nice surprise for Zen the next day :)
  • he knows that Zen probably has rehearsal and stuff but he’s not an actor
  • and he has a more important job to do anyway at C&R 
  • uuuggHHHH why doesnt Zen own any NICE suits??!
  • spends Zen’s money on a 3 piece suit
  • much better :)
  • then he tried to go into work just, as Zen
  • so many people tried to stop and ask who he was but he just walked past them
  • theres no time to try and prove his identity, he has to start the work day
  • finally he gets to his floor, where Jaehee is working at her desk
  • “assisstant Kang, i will be working in Zen’s body today. please forward my massages”
  • but?? is that zen???
  • so upset because he has to reschedule all his meetings for that day
  • “i cant meet with the board looking like this”

707 in Yoosungs body

  • he has so much fun being Yoosung
  • hates Yoosung’s laptop so much
  • he misses his high performance laptop
  • finds a planner with Yoosungs class schedule in it
  • Yoosung doodles all over his planner, thats so cute
  • alright, he has to do everything he can with his one day back in college
  • upon entering his first class, he finds they’re taking an exam
  • its calc 2 so he aces it, of course
  • you’re so welcome, Yoosung
  • acts like a total smart ass all day
  • after classes he plays LOLOL for like 6 hours straight
  • Yoosung is literally so lucky to have me inside his body today
  • (lolololololololol)
  • also does all of Yoosungs homework for him
  • thinks to himself all day wow Seven, you’re such a saint


edit: i love you too
Big Bang Reaction Masterlist Post

Thanks to @jamlesschogiwawhisperingjyphoe for doing this for me!!! I’m glad you could get it done!

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Hi! Could you do the RFA + Saeran and their reactions of getting a call from the hospital because MC got in some sort of accident (not too serious though) and them going to visit her? It's ok if you don't want to though!

Okay, I really do need to get better at saving this lol. It’s deleted, and right when I was on Baehee! I’m also sorry for being gone so long, jeez it’s been too long! Lol, anyway, whatever, let’s begin!!


  • It was two days before a big performance of his
  • After rehearsal he was planning on having dinner with you, and watching your favorite show, something relaxing
  • But all that was quickly abandoned when he got a call from Jumin
  • You were going to get some groceries to make your special soup for the cold rainy April weather
  • And when you were crossing a street a drunk driver hit you on the side
  • Zen was surprised his phone wasn’t across the room by now
  • He was however, sprinting out of the theatre, yelling at his manager a babbling excuse, screaming at Jumin for the directions
  • When he got there he was a mess
  • The RFA was crowded around you, barely giving you any room to breathe, but the minute they saw him they parted
  • While he walked up to see you he spied the crumpled groceries, beside your bed, the green stalks of celery still peeking out, and he broke down completely
  • He knew that you were in pain, not only due to your arm in a cast, but also the fact you had an IV, something he knew you always hated the idea of
  • So instead he stroked your hair and squeezed your hand
  • “I’m sorry I wasn’t there. I’m so, so sorry.”
  • You just smiled kindly at him
  • Afterwards you were very wary of cars, and he held your hand when you crossed the street, arm around your shoulder
  • He was terrified of what could’ve happened
  • About what would’ve happened had that car hit you dead on
  • He would’ve crumpled


  • He was playing LOLOL, like usual, and you were reading
  • It was such a relaxing night
  • When you finished you kissed him on the cheek and rushed off to get the next book in the series
  • By the time you got out the sun was setting
  • You loved this time of day, the weather being remarkably clear for April, streaks of pinks, purples, and reds streaking the sky, the night cool and balmy, slightly wet like the morning dew type feeling of late summer days
  • You beamed up at the sky
  • Walking back to your apartment you didn’t notice the car pulling out of a parking lot
  • As it collided with you, you skidded across the pavement and into the street, your book splayed across the asphalt, just a hair’s breadth away from you
  • Yoosung got five messages from Seven before he picked up his phone and read it
  • And when he did he dropped it
  • Typing furiously into it he slid across the room, grabbing his keys quickly, jacket be damned
  • The whole way there guilty thoughts danced in his head
  • Why didn’t I go with her? Why didn’t I pick up the phone sooner? Why? Why…
  • When he got there you brightened up slightly, you’re smile growing bigger
  • This caused him to burst into tears at seeing your two broken ankles
  • You ended up comforting him, but he was adamant on feeling guilty
  • Gave you tons of kisses
  • Decorated your wheelchair with stickers of the constellations, moons, and stars
  • And when you began physical therapy to walk again he was there the whole time
  • Every appointment, every single thing
  • And every night he’d hold you close
  • Grasping you tightly
  • He feels like he needs to remind himself you were there
  • Because if you hadn’t he would’ve fallen


