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BODY 👏 SWAP 👏 TROPE 👏 Hcs for members switching bodies with another member for a day what would they do 👻 You can pick who switches with who ~ love you 💕

i am loving this freaky friday shit

Yoosung in Jumin’s body

  • suddenly sleep deprived gamer boy has to play head of a massive corporation for the day?
  • he hates it
  • FIRST OF ALL, he cant understand anything anyone is saying
  • he cant even enjoy all the luxury of being Jumin, he’s too busy answering confusing phone calls that he has to clumsily stutter his way through
  • “Mr. Han, did you look over the marketing teams newest proposal for re-branding products to better appeal to a wider range of potential clients?”
  • “um…yea it was good. sounds like a good idea”
  •  “excellent. when you have time today please email me with-”
  • “yea sure tell Jaehee and i’ll do it”
  • “Mr. Han, i think-”
  • he hangs up, and that happens a few times before he even gets to work
  • gets lost like three times looking for his own office
  • as soon as he sees Jaehee he runs up to her and hugs her
  • “Jaehee oh my god this has been the worst morning ever everyone talks like their 50 years old and i-”
  • “Mr. Han? i dont think this behavior is-”
  • he lets go and brushes himself off, clearing his throat
  • “, of course. i’ll be in my office…..assistant Kang…”
  • tries to pull his office door open, discovering that its a push door
  • all day:

Zen in Jaehee’s body

  • first of all
  • he knew Jaehee was a fan but like….
  • not this big of a fan
  • he is both overwhelmed by how thankful he is to have so much support and…a little freaked out?
  • also, he thinks Jaehee is attractive but who are we kidding, when he looked in the mirror and saw not himself, he was pretty upset
  • also pretty disappointed in Jaehee’s fashion sense but thats another subject for another day
  • there is no way in hell Zen was gonna go play Jumin assistant all day, he would rather die probably
  • and Zen knows better than anyone just how desperately this poor girl needs a break
  • so he decides to have a little treat yo self day!
  • he goes shopping and drinks fancy starbucks coffee and even gets a massage
  • he even snags a few cute boys numbers
  • (which yknow….Jaehee doesnt really need….but anyway)
  • he isnt really giving Jaehee a day off by doing this
  • but at least the massage will leave her feeling good in the morning!!

Jaehee in Seven’s body

  • cleaning
  • just, so much cleaning
  • also leaving the house to buy groceries
  • then getting a violent reminder that Seven is a very busy person when his boss calls
  • he sounds so scary and keeps talking about a “hard deadline” and someone named “agent vanderwood”
  • isnt that Sevens maid or something….?
  • well, no one can work on an empty stomach. not even the defender of justice
  • when she returns, agent vanderwood is there but she doesnt know its him
  • probably goes all martial arts on him, thinking its an intruder
  • vanderwood is a trained agent so he fights back a bit before being like SEVEN WHatTHE FUCK WHY ARE YOU ATTACKING ME ILL LITERALLY TAZE YOU
  • “taze me? arent you here to clean?”
  • “just do your work, alright?”
  • “um…yea…of course….”
  • Jaehee has no idea whats going on but she knows how to make it sound like she’s doing shit
  • starts working on C&R projects at one point

Jumin in Zen’s body

  • first thing he does is wake up and chop his hair off
  • all that hair just gets in the way?? he hates it??
  • that will be a nice surprise for Zen the next day :)
  • he knows that Zen probably has rehearsal and stuff but he’s not an actor
  • and he has a more important job to do anyway at C&R 
  • uuuggHHHH why doesnt Zen own any NICE suits??!
  • spends Zen’s money on a 3 piece suit
  • much better :)
  • then he tried to go into work just, as Zen
  • so many people tried to stop and ask who he was but he just walked past them
  • theres no time to try and prove his identity, he has to start the work day
  • finally he gets to his floor, where Jaehee is working at her desk
  • “assisstant Kang, i will be working in Zen’s body today. please forward my massages”
  • but?? is that zen???
  • so upset because he has to reschedule all his meetings for that day
  • “i cant meet with the board looking like this”

707 in Yoosungs body

  • he has so much fun being Yoosung
  • hates Yoosung’s laptop so much
  • he misses his high performance laptop
  • finds a planner with Yoosungs class schedule in it
  • Yoosung doodles all over his planner, thats so cute
  • alright, he has to do everything he can with his one day back in college
  • upon entering his first class, he finds they’re taking an exam
  • its calc 2 so he aces it, of course
  • you’re so welcome, Yoosung
  • acts like a total smart ass all day
  • after classes he plays LOLOL for like 6 hours straight
  • Yoosung is literally so lucky to have me inside his body today
  • (lolololololololol)
  • also does all of Yoosungs homework for him
  • thinks to himself all day wow Seven, you’re such a saint


edit: i love you too

Katsudeku: ghost au!

  • izuku keeps receiving really encouraging yet rude post-it notes from a “secret admirer”
  • it first happened one week after all the bullying started
  • at first it was a small crumpled paper he found under his desk with the phrase “don’t let those fuckers get to you” written in half chicken scratch/half cursive and it made izuku smile for an entire day
  • after a particularly hard shove on his shoulders from a classmate that resulted to him scrapping his knees on the ground izuku found a box of band-aids with a post it note that said “for your shitty knees”
  • the next thing izuku knew, the messages were now a daily thing: from post-it notes that says “drink this shitty nerd” on yogurt drinks that magically appear under his desk during particularly hot days to some doodles of grenades with the words “you’re pretty smart for a shitty nerd” written at the bottom of his notebooks to really sweet yet threatening messages like “eat more or ill hide your nerdy comics again” or “are you even sleeping these days, shitty nerd?” 
  • izuku’s days are getting better after the messages and one day he decided to write a message back. he writes “thank you” on a post-it note with the question “can we meet?” and puts it under his desk after school but he never got an answer 
  • the messages also stopped coming and izuku is left wondering what went wrong
  • the bullying only got worse and izuku is left with a bruise too big to hide under his shirt and a bloody nose from a particularly hard punch to his face. he finds a note under his desk after class that day with the words “i wish i could be there, but i fucking can’t” in the same half chicken scratch/half cursive izuku came to know and love
  • izuku is furious and lashes out and yells “if you can’t even be there for me, than just leave me alone” because he’s tired of feeling like shit and getting hurt.
  • but while izuku is crying his heart out in an empty classroom, his secret admirer (katsuki, a ghost) is standing right in front of him feeling the same level of frustration and loneliness and anger for not being able to do anything but watch, listen, and write those damned post-it notes
It’s a Surprise

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 3,707 

Warnings: Swearing, mild nudity, hint at smut, general fluffiness and lots of it.

Prompt: Sam decides that instead of a boring Valentine’s day of exchanging beer and chocolate, he wants to take Y/N out on a real Valentine’s Day special getaway.

Prompt 2: Gif choice from @supernatural-jackles birthday challenge.

A/N: This is written for @supernatural-jackles birthday challenge. I know I am so late, but my excuse is that I have changed this idea a billion times! I chose a gif for her challenge, and it is located within the fic.

Also, side note yes I know it’s not even close to Valentine’s day, but don’t pay attention to that.

This is unbetaed so any and all mistakes are mine.

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23 Hours Before Valentine’s Day

“Ectoplasm. I thought we were done dealing with this disgusting crap!” Y/N complained as she strode into the bunker, wiping the towel over her arms. “I’m gonna need, like, seventeen showers just to rid myself of this goop. Yuck!” A giant splatter of the black goo was flicked from Y/N’s jacket and onto the floor, making Dean and Sam cringe.

“Really? In the bunker, c’mon…” Dean groaned.

Y/N turned angrily at Dean, hurling the dirty towel in his direction. “You’re lucky I didn’t get any in your precious Baby! This is your fault you know!”

“What?” Dean rolled his eyes. “If you knew how to swing an iron bar, you wouldn’t have gotten yourself into this mess. Literally.”

“If you wouldn’t have pushed me in front of the monster barf, I wouldn’t be in this mess. It would’ve been you in this mess.”

“Whatever,” he scoffed. “Just go take your damn shower.”

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wrong person - miniminter imagine

Originally posted by silverhairedminter

warnings; none really (a lil baby bit of swearing)

pairing; simon x reader, lachlan x reader (platonic)

word count; i dunno tbh 

requested; yesss

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Big Bang Reaction Masterlist Post

Thanks to @jamlesschogiwawhisperingjyphoe for doing this for me!!! I’m glad you could get it done!