  • It was a hard week for her
  • Jumin was preparing for a huge trip, culminating with an important conference, then a party when he got back
  • So that meant a ton of sleepless nights for his poor secretary
  • You understood how tired Jaehee was
  • So one night you took the time to take the two hour trip to a reclusive coffee shop, which sold Jaehee’s favorite
  • You were so happy when you managed to grab the last two bags
  • Practically happy danced out of that shop
  • When you stopped at a red light you went to check and make sure it was still standing straight
  • When a young driver rammed you straight from behind
  • Jaehee was just about to take a break when Jumin came bolting in, hair disheveled
  • “Jaehee, MC, she’s been in an accident.”
  • Jaehee bolted out of her chair like a missile
  • Sprinting towards the elevator she barely paid enough attention to get the location
  • Jumin couldn’t keep up with her
  • And he’s tall
  • And she was in heels!
  • When you saw her running down the hall you twisted around yourself, desperately looking for where the heck they put the bags
  • When she reached the room, panting, looking so worried, you broke down
  • She immediately gave you a big hug, stroking your hair, avoiding the spot where your head was bandaged
  • “I-I’m so, so sorry! I, I w-was just trying to get you the c-coffee, you like. A-and now you’re behind schedule, a-and it’s all my fault!”
  • She shushed you and kissed you on your cheeks
  • Jumin could get someone else’s help for the last two days, she was going to take off
  • You also broke your ribs and she needed to make sure you took your meds and ate enough
  • Every night when you fell asleep she’d brush you bangs to both sides
  • “Coffee beans could never replace you, you’re so much more to me…”


  • You two were coming home from a party
  • Jumin was happy to get home, away from the crowds of people, he wanted to be with you
  • You were just waiting for when you could get out of those heels
  • Already unbuckled you lagged a bit behind him
  • He laughed a bit at your struggling, which earned him a glare
  • “Here, let me help you.”
  • You smiled gratefully at the hand and went to grab it
  • When the motorcycle came out of nowhere
  • Jumin screamed when you fell backwards, your shoes in a moment of cruel irony let behind
  • He didn’t have time to look at the cyclist, who was looking, bewildered, stoned as Hell
  • Jumin scooped you up and pulled out his phone, calling an ambulance
  • Rode with you in the back, holding your hand as you cried
  • They sedated you to set the broken collarbone and Jumin flinched
  • When you shook it off and came to he kissed you firmly
  • “Oh my God, I thought, I thought that, that you were going to leave me.”
  • You began tearing up,
  • “I wouldn’t be able to go on like I do now, you, you’re too important.”
  • Since he was in his apartment he just arranged a lazy boy to be brought in
  • Supervised everything
  • And made sure the cyclist was brought to justice
  • There doesn’t need to be people like that driving, not with all the troubles already in the world


  • You had stormed out after even more pushing away
  • You hadn’t planned on going anywhere in particular
  • Just needed some fresh air
  • Unfortunately fate just wasn’t on your side this day
  • After cooling down enough to go back to that Hell of an apartment you quickly walked towards the apartment
  • Unfortunately you didn’t see the public garage opening
  • There was a horrible scraping of metal on cloth and flesh
  • And the door knocked you into a fire hydrant
  • You thought of Saeyoung right before the world went dark
  • Saeyoung had  begun tracking you the minute you left
  • And the minute the phone blinked out he picked up his keys and ran
  • Terrified that his fears had come true
  • He hadn’t expected the scene on you being carted on an ambulance, phone spotted with blood, falling from the rim of a sickly yellow hydrant
  • His stomach had dropped and for a minute he couldn’t breathe
  • Running in he barely stopped to explain it to the nurses
  • You weren’t responsive, but that didn’t stop him from apologizing for everything
  • He had to wait while they set everything, you had a concussion, but when they left and he was alone, the RFA hadn’t yet arrived, he poured his heart out to you
  • You woke up to him talking
  • “I didn’t understand, I thought if I pushed you away it would get better, you’d find someone better, someone more deserving. Instead I got you hurt, I can’t believe it, you’re at the center of my thoughts and I’m so sorry, I’m so damn sorry.”
  • You reached out, despite the pain, and touched his hand
  • He jumped, but seeing you, a light smile on your face, he enclosed you in a tight hug, clutching you like water, something that might slip away if he didn’t hole you tight enough
  • You hugged back and he began crying
  • “I love you so much MC, I love you so damn much.”
  • “I love you too, I will always love you.”
  • “Always…”


  • You two were planning an ice cream date
  • And he was so excited
  • Smiling around the house, practically beaming
  • Kissing you a lot, causing you to laugh
  • God, he loved your laugh
  • When the time came to go out he was dragging you
  • You barely had time to grab your purse
  • It was an amazing night, not too hot, not too cold
  • After the ice cream you two walked slowly around a park, looking at the statues in Greek style
  • Just enjoying each others company
  • Saeran was completely at peace, he couldn’t believe that there was a happiness such as this in the world
  • As he led you through the park he pointed eagerly towards a statue, dead center of the park
  • “Look MC! Look!”
  • He started running towards it, and your hand started slipping
  • He noticed after a few seconds, and turned around to laugh, teasingly
  • When he saw the motorcycle ramming into you
  • The cyclist didn’t even stopped
  • Just laughed
  • Saeran took a quick mind of the plate before picking you up
  • Your leg was bent oddly and you were crying
  • He was shaking with anger, and fumbled with his phone
  • At the hospital he wasn’t allowed to be there while they set the bone
  • He turned his phone on again and looked up the guy
  • Sexual assault charges, physical and verbal abuse, the list went on and on
  • Saeran was grinding his teeth in anger
  • How was this guy not in jail
  • It didn’t matter, Saeran knew how to change that
  • Pulling a few strings he smiled in cold, cruel, satisfaction
  • The guy was going to be in jail for a while
  • Just then your room opened and he rushed in
  • Seeing you, tears still at the edge of your eyes, leg in a cast
  • He went over to hug you and kiss you
  • And the tears started flowing, something that surprised him
  • After everything, his mother, Mint Eye, the attacks, the whole time he’d never cried
  • But seeing the center of his universe, the light in the never-ending darkness, the love of his life, seeing you hurt made him so sad
  • So he just held onto you, showing that it would never happen again
  • It wouldn’t
  • He wouldn’t let it

I hope you like!!! Again sorry for it being so long, but hey I hope it’s really good!!! Have fun reading, and again hope you like!!

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Heyyyy can you write how RFA+V+Saeran would react to MC coming home really late (without telling them) because she's a professional ballet dancer and she was understudying a role? And the lead got injured so she had to take it on short notice? And she gets home with crazy stage make up on and scares them?

Sorry for the LATE HC. I’ve said before I’ve been pretty busy and I’m just trying to find time to catch up. But here’s one! I wasn’t too inspired to do V or Saeran for this one so I apologize! Enjoy!


  • precious nugget was spending all night at the library to study for a big test coming up
  • he was texting you to tell you that he’s on his way home
  • but you weren’t answering???
  • he gets home and you’re not there
  • !!!
  • even though he was very tired, he used the last of his energy to make a few calls to find out where you were
  • meanwhile you had just got off the bus after a long day of rehearsal
    • and you had to start getting used to that
  • you were so EXHAUSTED you just left your makeup on to take off at home
  • trudging through the front door, you heard Yoosung in the other room on the phone with someone
  • just as you set your bag down in the entry way, Yoosung came into the room
  • !!!
  • the lighting was not flattering to your face
  • he let out a yelp
  • poor baby jumped so bad he dropped his phone
  • you felt so bad for spooking him
    • thankfully his phone was fine 
  • once he kind of came back to reality you got hit by a barrage of concerns
    • “oh my gosh why were you out so late???”
    • “why do you have all that makeup on???”


  • you were supposed to work with Jaehee in the afternoon 
  • but you called her a little before noon explaining the situation you were in
  • Jaehee understood and ran the shop by herself that day
  • after closing time she headed back to the apartment
    • was a little tired so she just picked up some bentos from the store for dinner
  • but you weren’t there???
  • when she texts you, you said you were on your way home
  • so she waited for you
  • just sat on the couch and watched some TV to pass the time 
  • you were rushing to get out of practice
    • you didn’t realize you were still wearing your slippers 
    • and you still had your makeup on
  • when you got home you were just so exhausted you just wanted to eat dinner and chill with your bae
  • aw your sweet amazing gelato is asleep!
  • you decided to nudge her awake
  • but the moment she opened her eyes, she saw a horrifying face she followed her instincts and went straight for a punch
  • (╯°Д°)╯︵ /(.□ . \) !!!
  • you blacked out for a hot second
  • next thing you know you hear rustling in the kitchen and the guilty gelato running to your side with an ice pack


  • rehearsal on his end looked like it was going to be a long one
  • the only thing he asked was to check in with him whenever you can *^^*
  • time just flew by but Zen was home actually the time he originally expected
  • now all he had to do was wait for you ^^
  • you on the other hand, was at rehearsal until 11:30 (23:30)
    • you were so damn tired
    • you dressed into your street clothes but you forgot to take off the makeup
    • your friend was kind enough to have you carpool with them 
  • as he was changing in the bedroom, he heard the front door open
  • naturally heading toward it, you approached the doorway to the bedroom, exhausted
  • “Uh, sorry I’m lat—”
  • the whole makeup on your face startled him, he just slammed the door in front of you
  • uh…rude
  • there’s a slight pause between the two of you
    • you going wtf
    • and Zen going wtf I just slammed the door in their face
  • he sheepishly opens it and you two are just staring at each other
  • afterward, there is plenty of laughs and helping you wipe that makeup off


  • he was coming in from Hong Kong late at night
  • was pretty exhausted when he came home
  • all he wanted was to just head to bed with you and Elizabeth 3rd
  • but you weren’t home!
    • you must have had practice or something
    • when he texted you, you were on your way home
  • while he was waiting he decided to crack open a bottle of wine
  • then Jaehee called from work and he had to deal with that pot of mess
    • this donut was so focused on the call he didn’t hear you come in!
    • and you didn’t want to bother him while he was on the phone, so you were just patiently waiting by the counter until he noticed you
  • he hangs up and as he turns around he jumps a little at the sight of you
    • he spilled some wine on his shirt!
    • *o*
  • this donut was ok about it
    • he has a billion other shirts anyways
  • but you kept apologizing like the sweetheart you were
  • “Well how about you help me get this off…”
  • (°ロ°) ! “S-sorry g-gotta go to bed, bye!!!”
  • cue you running away to the bedroom and locking it behind you
  • this donut is so confused but just chuckles a bit because you’re just so darn cute!


  • it was another long night for Seven
    • Vanderwood was really driving him up the wall with work
  • he had been texting you periodically but he knew you were in rehearsal so he didn’t expect you to see his texts until you were on your way home
  • but you didn’t come home at the usual time
  • ???
  • genuinely concerned so he tracked your phone
  • still said you were at the theater???
  • it must have been a long rehearsal so he had went back to work
  • while he was in the bathroom, he heard the door open???
    • who broke into the inner sanctum???
  • cautiously tiptoes in the dark (too lazy to turn on the lights)
  • turns on the flashlight on his phone instead
  • first thing he sees is you with your hair loose and makeup still on
  • jellybean’s training kicks in
  • instinct is to throw his phone at you
    • hits you square in the face
    • poor you gets a bloody nose
    • in his defense, the light was unflattering
  • and instinctively Seven FREAKS out and scrambles to find the nearest first-aid to take care of you
come what may || stiles stilinski

word count: 1563

warnings: mentions of sex. cute and adorable stiles stilinski

prompt: based on this song

author’s note: once again, my old blog was deleted so this is just a repost. enjoy!