Yoo Seonho Harry Potter AU
  • you had always been a fairly good student in professor mcgonagall’s class, transfiguration
  • you really did enjoy the subject, and as nerdy as it was, you looked forward to the days when you had your class, wanting to further your understanding of the magic discipline
  • one day, mcgonagall approached you, asking you if you would be willing to tutor someone in the year below you
  • since you weren’t involved in many school activities, you accepted, figuring that it would be a good way to get more transfiguration practice
  • the first time you met yoo seonho, he’d bowed so hard his head hit the library desk in front of him (rip seo seunghyuk the actual loml)
  • seonho was sweet and definitely tried hard, but sometimes just couldn’t seem to understand topics
  • you’d have him mostly practice the spells, and would take him out to the area by the black lake so that if he messed up, no one got seriously injured
  • slowly, as you began tutoring him more and more, seonho got the hang of transfiguration and was able to do the spells that he was learning in class
  • even mcgonagall noticed his improvement, and informed you that you wouldn’t need to tutor him anymore
  • now, instead of officially tutoring him, seonho will come up to you during breakfast or as you’re heading to class with some question, sometimes just for advice, not even for transfiguration
  • your friends all recognize him by now (and refer to him as ‘the puppy’)
  • “(y/n), the puppy is waiting outside of charms for you”
  • “(y/n), the puppy was looking for you in the library.”
  • he’s just kind of attached himself to you, and you’re not sure how to react
  • you do begin to notice your heart beating a bit quicker when he’s saying something particularly sweet
  • and when you confide in your possible crush on this CHILD, they remind you that you’re only a year older than him
  • and you think about it and you’re like wait yeah our age difference isn’t that much wtf
  • but you decide to try and forget about it anyways, because you don’t want to make seonho uncomfortable or distracted from schoolwork and such
  • you start to notice that seonho confides in you a lot more than your average ‘junior-senior’ relationship
  • when guanlin, seonho’s slytherin best friend, got jinxed badly by a group of ravenclaws, seonho had rushed to you in tears, confused as to why there was still prejudice about slytherins
  • when he got an O on a History of Magic essay, which were always difficult for him, he’d run straight to your dorm, shoving the parchment in your face, much to your roommates’ amusement
  • when his grandmother passed away, he’d gone straight to your dorm, curling up in your bed and peering up at you from the little hole in the blanket burrito he’d made around himself, eyes puffy
  • ‘seonho-ah, what’s wrong?”
  • you hadn’t realized the situation yet, and were a bit confused as to why he was there
  • “…nothing. i just was feeling a bit sad and wanted to see you.”
  • then later, the yule ball rolls around
  • you’re old enough to go, but seonho can’t, which he complains about almost every time you saw him
  • your roommates and friends all encourage you to ask him to the ball, because fuck gender roles, but you, despite your gryffindor status, can’t seem to work up the courage
  • one day, you’re leaving from the transfiguration classroom when you freeze, dropping your bags
  • seonho had gotten someone to charm a huge banner to fly and produce rose petals, which fluttered to the floor
  • the banner read ‘(y/n), yule ball?”
  • you’re kind of embarrassed, but more amused, since seonho can’t actually ask you to the yule ball
  • (behind you, mcgonagall is smirking bc there’s another gryffindor power couple that she’s set up, what a mastermind)
  • but of course, you accept
  • the night of the ball is amazing
  • you’re a bit toned down, but seonho is super excited, taking in the decorations, the great hall, even the music
  • it’s super cute, especially when he tries to dance and lead you, and ends up stepping on your toes for a good majority of the song
  • you just giggled and lead him, seonho looking down at you with those adorable wide eyes
  • at the end of the night, you two head back to the gryffindor dorms
  • and you pause in the common rooms, seonho about to go up to the boys’ tower, when you pause
  • “seonho,” you say, mustering up that gryffindor courage, “thanks for the wonderful night,” you tell him, before leaning up to kiss him on the cheek (because yoo seonho is an honest to god titan)
  • he turns bRIGHT ASS RED before squealing and running off into the boys’ tower, squeals and shrieks only getting louder
  • you just shake your head at his cute antics and head back to your own dorm, truly thankful to seonho for being able to brighten your world a little bit more every day

after 20 years of being locked in the dungeon known as my drafts, this scenario is finally free. praise the lord.

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Hello! I was wondering if you'd write headcanons on how the Paladins first kiss with their s/o was like?


  • in my opinion i definitely think shiro has had some experience in kissing so this isn’t his first rodeo you could say
  • he’s not even nervous somehow, but that doesn’t mean that he’s super excited
    • it’s like his excitement replaces his nervousness
  • this kiss wouldn’t be planned at all really, if anything it’d almost be as if it were something normal
    • it’d happen just during a casual hang out session when he saw the opportunity
    • he saw so he took lol
  • this would definitely escalate more kisses though, like once the first one his lips really can’t stay off of yours
    • this includes makeouts too, expect those
  • but because it was so casual, he honestly may forget where your first kiss happened, if that’s something important that you like to remember
    • it’s not because he doesn’t care!! i promise!!


  • it will take keith a bit of time before he gets comfortable enough to kiss you
    • mainly because he sees kissing as something that kind of solidifies a relationship and he has trust issues
    • but when he does kiss you, that means that he definitely has feelings for you and they’re pretty hecking deep
  • when he does kiss you though, there’ll be no planning, it’ll just happen
  • his lips will land on yours, it won’t last longer than three seconds, but it’ll definitely happen
    • surprisingly enough this will open him up to kissing you more often even though it might not be often as you might like at first
  • even though he was so hesitant, he was never nervous to kiss you, once he feels like he likes you strongly enough to kiss you, he doesn’t have too much nervousness


  • hunk was literally so nervous when he realized that there was a perfect moment for it…
    • and unfortunately he didn’t take it the first time
    • his poor little heart just can’t understand–
  • but!!!
    • the next moment he realizes he could totally lay his lips on yours he takes it
  • his kiss will be cute but very short, nearly even just a peck
    • hey, at least it’s a kiss
  • the kisses won’t be frequent until you two have been dating for a bit longer, but they’s definitely multiple a day
  • after the first kiss all he can think about is kissing you again, your lips have this boy whipped


  • lance totally was planning the kiss but he’s going to make it seem like he wasn’t planning anything
    • he was probably even planning even what he was going to say before to woo you
  • he’s going to make it seem like he doesn’t know anything that’s happening though, the moment will just ‘seemingly’ arise and he’ll ‘seemingly’ take it.
  • give this boy a trophy though, because when i say he planned, he planned
  • his kiss will be like the ones from the movies, soft, slow but unfortunately probably a little confused
    • you’re totally his first kiss so he has nooo idea what he’s doing
  • this will totally spur the other kisses he gives you and like shiro, he’ll pretty addicted to your lips after this happens so be prepared please


  • honestly with pidge it’d probably be something that was completely unexpected, but let’s be real, she’s the one leaning in first and she’s entirely too nervous
    • kind of like shiro as soon as she’s comfortable enough to, she’ll just lean in and kiss you
  • she’ll probably remain nervous after, for whatever reasons
    • it’s probably her giddiness if we’re being honest…
  • but unlike shiro, the kisses won’t be as frequent after, they’ll just be random and she’ll stiiill be nervous 
    • every single time…
  • you were totally her first kiss by the way so if this isn’t your first kiss you may need to hold her hand a bit and guide her
    • once she gets a hang of things she’ll be better, though
come what may || stiles stilinski

word count: 1563

warnings: mentions of sex. cute and adorable stiles stilinski

prompt: based on this song

author’s note: once again, my old blog was deleted so this is just a repost. enjoy!

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❧ h.js | assassin!au

Originally posted by visual-17

pairing; seventeen joshua x reader

genre; bulletpointed, assassin!joshua, fluff, doctor!reader, mentions of blood

collab with; @kpop–fics

tags; @lunarjihoon

notes; my asssassin!aus are getting waaay to fluffy for a supposedly dark au i’m sorry everyone AHAHA but hope you like this one!!