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HP!headcanon - NCT Yuta

 || WIZARDINGBIAS - where your fave bands live in hakho’s hogwarts au ||

Character Headcanons at Hogwarts
↳ NCT Yuta // Yuta Nakamoto // Slytherin

Originally posted by chocosicheng

  • fuck now we’re doing my bias wrecker hell no buckle up errbody this abt to be a wild ass ride
  • now that’s a long ass ride
  • Yuta is a Sly-therin
  • this cunning ass motherfucker needs to calm tf down
  • this is probably gonna be long af
  • more under the cut <3

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Doughnut Dog Park Day

After a visit to the airport dog park Sheila and I usually go to Baker’s Wife for coffee and doughnuts. The dogs get to share one plain doughnut.

If you’re under the impression Oliver and Ella haven’t eaten in days you’re wrong. Totally wrong. They simply freak out for a doughnut. Carson is back there too. He weighs less and gets pushed out of the way.

That net stretches across the back of the front seats. It keeps the dogs in the back seat and out of the way. Without it Ella stands on the center armrest and blocks my view. If she knows we’re on the way to Baker’s Wife she also drools in my lap. In an accident the net keeps a dog from flying into the front seat.

It barely contains them though when doughnuts are present.

Seventeen As Your Boyfriend: The8

anon requested ~ hope you enjoyed!

  • Performance unit has to psych Minghao up to ask you out
  • Jun’s very involved with this, trying to convince him to use a pick up line
  • Minghao says no straight away (much to Jun’s dismay)
  • He brings you your favourite flowers when he asks you because he remembered how you said you loved them
  • An actual sweetie
  • Always trying to impress you
  • Makes sure he’s dressed extra nicely when he’s at airports because he knows you’ll see photos of him
  • You two would be the trendiest couple ever???
  • Practically invented art gallery and museum dates
  • “Are you a piece of art? Because I want to pinyoutothewall.”
  • “… Jun told you that didn’t he?”
  • All jokes aside he’d work really hard for you!!!
  • He just wants to make sure you can be proud of him (which undoubtedly you are)
  • Often invites you to the studio to work on dances
  • Some times you’re in charge of music and handing him water when he’s tired
  • Most times you two are making out
  • You are most certainly his muse
  • Would love to try and teach you Chinese and would just stare at you adoringly as you tried your best
  • If you couldn’t do it, he wouldn’t mind, he’s just happy to spend time with you at the end of the day
  • After a long day, he’d just sit between your legs and you’d play with his hair, his head lay back on your shoulder
  • You’d quietly tell him what you’ve been up to and he’d hum along before dosing off in your arms all together
  • He’d ban you from the kitchen bc he’s promised to make you dinner so you’re exiled to the couch
  • There’s a lot of noise and chaos going on and just as you’re about to go and check if he’s okay, he walks out sheepishly
  • “Let’s just order a pizza”
  • The two of you being really competitive and trying to one up each other in EVERYTHING
  • Board games
  • Video games
  • How many times can you spin in a circle till you fall over
  • Often surprises you with kisses
  • You two would be the most stylish couple going and EVERYONE is jealous of how you two are dressed when you’re together
  • Lowkey coordinated outfits
  • Enjoys each others company so much so that you don’t even have to talk
  • Loving glances at each other from across the room
  • If he gets a text from you he instantly drops EVERYTHING to answer you
  • Tries to be cool but is in fact very dorky around you 
  • Will always feel butterflies in his stomach when he sees you bc “… wow… you’re so beautiful.”
  • Subconsciously will interlock little fingers with you and doesn’t even realise
  • If you went along to his concerts and he saw you in the crowd it would encourage him even more!!!
  • HE!!! LOVES!!! YOU!!! SO!!! MUCH!!!
  • He might not say it all the time but he does, trust me
  • (Hoshi would claim he heard him say your name in his sleep, Minghao denies this)
1004 (Angel)
1004 (Angel)

[SONG] Lyric ENG-SPA | B.A.P - ANGEL 1004

Album: 1st Album First Sensibility / Artist: B.A.P
Release: 140203

[Lyric ENG]

You’re like an angel, who has left me and gone somewhere
I need you

I don’t know how I’m living
After you left me, I’m going crazy
Every day, every night
I can’t even sleep
I’m all alone, drinking away, cry

So I miss you (I think of you) and I need you (every day)
I can still hear your voice
Come back to me (I don’t have anyone) Come back to my side (but you)
You’re like an angel

The reason I live is you
I don’t think I can see you anymore, I think I’m really dying
The person to love me is you
Shine on me in the darkness

Look at me now
Come to me now
(Come back to me, how am I supposed to live?)
Look at me now
Come to me now
(How am I supposed to live without you every day?)

I didn’t know you would really leave me
You were like an angel
Why am I such a good-for-nothing?

Oh no, you have turned away from me
I’m a fool who has lost you
I’m like a beggar
I can’t do anything without you

So I miss you (I think of you) and I need you (every day)
My wasted self is so pitiful
Hug me (I don’t have anyone) Embrace me (but you)
You’re like an angel

The reason I live is you
I don’t think I can see you anymore, I think I’m really dying
The person to love me is you
Shine on me in the darkness

It’s like I’m so out of it
I’m so blank every day
After you left, I’ve become ruined
Come back to me, I only had you

Hurry and save me
Stop, please don’t go far from me (don’t leave)
Never let you go

I want to find you
Where, where, where am I going?
To the place where you are
A better day, a better day, a better day
You’re like an angel

The reason I live is you
I don’t think I can see you anymore, I think I’m really dying
The person to love me is you
Shine on me in the darkness

Look at me now
Come to me now
(Come back to me, how am I supposed to live?)
Look at me now
Come to me now
(How am I supposed to live without you every day?)

[Lyric SPA]

Eres como un ángel que me ha abandonado en algún lugar. 
Te necesito. 

No sé cómo estoy viviendo, 
después de que te fuiste. Me estoy volviendo loco. 
Todos los días, todas las noches. 
No puedo dormir. 
Estoy solo con mi alcohol …. * Llora * 

Te echo de menos (pienso en ti) y te necesito (Todos los días). 
Todavía oigo tu voz. 
Vuelve a mí (Sólo tú a mí) que junto a mí (Te tengo). 
Eres como un ángel

La razón por la que sigo viviendo es por tí. 
Yo no creo que pueda verte nunca más, me siento morir. 
La persona que me puede amar esa eres tú. 
Brillas sobre mí en esta oscuridad. 

Mírame ahora 
Has venido a mí ahora 
(Regresa de nuevo a mí, ¿cómo puedo vivir?) 
Mírame ahora 
Has venido a mí ahora 
(¿cómo puedo vivir sin ti todos los días?) 

No sabía que tú realmente me dejarías, 
tú eras como un ángel. 
¿por qué estoy tan mal? 

Oh no ahora me estás haciendo caso omiso 
Soy un tonto que usted perdió. 
Me veo como un mendigo. 
Yo no puedo hacer nada sin ti .

Siento que estoy perdiendo la razón,
después de que me dejaste, estoy arruinado. 
- Vuelve, tan solo te tuviera -

Date prisa y salvame
Detente, por favor, quédate a mi lado, 
no vayas muy lejos,
nunca te dejare ir. 

Quiero encontrarte 
hacia donde donde donde donde debo ir 
en donde está ese lugar… 
Un mejor día ….
Eres como un ángel. 

| Eng: kpoplyrics Spa: lisjiyong

A Bar And A Babe p.4


Pairing// Jefferson x Fem!Reader

Warnings?// cussing what did you expect and brief basically nonexistent smut

Words// 922

“I love you?” You asked turning over so your back was facing the wall and you were looking him in the eyes.

“Did I say that out loud? I ment I love food especially Macaroni and cheese it’s the bes-” You kissed him too shut him up, it worked.

“Thomas” you said breaking away from his lips. He whined slightly at the loss of contact before responding


“Love is a very strong word” You said.

“I understand that” Thomas replied

“Well when someone tells me that they love me it’s rare and not normally given without wanting something in return” You said

“I expect nothing but your love Y/N”

“Oh really?”

“Yes and maybe like your opinions on some things”

“Huh because I wanted too show you how much I really love you” You said pulling your hair up into a ponytail.

Lets just say that afternoon you both showed each other how much you really loved each other.

Later that day

After your little love fest you and Thomas wandered downstairs looking for something too eat. Much too your surprise  you found Angelica and Aaron relaxing reading a book.

“Angel, A A Ron how are things going?” You asked the happy couple

“Y/N is that a hickey?” Angelica asked looking up from her book too see the purplish hickey on your neck

“Not just a single hickey a trail of hickeys that lead- nevermind Angel you a Aaron can experiment with hickeys in your own time.” You said.

Aaron chuckled slightly

“Your phones on the table it’s been going off for the last hour” Aaron said

“Were we really up there for an hour?” Thomas asked a smirk appearing on his face.

“I think it was two” You mumbled back. As you walked over to your phone it looked the same as yesterday, a million notifications. However this time they were from Lafayette mostly just missed calls and a couple of texts.

“Can I borrow Angelica for a moment?” You asked walking over to Aaron.

“No not right now we’re having couple time” Aaron responded

“Can you wait a little bit Y/N?” Angelica asked. You sighed,

“I’m sorry it has to come too this but” You opened your camera app and snapped a picture of the couple

“Now one of two things can happen I can send this to everyone in my contact list. Or you can let me borrow Angie for a moment and we can delete this picture” You said

“God you’re hot when you blackmail people” Thomas said smirking

“Not right now Tommy I’ve got to do something” You muttered giving him a kiss on the cheek as you pulled Angelica up the stairs and into Thomas’s room.

“Eliza and Alex they still date right?” You asked Angelica.

“As far as I know yes. Now delete the picture.” Angelica said flatly

“No I still need it. Now what if I were to tell you something’
“What something and can you just delete the picture?”

“Keep asking and what if I told you that I think one of them is being unloyal”

“Who’s being unloyal Y/N”

You paused for a moment “You know Angie I’ve got to go” You said

“Y/N if this concerns my sister you will tell me” Angelica said as you ran back downstairs almost running into James.