  • joshua assassin!au
  • did you think you were gunna get some dark shua
  • SIKE
  • jkjk
  • he’s the medic ??? of the team 
  • idk what you wanna call it but
  • he basically cures everyone on the team
  • and prevents them from dying lol
  • no i mean seriously joshua is seen as the florence nightingale of the group 
  • but ok he does go on the missions too
  • since he has the most advanced knowledge on medicine and stuff like that ,, he can make doses that can kill their targets
  • basically poison doses lol
  • andddd he’s always busy 
  • like 
  • he doesn’t have time to rest 
  • AT ALL 
  • because
  • every day 
  • like every single day
  • after every single mission
  • there would be at least one wounded member on the team 
  • “smh guys can’t you be more careful” 
  • “…nvm” 
  • he usually does the behind-the-scenes work and not the actions aha
  • & he usually gets really worried when someone gets injured bc he knows how bad it could get
  • it could go from 
  • “seungkwan got a scratch on his cheek”
  • to
  • like what the fuck guys
  • well 
  • no matter how busy it could get 
  • it was something he did like doing 
  • he liked the feeling of being important to the team 
  • and 
  • the fact that he could make the members feel better
  • but surprise surpriseeeeee
  • he actually didn’t plan on becoming part of an assassin team 
  • all he wanted was to become a doctor 
  • but 
  • since his group of friends pulled him into this 
  • ,,,
  • why not 
  • they were all childhood friends and had promised to stay as a group when they were still really young
  • and their friendship had remained strong throughout the years
  • so sure
  • they need someone to look after them anyways
  • it was kinda funny to imagine that they would be nowhere without him 
  • seokmin would probably have his kidney hanging out of his body or something
  • but today, it was joshua himself who got injured 
  • they were on a mission to kill the president of a corrupted company
  • so all of them went,, since the building was really big
  • and jeonghan stayed in the car as standby
  • jihoon too,,, he was just monitoring them aft hacking the building’s cctvs
  • soo for those in the building
  • they were moving tgt, although pretty spaced out
  • joshua lagged behind the group bc he was on the lookout
  • but suddenly someone just grabs him from the back and joshua managed to kick him off
  • but that man came back and just flung him
  • shua was practically thrown against a window + shelf while trying to attack back
  • and there was a huGEE gash running up his upper arm
  • resulting in his arm bleeding a waterfall of blood
  • apparently the company had higher security than they had predicted so
  • abort mission for real
  • when they were in the car + when they got back, joshua couldn’t do anything bc ,,,
  • i mean ,,,
  • how tf is he supposed to treat himself
  • soonyoung was just pressing a thick cloth onto the wound but it wasn’t of much help really
  • everyone else would be able to help with minor wounds but this one was asdfgkl
  • ,,, joshua wouldn’t be able to help even if it happened on another member
  • it was that bad
  • and ok jeonghan knew how to stitch wounds up 
  • but they don’t have anesthetic
  • so he couldn’t stitch the wound up bc joshua would probably die from the pain first before dying from blood loss
  • and joshua was just getting paler and paler by the minute
  • this wound just couldn’t get treated by any of them
  • “i think we need to get you to a hospital”
  • cue joshua pouting bc he never really liked hospitals
  • the doctors never really cared
  • shua had a few hospital visits when he was younger
  • none of them being good experiences
  • like omg the doctors act as if everything can be cured by ice packs
  • got a bruise? have an ice pack. 
  • have a stomach ache? have an ice pack. 
  • broke your neck? have a fucking ice pack.
  • like do i look like a moron to you
  • ok back to the story
  • seungcheol was kinda hesitant at first but 
  • 1. he knew their assassin group was pretty private so no one would recognize them 
  • 2. shua was gonna die and
  • 3. shua is screaming
  • ok not really screaming screaming
  • but making weird grunting noises
  • of pain
  • whatever 
  • he needed to live
  • the team needed him
  • so 
  • an hour later 
  • joshua and everyone else were in front of the local hospital 
  • andddd you worked there as a pretty experienced doctor
  • so! 
  • suddenly
  • that night
  • a horde of men just run into the hospital like a fucking tsunami was chasing them lmao
  • “is there a doctor available?!!!” 
  • you were the closest to them and you didn’t even have to ask who’s injured
  • bc this,,, brown-haired guy,,,, in the middle of all of them,,, being held up by 2 guys,,, was literally red
  • like i mean everything was red
  • except for his face which was ghostly !!! white !!!
  • but his clothes were soaked in his own blood and his flesh on his arm was cut open and it was so deep and just
  • omg it was really really gory
  • you were pretty shook
  • “did you guys murder someone or something??”
  • everyone just gave each other awkward glances 
  • like um techincally yes we did
  • you quickly led them to a room and did all the procedures
  • aka stitching of the wound
  • but you didn’t allow the whole group of them to follow you in bc you counted 13 of them in total like nonononono get out all of you
  • so only seungcheol followed
  • you stitched up joshua’s wound after injecting him with local anesthetic to numb the area
  • and seungcheol had to look away bc ew
  • joshua was still really pale tho like the amount of blood he lost was ,,, a lot ,,,
  • “i think he’s gonna have to stay here for a day or two,” you told seungcheol
  • seungcheol just nods and leaves and you try to call him back to sign the papers but he juST LEFT 
  • you were dumbfounded like okay so you’re just ?? gonna ?? leave your friend here ???
  • but joshua (you learnt his name from seungcheol while you were stitching up joshua’s wound) was asleep
  • and reasonably so
  • he would’ve been really weak and tired, considering how much blood he lost
  • you couldn’t help but stare at him for a while bc he,,, looked ,,, cute
  • there was a little frown on his face but he still looked pretty relaxed
  • and his features and everything were just so perfectly sculpted ajdskjfh
  • ok no y/n you’re a professional doctor stop it
  • so you let him sleep in the ward after updating his medical reports
  • and you were on night shift so you were gonna stay in the hospital through the night
  • you went on your daily rounds and settled more patients
  • but when you went to check back on joshua about 4 hours later
  • mEJIK
  • pOOf
  • hE wAs gONe
  • the hospital bed was empty ,,, with just a few cash notes lying on the sheets
  • o and a little handwritten note too
  • which just said “thanks for stitching up my wound & taking care of me”
  • and the amount of cash beside the note was the exact fee he had to pay
  • okay maybe a few dollars less but that didn’t really matter
  • what mattered was that hE wASN’T WELL ENOUGH TO LEAVE YET
  • the wound would open again if he does any strenuous activity omg
  • but that worry didn’t last very long bc you had other patients to take care of
  • you couldn’t keep him on your mind like that
  • fast forward a few weeks later
  • joshua’s wound !! has healed !!!
  • not completely but the stitches are out (yes he did it himself) and the wound’s pretty closed already
  • but he still wasnt in prefect condition so he was sent on a fairly simple mission
  • which involved killing someone again
  • but this target was hospitalized 
  • so it was an easy task
  • all joshua needed to do was to insert the poison,,, venom thingy,,,, into that person’s IV
  • but no 
  • it didn’t go as well as planned
  • he realized that the person was staying in the same hospital as he was previously
  • but he didn’t think much of it bc he was here for only a short while
  • and his identity wasn’t really recorded soOooO 
  • he just went into the target’s ward, acting as a visitor, a regular mask covering his nose and mouth
  • and a casual cap over his head
  • i mean he looked pretty normal
  • and the target was soundly sleeping
  • joshua pulled the tiny vile from his pocket, quietly grabbing the syringe from the nurse’ table at the corner of the room, filling it with the poison and injecting it into the IV
  • “what are you doing?” 
  • joshua threw the syringe under the bed and stuffed the empty vile into his butt pocket and turned around
  • shit 
  • out of all doctors, it had to be you
  • you ran over, pushing him aside, ripping the IV out of the patient’s arm
  • the patient had woken up, obviously alarmed and confused
  • joshua looked away, afraid of being recognized by both you and his target
  • he quickly turned and walked-jogged right out of the room
  • you quickly told the patient to just go back to sleep first and ran after joshua
  • but by the time you got out, you couldn’t see him anywhere 
  • so you just ran down the hallway, pulling out your phone and calling the hospital’s security.
  • “hello? someone just entered the—”
  • you didn’t finish your sentence
  • the door of the storeroom on your right opened and someone grabbed you, placing a hand over your mouth and pulling you in
  • your phone was snatched out of your hand and that person switched your phone off
  • the door got locked but the hand was removed from your mouth
  • you were about to scream but when you saw the perpetrator’s face ;;; 
  • “joshua….?” 
  • you recognized him almost immediately 
  • he was one of the patients you wouldn’t forget easily
  • besides, he just came in a few weeks ago
  • joshua smiles a little when you remembered him
  • “hey.”
  • “what the hell? why were you in the patient’s room? what did you put into the IV?” 
  • your voice was getting louder and louder, causing him to widen his eyes & place his hand over your mouth again
  • he shushes you
  • “stop speaking so loud!” 
  • you stare at him like ??? i’m speaking loudly?? you’re the one who just tried to kill my patient???
  • joshua couldn’t reveal anything so he just ,,
  • “that guy isn’t good.” 
  • you were so pissed like did i ask that ????
  • joshua just changes the topic suddenly like nothing happened 
  • and he thanked you for the other time
  • “i know i haven’t thanked you face to face yet, but thank you. it’s a lot better now.” 
  • you looked at his arm where the wound was, but it was covered by his sleeve so
  • nvm 
  • he smiled at you again and you wanted to scream at him like
  • stop !!! smiling at me !!!!!
  • he was so cute you really couldn’t take it 
  • and so you just snatched your phone from him and left the storeroom 
  • but not before joshua makes sure you “don’t tell anyone about anything” and “pretend he was never here”
  • like ok i totally can do that 
  • he honestly didn’t seem like a bad guy
  • he seemed to hv good reasons
  • but no your morals got to you
  • you had to report him
  • he nearly killed someone
  • but before going to the security, you went back to your patient’s room to check if he was fine
  • but the moment you stepped in
  • you got fuckign strangled
  • by your patient
  • he was shouting something like “are you from their team?! did you just try to kill me?!” 
  • you were just helplessly clawing at his hands while your lungs contracted
  • you panicked
  • but suddenly the pressure on your neck disappears and you just crUmble to the floor
  • joshua had kicked him in the face and he was sprawled on the floor now
  • joshua grabs another syringe that was from his jacket pocket and just stabbed it into the man’s neck 
  • and the man just went unconscious
  • you were still,,, on the floor,,, spluttering and wheezing
  • joshua rushed over to you 
  • “are you okay?” 
  • he pats you a bit, and he suddenly just reaches around your neck gently, his thumb caressing your sore skin
  • when you could finally breathe again, you were just
  • “what was that? did you kill him?” 
  • joshua shook his head.
  • “it was just a heavy dose of general anesthetic.” 
  • that was joshua’s back-up.
  • you heaved a sigh of relief ;;;  joshua would’ve gotten into huge trouble if the man died 
  • you got really suspicious of joshua bc of what the man had said to you so you started ,,, cautiously ,,,, questioning joshua
  • and joshua told you. bc he trusted that you wouldn’t do anything.
  • and you didn’t !!! bc he just saved your life ,,, he was obviously a good guy
  • everything he said made sense too sooo okay
  • so you became a new “partner” of his team
  • you always helped the members treat their wounds and everything whenever they got injured
  • it was fun
  • and joshua liked to make jokes about how “getting injured isn’t bad now, i get to see you” 
  • :”))))) 

nyanchen  asked:

Hi! Could you do the RFA + Saeran and their reactions of getting a call from the hospital because MC got in some sort of accident (not too serious though) and them going to visit her? It's ok if you don't want to though!

Okay, I really do need to get better at saving this lol. It’s deleted, and right when I was on Baehee! I’m also sorry for being gone so long, jeez it’s been too long! Lol, anyway, whatever, let’s begin!!


  • It was two days before a big performance of his
  • After rehearsal he was planning on having dinner with you, and watching your favorite show, something relaxing
  • But all that was quickly abandoned when he got a call from Jumin
  • You were going to get some groceries to make your special soup for the cold rainy April weather
  • And when you were crossing a street a drunk driver hit you on the side
  • Zen was surprised his phone wasn’t across the room by now
  • He was however, sprinting out of the theatre, yelling at his manager a babbling excuse, screaming at Jumin for the directions
  • When he got there he was a mess
  • The RFA was crowded around you, barely giving you any room to breathe, but the minute they saw him they parted
  • While he walked up to see you he spied the crumpled groceries, beside your bed, the green stalks of celery still peeking out, and he broke down completely
  • He knew that you were in pain, not only due to your arm in a cast, but also the fact you had an IV, something he knew you always hated the idea of
  • So instead he stroked your hair and squeezed your hand
  • “I’m sorry I wasn’t there. I’m so, so sorry.”
  • You just smiled kindly at him
  • Afterwards you were very wary of cars, and he held your hand when you crossed the street, arm around your shoulder
  • He was terrified of what could’ve happened
  • About what would’ve happened had that car hit you dead on
  • He would’ve crumpled


  • He was playing LOLOL, like usual, and you were reading
  • It was such a relaxing night
  • When you finished you kissed him on the cheek and rushed off to get the next book in the series
  • By the time you got out the sun was setting
  • You loved this time of day, the weather being remarkably clear for April, streaks of pinks, purples, and reds streaking the sky, the night cool and balmy, slightly wet like the morning dew type feeling of late summer days
  • You beamed up at the sky
  • Walking back to your apartment you didn’t notice the car pulling out of a parking lot
  • As it collided with you, you skidded across the pavement and into the street, your book splayed across the asphalt, just a hair’s breadth away from you
  • Yoosung got five messages from Seven before he picked up his phone and read it
  • And when he did he dropped it
  • Typing furiously into it he slid across the room, grabbing his keys quickly, jacket be damned
  • The whole way there guilty thoughts danced in his head
  • Why didn’t I go with her? Why didn’t I pick up the phone sooner? Why? Why…
  • When he got there you brightened up slightly, you’re smile growing bigger
  • This caused him to burst into tears at seeing your two broken ankles
  • You ended up comforting him, but he was adamant on feeling guilty
  • Gave you tons of kisses
  • Decorated your wheelchair with stickers of the constellations, moons, and stars
  • And when you began physical therapy to walk again he was there the whole time
  • Every appointment, every single thing
  • And every night he’d hold you close
  • Grasping you tightly
  • He feels like he needs to remind himself you were there
  • Because if you hadn’t he would’ve fallen


  • It was a hard week for her
  • Jumin was preparing for a huge trip, culminating with an important conference, then a party when he got back
  • So that meant a ton of sleepless nights for his poor secretary
  • You understood how tired Jaehee was
  • So one night you took the time to take the two hour trip to a reclusive coffee shop, which sold Jaehee’s favorite
  • You were so happy when you managed to grab the last two bags
  • Practically happy danced out of that shop
  • When you stopped at a red light you went to check and make sure it was still standing straight
  • When a young driver rammed you straight from behind
  • Jaehee was just about to take a break when Jumin came bolting in, hair disheveled
  • “Jaehee, MC, she’s been in an accident.”
  • Jaehee bolted out of her chair like a missile
  • Sprinting towards the elevator she barely paid enough attention to get the location
  • Jumin couldn’t keep up with her
  • And he’s tall
  • And she was in heels!
  • When you saw her running down the hall you twisted around yourself, desperately looking for where the heck they put the bags
  • When she reached the room, panting, looking so worried, you broke down
  • She immediately gave you a big hug, stroking your hair, avoiding the spot where your head was bandaged
  • “I-I’m so, so sorry! I, I w-was just trying to get you the c-coffee, you like. A-and now you’re behind schedule, a-and it’s all my fault!”
  • She shushed you and kissed you on your cheeks
  • Jumin could get someone else’s help for the last two days, she was going to take off
  • You also broke your ribs and she needed to make sure you took your meds and ate enough
  • Every night when you fell asleep she’d brush you bangs to both sides
  • “Coffee beans could never replace you, you’re so much more to me…”


  • You two were coming home from a party
  • Jumin was happy to get home, away from the crowds of people, he wanted to be with you
  • You were just waiting for when you could get out of those heels
  • Already unbuckled you lagged a bit behind him
  • He laughed a bit at your struggling, which earned him a glare
  • “Here, let me help you.”
  • You smiled gratefully at the hand and went to grab it
  • When the motorcycle came out of nowhere
  • Jumin screamed when you fell backwards, your shoes in a moment of cruel irony let behind
  • He didn’t have time to look at the cyclist, who was looking, bewildered, stoned as Hell
  • Jumin scooped you up and pulled out his phone, calling an ambulance
  • Rode with you in the back, holding your hand as you cried
  • They sedated you to set the broken collarbone and Jumin flinched
  • When you shook it off and came to he kissed you firmly
  • “Oh my God, I thought, I thought that, that you were going to leave me.”
  • You began tearing up,
  • “I wouldn’t be able to go on like I do now, you, you’re too important.”
  • Since he was in his apartment he just arranged a lazy boy to be brought in
  • Supervised everything
  • And made sure the cyclist was brought to justice
  • There doesn’t need to be people like that driving, not with all the troubles already in the world


  • You had stormed out after even more pushing away
  • You hadn’t planned on going anywhere in particular
  • Just needed some fresh air
  • Unfortunately fate just wasn’t on your side this day
  • After cooling down enough to go back to that Hell of an apartment you quickly walked towards the apartment
  • Unfortunately you didn’t see the public garage opening
  • There was a horrible scraping of metal on cloth and flesh
  • And the door knocked you into a fire hydrant
  • You thought of Saeyoung right before the world went dark
  • Saeyoung had  begun tracking you the minute you left
  • And the minute the phone blinked out he picked up his keys and ran
  • Terrified that his fears had come true
  • He hadn’t expected the scene on you being carted on an ambulance, phone spotted with blood, falling from the rim of a sickly yellow hydrant
  • His stomach had dropped and for a minute he couldn’t breathe
  • Running in he barely stopped to explain it to the nurses
  • You weren’t responsive, but that didn’t stop him from apologizing for everything
  • He had to wait while they set everything, you had a concussion, but when they left and he was alone, the RFA hadn’t yet arrived, he poured his heart out to you
  • You woke up to him talking
  • “I didn’t understand, I thought if I pushed you away it would get better, you’d find someone better, someone more deserving. Instead I got you hurt, I can’t believe it, you’re at the center of my thoughts and I’m so sorry, I’m so damn sorry.”
  • You reached out, despite the pain, and touched his hand
  • He jumped, but seeing you, a light smile on your face, he enclosed you in a tight hug, clutching you like water, something that might slip away if he didn’t hole you tight enough
  • You hugged back and he began crying
  • “I love you so much MC, I love you so damn much.”
  • “I love you too, I will always love you.”
  • “Always…”


  • You two were planning an ice cream date
  • And he was so excited
  • Smiling around the house, practically beaming
  • Kissing you a lot, causing you to laugh
  • God, he loved your laugh
  • When the time came to go out he was dragging you
  • You barely had time to grab your purse
  • It was an amazing night, not too hot, not too cold
  • After the ice cream you two walked slowly around a park, looking at the statues in Greek style
  • Just enjoying each others company
  • Saeran was completely at peace, he couldn’t believe that there was a happiness such as this in the world
  • As he led you through the park he pointed eagerly towards a statue, dead center of the park
  • “Look MC! Look!”
  • He started running towards it, and your hand started slipping
  • He noticed after a few seconds, and turned around to laugh, teasingly
  • When he saw the motorcycle ramming into you
  • The cyclist didn’t even stopped
  • Just laughed
  • Saeran took a quick mind of the plate before picking you up
  • Your leg was bent oddly and you were crying
  • He was shaking with anger, and fumbled with his phone
  • At the hospital he wasn’t allowed to be there while they set the bone
  • He turned his phone on again and looked up the guy
  • Sexual assault charges, physical and verbal abuse, the list went on and on
  • Saeran was grinding his teeth in anger
  • How was this guy not in jail
  • It didn’t matter, Saeran knew how to change that
  • Pulling a few strings he smiled in cold, cruel, satisfaction
  • The guy was going to be in jail for a while
  • Just then your room opened and he rushed in
  • Seeing you, tears still at the edge of your eyes, leg in a cast
  • He went over to hug you and kiss you
  • And the tears started flowing, something that surprised him
  • After everything, his mother, Mint Eye, the attacks, the whole time he’d never cried
  • But seeing the center of his universe, the light in the never-ending darkness, the love of his life, seeing you hurt made him so sad
  • So he just held onto you, showing that it would never happen again
  • It wouldn’t
  • He wouldn’t let it

I hope you like!!! Again sorry for it being so long, but hey I hope it’s really good!!! Have fun reading, and again hope you like!!