“Watch where you’re going Y/N” James said as you ran down to the main floor.

“Thomas” You called “I need you to call me an Uber right now” You said once you got to the main floor.

“Why?” He asked  as you whizzed past him.

“I need to go somewhere just call the Uber please.” You said as you ran back upstairs to his room. When you got up their you changed into the clothes from yesterday, incidentally they were a tight fitting lavender dress and a pair of heels. Wow way to turn the walk of shame into the Uber ride of shame you said to yourself as you slipped the dress on. You ran downstairs without your heels on.

“Where are you going Y/N?” Aaron asked as you sat down next to him pulling your heels on.

“Yea where are you going?’ Thomas asked

“I have some things to do I can’t just lounge around here all the time now can I?” You asked

“I’ll walk you out Y/N your Uber is here” Thomas said. You nodded and bid a farewell to Aaron and Angelica.

“Am I going to see you again Y/N?” Thomas asked as he walked down his driveway you in toe

“I don’t know Mr.Jefferson that is all up to you” You said walking. Thomas stopped and opened the car dooe for you.

“I bid you a farewell Mrs. Y/N” Thomas said

“Bye Tommy” You said giving him a kiss on the cheek as you slide into the car, but in typical Thomas fashion he gave you a not so light smack on the ass.

“Bye darling see you soon” he said closing the door behind you. The ride was not very long to his house, you tipped the driver and e thanked you for the money. As you got out of the car you pulled down you dress walking up to his quait little steps and knocked on the door, a response came imeditly

“Coming!” The door opened.


here we go

such power i feel when i think
of my friends, it is enough to
lift me out of the river i was
drowning in, come stumbling down
the old roads into town in time
for the very last of calls,

it is a love that has another word
in ancient tongue, the name escapes,
my thoughts turn to you and i feel
okay, as if i know for certainty that
the sun will rise in the east and
set in the west, tomorrow and the day
after that.

in quiet hours i ask for strength
(it comes or it doesnt, no matter)
but in daylight my strength is sent
to you

My First Attempt at Oil

Upon seeing the Essential Oil Tutorial from Bebop (found here) , I wanted to give it a try.  I decided on lilac as I frggin love them, love the scent, and no candle has been able to imitate it properly. 

I think my first mistake was using vegetable oil instead of olive oil.  I didn’t have any and the lilacs around here are already starting to brown a bit.  I got a good amount heating on the stove, but had to go to bed.  I set up the crockpot like a double boiler and left as such all night and all day

After work, I come home and let the concoction cool a bit.  Had to pry the lid off though.  Curse you laws of thermodynamics!  Finally got the oil and strained all the flowers out, putting it in one of my nicer bottles.

Umm…it doesn’t smell like lilacs.  At all.  It’s somewhere between squash and sweet potato.  I went for Spring and got Autumn, what the hell…  

Would olive oil have really helped?  I might give this another go later.  What second attempt flower/herb will be, I’ve yet to decide.

Oliver Wood Imagine - Dating And Then Marrying Oliver Wood Would Include (Would Include December)

A/N: An imagine will be uploaded Sunday this week :) PLEASE KEEP REQUESTING WOULD INCLUDES I’M RUNNING OUT OF IDEAS!


Dating And Then Marrying Oliver Wood Would Include:

  • You definitely would’ve met at Hogwarts
  • If you played Quidditch, you would’ve met playing Quidditch
  • If you didn’t like Quidditch, you would’ve met in classes
  • And he wouldn’t be able to understand how you didn’t play
  • But let it go as you were an amazing person in general
  • And if you played, it would only be a bonus to your amazing personality
  • He could usually talk to people really easily
  • But had a little trouble talking to you
  • But you never noticed, he could hide it well
  • He was quite nervous to ask you out, but it was all good because you said yes
  • And he was even more scared to ask you to be his girlfriend
  • But once again it was alright because you said yes
  • At first, Oliver wouldn’t really know how to express that he loved you
  • And didn’t really know how to show it
  • But he got the hang of it
  • And became very smooth
  • If you played Quidditch and were in Gryffindor, you would obviously be his favourite player
  • The rest of the team didn’t really care, but loved to tease Oliver about it
  • And you could never do anything wrong
  • It was always someone else’s fault
  • If you played Quidditch and were in another house
  • There would be so much banter
  • And although Oliver wanted to see you win
  • He couldn’t lose
  • There would be lots of talk on the pitch
  • And he would definitely get distracted by you
  • And if he won
  • You would never hear the end of it
  • He would boast a lot
  • But if you won
  • You would childishly stick it in his face
  • And stick your tongue out a lot
  • And he’d probably tickle you to shut you up
  • If you didn’t play Quidditch and you were in Gryffindor, you would be their biggest fan
  • You would be at every game in Oliver’s clothes
  • And you would run on the pitch no matter what
  • Whether he won, lost or was hurt, you were there
  • If you didn’t play Quidditch and were in another house there would be lots of banter too
  • But you would silently cheer him on in the crowd
  • Because although you actually cheered for your house
  • You wanted Oliver to do well as well
  • If you were the commentator, McGonagall would have to tell you off every game he played in
  • “And there goes the sexy Wood…”
  • “Ms. Y/L/N!”
  • “Sorry professor, but it’s true!”
  • This distracted Oliver a lot and made him smile really big
  • He would always be holding your hand
  • And you loved playing with his hands
  • They were quite rough though from all the Quidditch
  • You would’ve surprised him with lots of Quidditch things for his birthday and Christmas or just in general
  • Whether it be tickets to a game or gear or anything he wanted
  • And he spoiled you with anything you wanted
  • You would’ve graduated together and later on he proposed to you
  • And you wanted to get married just in case anything happened to either one of you
  • So you got married and it was the best night of your life
  • You honestly felt like a princess
  • And Oliver treated you like one
  • You would’ve kissed a lot on your wedding day
  • After your marriage, you wanted to settle down a little before you had kids
  • Oliver would’ve worked, and so would you
  • You would go on little lunch dates on your lunch breaks
  • There would be lots of Quidditch games
  • If you played, it would be competitive, in a cute way
  • If you didn’t, it would also be very cute and he would teach you
  • Meaning you had to sit on the broom with him, which was quite awkward but cute at the same time
  • You both fought in the war
  • Standing by each other’s side
  • After the war, you decided to have children
  • You had two children
  • One boy
  • And one girl
  • Your boy was an intense Quidditch player
  • He learnt from a young age and loved it
  • He got a mini broomstick and everything
  • Your little girl, on the other hand, loved watching Quidditch
  • But refused to play it
  • Even though Oliver encouraged her from a young age
  • She just didn’t like it
  • But that was alright because she still enjoyed watching it
  • And Oliver spoiled them both with everything Quidditch
  • You would usually roll your eyes at him and pretend to be mad at him
  • But he would pout and attack your face with kisses until you forgave him
Secret Admirer!Junior