Love Happens [2]

Request: Nope!

Again, thank you @tommoholland2013 for being my official beta! You’re amazing and you guys should check her out because she writes amazing things as well!

I also want to thank for the kind words and all the reblogs and favorites, I love you guys!

Pairing: Peter Parker x Chubby Female Reader

Warnings: Fat shaming at the end. Anxiety and pure fluff.

Word count: 1831

Tag List: @tommoholland2013 @emrysaaryn


You understood what irony was. You didn’t scream when that mugger attacked you and almost harmed you over a phone. You were silently scared, and scarred, fearing the words that could have left your mouth if you had opened it. So why was it that when you were with your savior, the famous Spider-man, you were screaming bloody murder?

Maybe because after blinking, he had wrapped his arm around your round waist and hosted you up with one swift web swing.

Grabbing onto him for your dear life, your screaming shamelessly had not decreased, despite his begged you to calm down and trust him.

“Miss, please! I won’t drop you!” he reassured gently.

But did you care? No, you did not. Because Spider-man was swinging through Queens while using one arm and carrying more than 150 pounds with the other. How is that even possible?

And then, in the middle of trying not to look down, you remembered something important.

“Wait, Spider-man! How do you know where you’re going?! I never told you where I lived!” You tried not to yell right in his ear as you pointed out the obvious.

“O-Oh! I know, I’m just waiting for you to calm down and tell me!” He exclaimed nervously.

You paused for a minute, feeling your stomach drop every time a new swing happened and his grip tightened around your body. Now that you were calmer you actually looked around in a brave attempt of catching your breath.

You finally told him your address with a serene tone, you had no knowledge if he heard you, but Spider-man confirmed this as he nodded. He shot his web string to turn around the corner, almost immediately you recognized the street.

“Okay, now that I’m not screaming for my life, this is kind of awesome.” You giggle.

You feel his tension drop immediately as he chuckles with you, “Yeah, it never gets old! No matter how many times I swing around I always feel free!”

All right, so Spidey was talkative.

That was sort of cool, and cute?

There was something about his voice that you couldn’t put a pin on as well, it was like you had heard this excited tone before. But dammit, maybe it was the adrenaline not allowing you to think straight, or maybe because you were tired and scared.

“We’re almost there! Do you have a balcony or fire escape that I can land us on?” He suddenly asked.

You looked around and you noticed, you guys were indeed close. You could see your building from where you were.

“Yeah, there’s a balcony connected to my room. It’s on the fifth floor in the back of the building!” You tell him hurriedly, his swinging was fast and calculated, you could tell he’d been doing it for quite some time.

“Got it!” He grunted, “Hold on tight!” He said before he shot a web on your building and circled around it swiftly.

You squealed and hid your face in his shoulder, afraid to hit the wall, but you soon felt that he had stopped you peeked and there you were, home.

“Which balcony, Miss?” He asked quietly, looking at you as his Spider-man eyes squinted attentively.

He was so close to your face that you couldn’t help but to blush a little.

“T-This one, right below us actually.” You informed him timidly.

He easily dropped you on the balcony’s railing, never letting go of your hand, and you stepped from it into the stoned floor of your balcony. You were never so happy to see your bonsai tree.

Smiling, you turned to look up at him, but Spider-man was right in front of you, crouching steadily on your railing and staring intently as if you’d break with the wind, you felt a little self-conscious under his keen gaze.

“Well… thanks for saving and bringing me home safe.” You awkwardly said as you placed your right hand around your left wrist. You started brushing your arm with your thumb.

Spider-man sighed, “You’re welcome… you know, I’ll make sure that never happens again.”

You tilted your head, “Isn’t that what you do? Fight small crimes?”

“No. I mean, yes. I meant to you, I’ll make sure that never happens to you again.” He corrected.

You must have looked confused, because Spider-man groaned.

“Listen you don’t have to understand. I… I actually have to go!” His Spidey eyes widened in realization, “Oh crap, I really have to go! You’re going to be okay, right?” he asked once again, more urgently this time.

“S-Sure!” You told him quickly.

He sighed again and stood from his crouching position, giving you a mini heart-attack. How on earth does he find his balance? Is it part of his powers?

“Have a good evening, Miss.” He said with a soft tone.

But before you could respond, you mentally screeched when he dropped backwards from the railing. You quickly ran and leaned over the edge to see if there was a splattered spider on your building’s backyard, but you gasped when there was nothing.

Spider-man had vanished.

You decided that you needed to make hot chocolate, with extra chocolate to calm yourself.

 The Next Day

After telling your parents what happened, because there was no way you could have kept it all to yourself, they hugged you for almost half an hour as you cried in their arms. Apparently, when the rush of being saved by the neighborhood hero disappeared, all the emotions you had from the traumatizing event exploded as soon as your mom asked if you were okay.

You had fallen asleep in the embrace of your parents. And of course, when you woke up disoriented on the couch, you felt stupid by the concern you caused your parents. They were already stressed from work.

However, you forgot to reply to Peter’s texts.

“I can’t believe you were mugged last night. God, (Y/n) I’m really sorry about that.” Michelle sighed as you two walked down the hall.

You smiled at her. She had immediately noticed that there was something off about you as soon as you had walked into homeroom. And when you reluctantly told her, she had given you a funny look, at least the way she widened her eyes seemed hilarious to you.

This situation wasn’t pleasing, so you were trying to comfort yourself with anything.

“I’m so thankful that Spider-man saved me. I don’t know if I would be standing here if it wasn’t for him.” You confessed with a tired tone.

“Why did you even come to school today?” Michelle scolded you dryly.

You shrugged, trying to look casual when honestly, you just wanted to see Peter. “Because I can’t let my grades down.”

She rolled her eyes at you as you two stopped in front of your locker. You were in the middle of opening it when you saw someone rush to you through your peripheral vision.

“(Y/n)!” Peter sighed in relief as he pulled you into a hug.

Ned was trailing right behind him when you saw him give Peter a knowing smirk. Michelle however, looked annoyed and confused throughout.

“Why didn’t you reply to my texts?” He mumbled near your ear, in a familiar way.

You hugged him back and patted him on the back, “Sorry, Peter, but something horrible happened and I don’t want you to freak out but… I was almost mugged.”

Peter pulled back and looked at you with horror, while Ned looked shocked.

“Holy shit, (Y/n)! Are you okay?” Ned asked you quickly.

You gave him the best smile you could muster, “I’m fine Ned, thanks to Spider-man.” You looked at Peter with a reassuring nod. “He saved me.”

“(Y/n)… you need to quit that job.” Peter told you firmly after being silent for a while. The way he was looking at you had to be the most serious you have ever seen him.

You looked back at your locker and collected your AP Sciences book, then you looked back at your friends and chewed your lower lip thoughtfully. You weren’t going to lie. Quitting that job was the first thing that crossed your mind as you cried in front of your parents. They even told you they could find you a better part-time job and closer to home.

“I don’t know Peter…”

“But I do!” he cut you quickly.

“Hey!” Michelle barked, “Don’t tell her what to do, loser, it’s her life and she decides.”

Peter glared at Michelle, but then he sighed, “You’re right, sorry (Y/n)…”

You gave him a pitiful smile, it was nice that he was paying attention to you, and caring too much about you, and looking at you with those puppy eyes…

You quickly cleared your throat and looked at Michelle, “Well, all I know is that I don’t want to talk about it for a while. So let’s just… you know…” You looked at Peter and Ned now, “Talk about something else.”

You gave them all a pleading look, and their shoulders dropped with surrender.

“Fine…” Peter gave you a pout and you almost chuckled at that.


School passed by quickly, there was only a period left. And it was the class that you dreaded more.

“Hey, MJ, skip gym with me?” You attempted with an innocent smile.

She rolled her eyes at you, “(Y/n), you know I can’t. Why don’t you just tell Mr. Maroon that you’re on your period?”

You huffed, “Because if I tell him now, when I really have it, it will cause suspicion.”

She raised her thick eyebrow at you in an amusing way.

“I can skip gym with you.”

You turned around and there was Peter, without Ned–which was surprising–staring at you with what you would call another puppy look.

“Parker, you skip a lot of classes, but I’ve never seen you skip gym.” Michelle interjected while giving him an odd look.

You nodded along. There was a dilemma right here, on one side you could spend time together with Peter but on the other, you would have to spend time alone with Peter and that terrified you. What if you said the wrong thing? What if things got awkward? What if he asks you about last night?

“It’s fine, I don’t mind it. Besides I need to speak with (Y/n)…” He drawled out your name while giving you a nervous stare.

You and Michelle shared a look before she gave in and bid you goodbye as she walked to gym class. Now you were alone with Peter. And you were both excited and frightened about it.

“So… what did you wanted to talk about?” You asked him warily.

He took a deep breath and you found yourself almost melting when his brown eyes captured your (e/c) ones.

But before he could speak, you two could hear a sneer echoing down the hall.

“What’s up, Penis Parker. Skipping gym with your girl because she doesn’t feel like exercising, like, ever?”

sharing a bed with peter
This got so long, I’m sorry, but hopefully it’s cute!! 
  • the beginning starts out fine
  • aka you start out in your own spots, but as soon as either of you fall asleep it’s full contact
  • Peter is actually a nervous wreck the first time you guys sleep together
  • it’s during a class trip where you switched with some other people in order to secure a room with your boyfriend
  • on the downlow of course, as the teachers would definitely not approve
  • some bribery may be involved but you’ll never tell a soul
  • fine you have to promise Flash that you’ll help him with his chem homework for a week
  • but he didn’t even want to room with Peter in the first place so really this is just a win-win for him
  • a room that unfortunately… only had one bed
  • his hands shake as he waits for you to come out of the bathroom, where you went to shower and put pajamas on after the long day
  • “Y/N, we’re gonna sleep together
  • you mumble something incoherently, simply dragging the boy down into bed with you as you want to sleep
  • the day was long and you are very tired and all you want is cuddles from your boyfriend
  •  his heart is going SO FAST and he gets barely any sleep because he just wants to savor every moment with you
  • especially on that specific trip since you guys didn’t see each other during the day
  • after that it becomes routine for him to sneak into your room just about every night
  • he says he sleeps better with you, and you agree because you feel the same
  • when you’re with Peter as you sleep, you feel so safe
  • you take turns every night on who gets to be big spoon and little spoon
  • there are pros and cons to each and you both like playing both roles
  • it works out quite nicely actually
  • however Peter’s favorite position is to sleep with you guys facing each other
  • hands intertwined and you being the first thing he sees when he wakes up
  • that’s heavenly to him
  • sometimes Peter would end up draping an arm over your chest, effectively trapping you
  • and since he’s like 1000x stronger than you, there’s no way you can lift it when you wake up
  • because that boy’s grip is strong even when he sleeps
  • so you use that time to watch his sleeping face, how calm and soft it is
  • when he’d wake up he’d apologize for trapping you, but wouldn’t let go until he could kiss your face
  • you’d giggle and push at his arm
  • “Peter, I have to pee!”
  • “Not until I give you a morning kiss!”
  • several times Peter has woken up to see your face resting on his chest
  • you’re drooling a little bit but he doesn’t care
  • you look so cute and then he’s grinning and so glad he’s with you
  • gently plays with your hair when he can’t sleep
  • sometimes you wake up and realize you’ve trapped him by wrapping a leg and arm around him
  • basically koala-bearing him and keeping him safe as you both sleep
  • Peter could easily get himself out of that position and replace his body with a pillow instead
  • but he doesn’t want to, so why would he?
  • there’s been a couple times where Peter’s basically shoved you out of bed
  • he wakes up at the thunk of your body hitting the floor, immediately realizing what he did
  • but all that can be heard is your laughter because he didn’t mean to do it anyway
  • “Peter, it’s fine, I’m okay”
  • he still feels bad about it though and makes it up to you with extra kisses during the day
  • sometimes you’d wake up and he would be gone
  • he does have to go back home so May doesn’t get suspicious
  • plus, it’d look really bad if one of your parents found him in your room
  • they like him well enough, but if they knew this was happening he’d probably be banned from ever seeing you again
  • and he can’t risk that
  • or he’d accidentally sleep in, enjoying the warmth with you
  • and suddenly he’d hear footsteps in the hall, his spidey senses alerting him
  • he’d bolt from the bed, jumping up and onto the ceiling
  • somehow that jostling doesn’t wake you up, but he was pretty careful so…
  • there’s one corner that you can’t see at all when the door is open so he scuttles over there asap
  • just as he reaches his position the door opens, and one of your parents is there smiling at you
  • “Y/N, it’s time to wake up for school, you’re gonna be late if you sleep any longer.”
  • you had forgot to set your alarm when Peter arrived
  • usually you and Peter would wake up before the alarm anyway but today was one of the exceptions
  • as you drowsily wake up, he can see the confusion on your face
  • where did my boyfriend go?
  • but then you spot him in the corner and quick jut your eyes back to your parent
  • oh there he is
  • “Thanks, I’m up now!”
  • the door would click shut and Peter wouldn’t move
  • he waits until he hears the front door open and close, signaling their leave for work
  • finally he jumps down, hair completely a mess and clothes ruffled
  • he gives you your morning kiss and leaves out the window, back to the apartment so he can get dressed
  • after this happens more than once, he learns to bring his backpack with a change of clothes and toiletries
  • he hides it in your closet and sleepovers become even more frequent now that there’s backup plans
  • May definitely knows what’s going on
  • that’s too many days that Peter has “left early” and there’s no way he’d actually do that for more than a week straight
  • it really is obvious when it happens on the weekend
  • “Where did you need to be at 8AM, Peter?”
  • “Uh, uh, I had a study meeting?”
  • it’s complete bs and she sees through it
  • because this boy has never scheduled a study date that early in his life
  • “You’re staying at Y/N’s house aren’t you.”
  • he flounders, embarrassed at being caught
  • “We’re not doing anything else! Just sleeping together!”
  • she raises an eyebrow
  • “That came out wrong.”
  • she basically gives him The Talk™ and he is flushed red the entire time
  • honestly you should have been caught earlier, you’ve been doing this for like 3 months
  • it’s a little ridiculous you guys lasted this long
  • anyway
  • don’t even get me started on what happens during the summer
  • at that point, your parents have found out and are trusting you not to do anything weird
  • and they have calls with May to verify because she’d definitely know right away if anything happened
  • there are rarely days where you two are apart for very long
  • during the summer you spend more time at Peter’s place, during the school year he stays at yours
  • you wake up with Peter, spend the day with Peter, fall asleep with Peter
  • it’s amazing and fun and you’ve never been so happy before
  • that’s one reason your parents are okay with this
  • you are so much happier than usual and they would never want to deny you something that makes you this happy
  • and basically the fact that you two know that at the end of the day and beginning of the day the first thing you see will be each other
  • makes all the crappy or hard to get through days worth it
  • because you’ll see the one you love before you close your eyes
  • and what could be better than that?
  • this got so long I’m so sorry
  • I hope it was good???
HP!headcanon - NCT Yuta

 || WIZARDINGBIAS - where your fave bands live in hakho’s hogwarts au ||

Character Headcanons at Hogwarts
↳ NCT Yuta // Yuta Nakamoto // Slytherin

Originally posted by chocosicheng

  • fuck now we’re doing my bias wrecker hell no buckle up errbody this abt to be a wild ass ride
  • now that’s a long ass ride
  • Yuta is a Sly-therin
  • this cunning ass motherfucker needs to calm tf down
  • this is probably gonna be long af
  • more under the cut <3

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anonymous asked:

Heyyyy can you write how RFA+V+Saeran would react to MC coming home really late (without telling them) because she's a professional ballet dancer and she was understudying a role? And the lead got injured so she had to take it on short notice? And she gets home with crazy stage make up on and scares them?

Sorry for the LATE HC. I’ve said before I’ve been pretty busy and I’m just trying to find time to catch up. But here’s one! I wasn’t too inspired to do V or Saeran for this one so I apologize! Enjoy!


  • precious nugget was spending all night at the library to study for a big test coming up
  • he was texting you to tell you that he’s on his way home
  • but you weren’t answering???
  • he gets home and you’re not there
  • !!!
  • even though he was very tired, he used the last of his energy to make a few calls to find out where you were
  • meanwhile you had just got off the bus after a long day of rehearsal
    • and you had to start getting used to that
  • you were so EXHAUSTED you just left your makeup on to take off at home
  • trudging through the front door, you heard Yoosung in the other room on the phone with someone
  • just as you set your bag down in the entry way, Yoosung came into the room
  • !!!
  • the lighting was not flattering to your face
  • he let out a yelp
  • poor baby jumped so bad he dropped his phone
  • you felt so bad for spooking him
    • thankfully his phone was fine 
  • once he kind of came back to reality you got hit by a barrage of concerns
    • “oh my gosh why were you out so late???”
    • “why do you have all that makeup on???”


  • you were supposed to work with Jaehee in the afternoon 
  • but you called her a little before noon explaining the situation you were in
  • Jaehee understood and ran the shop by herself that day
  • after closing time she headed back to the apartment
    • was a little tired so she just picked up some bentos from the store for dinner
  • but you weren’t there???
  • when she texts you, you said you were on your way home
  • so she waited for you
  • just sat on the couch and watched some TV to pass the time 
  • you were rushing to get out of practice
    • you didn’t realize you were still wearing your slippers 
    • and you still had your makeup on
  • when you got home you were just so exhausted you just wanted to eat dinner and chill with your bae
  • aw your sweet amazing gelato is asleep!
  • you decided to nudge her awake
  • but the moment she opened her eyes, she saw a horrifying face she followed her instincts and went straight for a punch
  • (╯°Д°)╯︵ /(.□ . \) !!!
  • you blacked out for a hot second
  • next thing you know you hear rustling in the kitchen and the guilty gelato running to your side with an ice pack


  • rehearsal on his end looked like it was going to be a long one
  • the only thing he asked was to check in with him whenever you can *^^*
  • time just flew by but Zen was home actually the time he originally expected
  • now all he had to do was wait for you ^^
  • you on the other hand, was at rehearsal until 11:30 (23:30)
    • you were so damn tired
    • you dressed into your street clothes but you forgot to take off the makeup
    • your friend was kind enough to have you carpool with them 
  • as he was changing in the bedroom, he heard the front door open
  • naturally heading toward it, you approached the doorway to the bedroom, exhausted
  • “Uh, sorry I’m lat—”
  • the whole makeup on your face startled him, he just slammed the door in front of you
  • uh…rude
  • there’s a slight pause between the two of you
    • you going wtf
    • and Zen going wtf I just slammed the door in their face
  • he sheepishly opens it and you two are just staring at each other
  • afterward, there is plenty of laughs and helping you wipe that makeup off


  • he was coming in from Hong Kong late at night
  • was pretty exhausted when he came home
  • all he wanted was to just head to bed with you and Elizabeth 3rd
  • but you weren’t home!
    • you must have had practice or something
    • when he texted you, you were on your way home
  • while he was waiting he decided to crack open a bottle of wine
  • then Jaehee called from work and he had to deal with that pot of mess
    • this donut was so focused on the call he didn’t hear you come in!
    • and you didn’t want to bother him while he was on the phone, so you were just patiently waiting by the counter until he noticed you
  • he hangs up and as he turns around he jumps a little at the sight of you
    • he spilled some wine on his shirt!
    • *o*
  • this donut was ok about it
    • he has a billion other shirts anyways
  • but you kept apologizing like the sweetheart you were
  • “Well how about you help me get this off…”
  • (°ロ°) ! “S-sorry g-gotta go to bed, bye!!!”
  • cue you running away to the bedroom and locking it behind you
  • this donut is so confused but just chuckles a bit because you’re just so darn cute!