[Secret Admirer! GOT7 4/7

A.N. he is now my second bias in got7 no shame

  • Ahhhh Park Jinyoung this boy is a hopeless romantic don’t fit me on this and would do something so over the top 
  • He will put a bad boy type of personality up instead of his cute charming one.
  • He would be so smooth or well try to be
  • And greasy but that cute greasy 
  • He would do such the sweetest thing to confess and would want it to be so perfect that it would somehow go horribly wrong without him having any control.
  • Wanna know the story soooooo let’s start
  • Twice a week or when he had time Jinyoung would go to a book store 20 minutes away from the dorm to have “alone time”
  • aka meaning time to get the fuck away from the other members.
  • They always drive him insane 
  • He fears he’ll have grey hair in 5 years form all the stress they give him
  • The book store was just quiet and such a lovely place to be at
  • especially when it just opens, theres no one there besides the workers and he can roam the aisles without people bothering him.
  • He spends more time in the classic fiction and poetry sections of the store. 
  • He’s one of the stores top customers because he buys so many books.
  • You’re always the who does early shifts so you always see him there. 
  • One day he was waiting outside the door 10 minutes early before you were suppose to open and well you felt bad because it was starting to pour so you let him in early. Not a big deal
  • “thanks” he said to you but gave you like a fuckboy look
  • You know the look where they look at you and you can sense the fuckboyness.
  • You pay no attention to him because your not interested at all, so you went back to work.
  • When he was ready to check out he tried to make small talk
  • But no luck you were just giving him small talk back because you had to; you know be nice to the costumers.
  • That’s how he shown interest in you, you weren’t throwing yourself at him like other people would.
  • For the next week he would go to the book store in the morning to see what time your shift is and if you aren’t working in the morning like you usually are you’re doing the mid day shift.
  • Every time you were stocking up the shelfs or your at the help desk, there was Junior trying to find a way to talk to you.
  • “Do you need help with those books?”
  • “Can you help me find this book? It’s about a crime.”
  • “Can you recommend a book for me?”
  • And of course that was did it.
  • You recommend your favorite book and he read that too so you went on and on about how the plot twist near the end of the story leaving it as a cliff hanger made it the best thing ever.
  • That went on for a good hour and a half but you didn’t get in trouble for talking with him for that long
  • Because the owners & manager love Jinyoung so they just let you two talk.
  • He said he needed to go but not without you telling him who your favorite author was.
  • “That’s hard to choose but I would go with E.E. Cummings.”
  • He just shook his head and said nice. Gave you a smile and went on with his day
  • After that a plan came to his mind. 
  • The next day when you had opening shift you went to your locker to put away in your bag you see a rose, a granola bar and a piece of paper that said “The most wasted of all days is one without laughter. - E.E. Cummings. Hope you smile and laugh today. xxx -secret admirer”
  • Of course you were like wtf who did this. You thought this was a prank but the following morning there was a couple more roses , granola bar and another paper that said “The earth laughs in flowers. - E.E. Cummings. Do you like roses? If you don’t there will be different ones.. Have a nice day. - xxx secret admirer
  • This kept going on day by day and you were falling hard core for this secret admirer, like this was one of the sweetest and cutest things someone has down for you.
  • But at the same time you thought you were falling for Jinyoung but he stopped coming around everyday because work was starting to make him work even more crazy hours than before.
  • That ended quickly when he went away on tour
  • Every morning you were looking forward for that rose, granola bar and note because it just made you feel better about yourself.
  • One morning there wasn’t anything in your locker and you felt a little but upset about it.
  • It was the one thing that made your day.
  • Plus it doesn’t help that you were working a double shift, opening and closing today. 
  • The day went by slowly and you were just waiting and waiting to close. You were the last one in the store and with 10 minutes left till you had to close you decided to put away some books near the back of the store.
  • You hear the store door opening but you didn’t really want to do more work..
  • “Sorry we’re closed..” no response so once again you said/shouted “I’m sorry we’re closed.” 
  • Still no response you went to the front of the store to see who it was, plus you thought you were going to die.
  • Instead of seeing some random creeper, who you were expecting, instead there you see a tired Jinyoung and GOT7 in the front of the store. 
  • Each of them were holding a rather extra large rose bouquet. 
  • Jinyoung made his was towards you and recited E.E. Cummings poem “I Carry Your Heart” for you 
  • “I hope you liked the little gift in the mornings. I know it was much but it was the quickest thing I could get without a hassle.”
  • He started to get nervous with his words and was starting to stutter but you were just weren’t going to wait of him to say it.
  • “Yes I’ll go on a date with you.. Let me finish up cleaning up and we can go grab something to eat nearby?”
  • He just smiled and said that sounds perfect.
  • You both were leaning in to kiss each other but instead was rudely interrupted by GOT7
  • Yugyeom is screaming yes yes yes yes over and over
  • Jackson and Mark are screaming loudly 
  • Youngjae and Bambam were getting happy and cheering “Eomma finally won’t be yelling at us”
  • JB is just shaking his head and laughing
  • Jinyoung was getting annoyed and was about to go off on them but you interrupted again and said
  • “Okay that’s it. We’re closed leave. Drop the roses and get out.” You started to push them towards the door while they calmed down, expect Jackson, but before Jackson could scream anymore you closed the door and locked them out.
  • “Not going to lie that was really hot.” You turn to see a smirking Jinyoung looking at you. It was going to be a fun relationship between the two of you
Finally Home


Genre: Fluff

Member: G-Dragon/Kwon Jiyong

Length: 1248 words

-Gif credit to rightful owner-

You had been staring at the clock for what felt like days, counting down the minutes to when Jiyong would be home. He had been out on a world tour with BIG BANG for months now and, even though you two had kept in constant communication with each other through texts and phone calls, it just wasn’t the same without him. Today, they had performed their concert in Seoul and you knew that he would the opportunity to come visit you. It was almost 2 a.m. and you were feeling very tired, but the excitement to see Jiyong had kept you up.

*ding* You snatched up your phone and saw that it was a text from Jiyong.

GD: Hey ;)

You: Hi :) When are you coming home?

GD: Why? Do you miss me, Y/N ;)

You: Of course I miss you! Don’t you miss me :’(

GD: Aww jagiya! Of course I miss you and I’ll be home in a little bit. We’re just getting ready for the send-off.

You knew that he would be home soon and you started to get even more excited. After about half an hour, you received another text.


GD: Y/N, open your door :)

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And finally, to conclude this series is our golden maknae who likes amazing in black (they all do tbh) Jeon Jungkook aka Kookie

  • He’d work in an athletic store
  • You know those stores that only sell things for sports or anything athletic in general and like you go in and there’s just a wall of tennis rackets and all the workout clothes that’d be kook
  • When I think of kook, how amazingly in shape he is comes to mind bc have you ever seen that child
  • He’s got abs he’s throwing people around he’s lifting people up over his head like someone tell him to chill pL Z
  • I think kook could definitely fit in at an athletic store bc he’s such an athlete
  • Like he’s half cheetah, he can wrestle, he spends a lot of his time dancing he’s definitely in shape that’s for damn sure
  • He would a bit more professional when it came to his job
  • He’s a lil bit shy at first but the longer he works there the more he opens up and gets used to talking to a lot of people in a day
  • With his first few customers he doesn’t even really speak to them bc he’s just so !!!!
  • The only things he manages to get out are the price and telling them to have a good day but tbh they don’t mind
  • He’s just so cute and they’re just like aww it’s his first day
  • After his first week or two working there, he gets the hang of making small talk
  • “Oh you’re buying a new basketball, do you play?”
  • “These are actually my favorite shoes to run in, good choice”
  • “Hey Jerry! Come in to buy another club?”
  • He’d be adored by the other employees though
  • They’d all see him as a lil brother type and some of them would forever be joking around with him
  • Like oh hey kid saw you talking to that customer today DOES SOMEBODY HAVE A CRUSH
  • Except jk he’s lowkey dating you
  • You were the manager of the store
  • It wasn’t very encouraged to date fellow employees so you two had just decided to keep it quiet for a while
  • You had helped him a lot when he had just started working at the store
  • You two had been to develop crushes bc how do you not have a lil crush on kookie when he’s all shy and cute and just wants to do his job well
  • You were the one to ask him out but he didn’t mind at all bc hey he got to become your boyfriend that was his end goal
  • You two didn’t tell anyone at the store until a few months had passed
  • But tbh everyone already knew
  • Literally everyone
  • “You two are constantly looking at each other, you hold hands when you think no one’s looking, kook has your picture set as his phone background and you have a picture of him as yours, it was pretty damn obvious”
  • He just kinda goes :D after that bc now he doesn’t have to hide your intertwined hands behind his back anymore
  • Working with Kookie would honestly be amazing though
  • Especially if you two were close (which you obviously are) bc then he’d be joking around with you and teasing you playfully and he’d just be a happy lil bunny bc he gets to work with his best friend