  • it was another long night for Seven
    • Vanderwood was really driving him up the wall with work
  • he had been texting you periodically but he knew you were in rehearsal so he didn’t expect you to see his texts until you were on your way home
  • but you didn’t come home at the usual time
  • ???
  • genuinely concerned so he tracked your phone
  • still said you were at the theater???
  • it must have been a long rehearsal so he had went back to work
  • while he was in the bathroom, he heard the door open???
    • who broke into the inner sanctum???
  • cautiously tiptoes in the dark (too lazy to turn on the lights)
  • turns on the flashlight on his phone instead
  • first thing he sees is you with your hair loose and makeup still on
  • jellybean’s training kicks in
  • instinct is to throw his phone at you
    • hits you square in the face
    • poor you gets a bloody nose
    • in his defense, the light was unflattering
  • and instinctively Seven FREAKS out and scrambles to find the nearest first-aid to take care of you
Hogwarts! Seungkwan

anon requested: “i love your hogwarts scenarios! can you also do one for seungkwan? thank you!!”

  • all you have to do is imagine second year Seungkwan bouncing around the train
  • desperately searching for the “candy lady”
  • what an absolute cutie
  • until there’s suddenly a flaming wiggly shape in the horse carriage
  • freakin Boo Seungkwan at his finest acting like he’s kwon fire
  • a mess
  • at least he’s a cute mess
  • and his Hufflepuff self clinging to Vernon for help 
  • the both of them freaking out about an owl sized fire
  • “UM NO”
  • and it takes a whole 30 seconds for them to realize there’s also a water spell like smh lol
  • halfblood so like he knew the houses and stuff
  • even though he didn’t look it, very very nervous on sorting day
  • after all, he was like a small halfblood wizard from a small island with a long generations of Boos behind him
  • not to mention he was second
  • “gosh couldn’t there be more Ahns born in our year” he whispers to Vernon
  • to which the latter raises his hands above his head
  • “I’m a Chwe so..” 
  • and approximately 17 seconds after the hat touch his head, Boo Seungkwan was declared Hufflepuff 
  • now who said Hufflepuffs can’t be funny, sarcastic, and loud
  • no one never after hearing this kid
  • legit the class clown, everything he does will go down in history
  • like that one time he got dared to superglue the potions professor’s things to his desk
  • “WHO DID THIS HUH?” that one teacher who looks hilarious when mad, trying to pry the chalk off the desk
  • and Seungkwans that bright kid who giggles while raising his hand
  • though whining while cleaning everyday for the next month, but happily singing trot songs loudly 
  • not really ‘best in the class type’ haha
  • so some teachers actually lowkey dislike him but they don’t wanna get pranked so
  • he’s really the ‘im good in every class if i study and take notes but i fall asleep one day and im FREAKED’
  • to which he figured this out in his first year
  • him panicking, running through the school blindly looking for Vernon 
  • probably passing Vernon multiple times, who was just bopping his head to a song blasting through his head phones
  • but this is how he meets Joshua, 
  • leaning up against the common room wall panting when he feels a light tap on the shoulder and looks up into an eye smile
  • “are you okay?” 
  • Joshua’s sweet soul who spends the rest of the night tutoring him, but Joshua does not do people’s work 
  • and Joshua’s like the only tutor Seungkwan will ever have that doesn’t make him wanna pull his hair out 
  • or roast them
  • but honestly Seungkwan has the biggest heart ever 
  • Christmas is the best time of year and don’t argue with him on this unless you wanna BOX
  • extra af and wears a Santa Claus hat the entire month which all the teachers ignore
  • and the get up he comes up with this year
  • lots of people went home for the holidays but not Seungkwan as he lives far
  • so that Christmas morning at breakfast waltzes in proudly wearing a Santa onesie
  • with a sack thrown over shoulder, filled with gifts
  • and Vernon next to him dying of laughter
  • the entire hall clapping excitingly and giggling as Seungkwan spreads his arms out 
  • “ho ho ho” 
  • through all the excitement ,,, leaves the sack under the table too busy arguing with Vernon and Minghao about who won the pie eating competition
  • you happen to have slightly over slept that morning
  • completely forgetting it was Christmas morning too focused on food
  • until your eyes meet the brightly decorated hall walking to your Gryffindor table and sitting down
  • happily swinging your feet back and forth until you accidentally kick something
  • quickly realizing omg it’s Seungkwan bag from last year
  • you weren’t really close to him, maybe had a couple conversations, 
  • that one time you guys were dying of laughter in class bc you caught him trying to stick sticky notes on Vernon’s back
  • but that’s it
  • being kinda nosy you can’t help but peek
  • its so cute
  • the bag’s filled with okay wrapped boxes, in vibrant red, green, blue, and yellow
  • secretly you take something from your bag, add a note, and drop it in
  • smiling to yourself, you pick up the bag and head to the Hufflepuff common room, where you knew his group of friends were spending the morning together 
  • from overhearing a conversation of course, they aren’t the quietest people lol
  • thankfully your eyes meet a panicking Seungkwan and his friends in front of the entrance
  • “Heyyyy Seungkwan”
  • “Oh! y/n~” his expression immediately changes to a happy one
  • “Merry Christmas!” you laugh, handing him the sack, making him realize you had it
  • “Merr- YOU FOUND IT” 
  • he dramatically engulfs the sack into a hug making you giggle
  • “since it’s Christmas, i’ll let it slide, be more careful next time yeah?” you joke
  • he chuckles, “i will i will” 
  • he pauses, “oh? where are all your friends at?” 
  • tucking your hair behind your ears, you smile softly
  • “most of my friends went home for the holiday, and my one Slytherin friend,” you check your watch and laugh, 
  • “she’ll be sleeping for another three hours”
  • “omo omo omo, how SO, you shouldn’t spend Christmas morning all by yourself, do you wanna?” 
  • he turns back, unsure if he could invite a stranger 
  • before they can answer, you shake your head, “please Seungkwan, I’ll be fine” 
  • you grin at him, and feeling the holiday spirit, you give him a quick hug
  • “Merry Christmas you guys!” you call before skipping down the halls, 
  • not really thinking much of the hug, 
  • for now
  • “M-merry Christmas!!” he says after you 
  • Oh! y/n~” Soonyoung mimics as soon as your out of sight
  • “stopppppp,” Seungkwan whines, shoving Soonyoung’s arm
  • “does little Seungkwanie have a crush already?” 
  • “OMG~” 
  • “come someone help me shove the cuties under some mistletoe” 
  • “LALALALALA I DONT” he protests
  • they chuckle, but leave it at 
  • and it’s time to pass out gifts, 
  • Seungkwan taking them out of his sack, handing them to each of his 7 friends present
  • then taking the last gift out, he notices a tiny something left
  • peaking to see if anyone saw, he pretends it wasn’t there stuffs the “empty” sack behind him
  • until he’s alone in his room and curiously opens the sack
  • “woah” he finds two chocolate frogs and a note
  • ‘merry christmas seungkwan~ you always give people gifts, you deserve something too, thanks so much for always making history exciting hehe’
  • there he is sitting on his bed becoming shy with rosy cheeks all by himself
  • the next day
  • “VERNON” Seungkwan whisper yells, “what does y/n like?” 
  • “the heck?” he chuckles confused, “why?” 
  • shrugging not so casually, “just because” 
  • “wow the hyungs were just teasing, do you like her?” Vernon’s eyes budge out his sockets
  • he huffs, “nevermind” 
  • and walks away
  • while later that night, your walking upstairs 
  • “oh hey y/n! what do you like” 
  • you tilt your head at Vernon’s question
  • “why?” 
  • “uhhh just a friends asking” 
  • you quickly putting two and two together laugh, “i like chocolate frogs” 
  • the days go quickly and there’s one more day until class starts up again
  • so you and your friend decide to head to hogsmeade
  • just as you guys are about to step onto the carriage
  • “Y/n!” 
  • your head turns to meet a large group of guys, 
  • “can we get in?” Seungkwan asks grinning
  • nodding of course, you smile
  • the conversation between the two of you is full of laughter, while Vernon who came along with Seungkwan and your friend made the occasional comments
  • when they weren’t paying attention, your friend nudges you
  • “hey do you like Seungkwan?” she whispers 
  • your eyes widen, “no!” 
  • but that question rings through your ears for the rest of the ride
  • and somehow
  • “i wanna go to the candy store” Seungkwan says
  • “ah im gonna go get a butterbeer with the hyungs” 
  • “awe” 
  • your eyes shake between them
  • and having a wild imagination and being quick witted, you think amused
  • ‘did they plan this?’
  • “i’ll go” you say speaking up, but then checking with your friend about it
  • luckily she shrugs and says she has other friends she could meet before leaving
  • “i never said thanks for the chocolate frogs by the way!” 
  • “oh!” you laugh having pretty much forgot about it, “it’s no problem” 
  • “you know what, i’ll buy you some today!” 
  • you smile in thanks 
  • and feel this unfamiliar feeling in your heart
  • as he’s talking, your realizing so pretty his smile his
  • how he makes the best facial expressions, 
  • even him being one or two inches taller than you
  • and there it is again, that feeling in your chest
  • as if your heart is about to burst out from it’s safe place
  • upon entering the shop and without your approval, Seungkwan immediately buys 5 chocolate frogs
  • walking outside together now, 
  • “here” he hands you chocolate 
  • “cheers” you giggle accepting it then clinking the food together
  • “OH LOOK!” he points to something in your hand excitingly
  • chuckling at his cuteness, you raise your eyebrows, “you collect these then?” 
  • he nods vigorously 
  • “you can have it then” 
  • you take his hand in yours and dramatically set the card there
  • he gasps and bows he head, “i will protect this with my life” 
  • suddenly you both hear loud shrieks 
  • “WHAT IS THIS??” 
  • all his friends surround you guys, arms over his shoulders 
  • your honestly not really sure what happens then
  • but you remember saying goodbye and leave, laughing when you hear incoherent shouts
  • and that’s it sadly
  • until you stumble into the library with rolls of the parchment in hand with your friend
  • “OKAY, we must finish our homework tonight!” you say determined 
  • “YES! okay good luck!” 
  • maybe you guys set the goals a little two high
  • because two hours later your friend is asleep on the table with your about to follow after her
  • for the first time since in there, you look around
  • and become shocked when you see Seungkwan holding his hair in fists with two of his older friends next to him
  • he looks up and happens to make eye contact with you
  • you smile at him
  • but he starts to urgently motion you to come towards him while his friends stare
  • cautiously you walk over and introduce yourself to his friends
  • “y/n save me!!!” 
  • he grabs your hands holding them tightly
  • one of his friends tsk, “gentlemen should ask before holding a girl’s hand” 
  • “Jeonghan!” the other friend says in a scolding tone, but amusement seeping through his voice
  • Seungkwan immediately lets go of your hand and blushes, “it’s not-t-” 
  • “okay Kwannie,” the other friend smiles, a little mischievously in your opinion,
  • “y/n here, will give you a kiss on the cheek if you finish your work” 
  • for once your not quick to process things
  • “Joshua,” that Jeonghan guy mocks the Joshua guy’s tone from earlier
  • catching what they are saying, “i will~” 
  • an very obvious blush on your cheeks
  • “o-okay!” Seungkwan eyes you for a second but looks away, the red on his cheeks becoming redder
  • let’s just say his work might have not been accurate, as he ended up making the two of you escape them
  • dashing out the library
  • giggling you laugh, “if you hate it that much, i’ll have to help with your homework” 
  • he nods, “please” 
  • your eyes meet seconds too long
  • but neither of you look away
  • hearts pounding
  • and whether you gave him that kiss or not 
  • thats a secret ;)

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~ admin seri


aircake  asked:

Hi yes hello, could I get an RFA + V + Saeran where MC is sick and they've had no appetite, so they haven't eaten anything all day? I'm glad you guys are back btw!

We hope you like this! We really love doing “what if” asks so this was a lot of fun to do. Admin MP did Jaehee, 707, Yoosung and I did Zen, Jumin, and V!

Admin Rina ;3c


  • While Zen was on set he got a call from MC saying they couldn’t get out of bed
  • Zen could hear it in there voice, MC was as sick as a dog
  • Zen was 100% ready to leave the set and go take care of MC, but MC was very instant that he didn’t need to come over
  • They just couldn’t get up to get anything to eat or drink
  • Zen told MC that he would call them back in a couple of minutes
  • As soon as they go off the phone Zen called Yoosung, the only person he knew would be free at this time of day
  • After telling Yoosung to head over there Zen ordered MC soup and some other food from their favorite diner down the road from their apartment
  • He starts with texting MC and Yoosung non stop, like he is texting them so much that the director of the show/movie just tells him to go back home if he is just not going to pay attention.
  • Zen ends up back home where Yoosung is on the phone with his mom asking her what in the world he should give them to make them feel better
  • Zen feels kind of bad making the kid come all the way there without really telling them what to do
  • But he knows that MC was in good hands for the 3 or 4 hours that Zen was gone.


  • Yoosung had class all day and MC was sick but they insisted he go
  • So the whole day he was texting them, worried
  • They slept for a solid four hours (and he quietly freaked out but they were okay)
  • By the time he got home, they were awake and sniffling on the couch
  • He gave them a smooch on the forehead, grimacing at how hot it was
  • As he put his school things away, he asked them about their day, moming them pretty hard
  • When they revealed that they hadn’t eaten anything all day because of how tired they were, he essentially freaked out
  • He started fussing over them, insisting that they needed to eat something and called his mom
  • Thankfully, he had a can of chicken noodle soup hidden in the back of his cabinets
  • As MC dozed on the couch, Yoosung made them the soup and some tea, frowning in concentration
  • (It’s not that hard, Yoosung, it’s just soup)
  • He brought it all over to MC on the couch on a laptop tray (it’s all he had, okay)
  • Then, he made sure MC took their medicine and began feeding them the soup, blowing on it to make sure it wasn’t too hot
  • MC leaned against his shoulder, grateful for the food and the warmth Yoosung was providing
  • After they ate, they sipped their tea, already feeling loads better, especially since they were tucked up against their cute boyfriend
  • Eventually, they fell asleep, resting in Yoosung’s arms, content and happy
  • (Yoosung got sick the next day and they were both miserable)


  • If you thought Yoosung was a mom
  • Wait until you meet Jaehee Kang
  • Before she left for work in the morning, she would have made MC soup and put it in the fridge, leaving them a note telling them where everything was and laying out their medicine and everything
  • She left, giving a sleeping MC a smooch on the forehead and making sure that she sent MC a detailed text about the soup and medicine and everything
  • MC doesn’t respond until a few hours later, saying that their medicine wore off but they’re just too tired to get up and get it
  • So, of course, on Jaehee’s break, she rushes home, helping MC get the medicine (but forgets to get the food because she’s rushing)
  • A few hours later, when she goes home, MC is still in the same place Jaehee left them, cuddled up in bed, attempting to read on their tablet (although they keep sneezing)
  • Jaehee perches on the edge of the bed, quietly asking MC how they feel
  • (She doesn’t want to get sick even though she loves MC; she has a coffee shop to run)
  • While she’s getting MC some more medicine, she asks them if they liked the soup
  • They sheepishly admit that they hadn’t eaten it because they were too sick to get out of bed
  • Jaehee goes into Mom Mode, rushing around to get them new blankets, a wet cloth for their forehead, nasal spray, cough drops, the works
  • Then she goes into the kitchen to heat up the homemade soup, worried about MC (she almost leaves the soup to check on them but knows it’s not good to leave the stove unattended)
  • As soon as the soup is ready, Jaehee brings it and some bread into the bedroom
  • Usually, they don’t eat in bed, but this is an exception
  • Because Jaehee doesn’t want to get sick, she doesn’t cuddle MC and takes some Airborne
  • But MC looks so sad that Jaehee can’t help it and she scoots closer, running her fingers through MC’s hair


  • When Jumin finds out that MC has not eaten all day because of being sick he is at work
  • Too be exact he was in a meeting with a new investor to the company
  • It was just a small text from MC saying “Hey I’m just letting you know that I’m really sick right now, I’m going to sleep in the other room tonight so I don’t get you sick”
  • Well needless to say he completely forgets about the investors and calls a doctor’s
  • And by doctor it isn’t just like one, he calls like a whole medical team to go check on MC
  • He can’t afford to get sick, but he will make sure that MC has everything that they need
  • When the doctors tell Jumin that MC had not eaten it takes a lot out of him not to get mad at them
  • He knows that they can’t help but not eat but he still wishes that they would have told him sooner that they weren’t feeling well
  • Jumin ends up leaving work early to go make sure the MC was starting to feel better
  • He gets a medical mask on the way home.
  • At home he doesn’t really know what to do, he has never really been sick before so he just kind of lets the doctors take care of MC


  • Seven would be pretty busy with work, though he knew MC was sick
  • The good thing about working from home was that he could check on them constantly
  • Everytime he checked on them, though, they were just sleeping
  • He vowed to keep an eye on them, though, and make sure they were good
  • Although he had a tendency to get enveloped in his work and spend hours on his computer
  • …..which was what he did that day on accident
  • By the time he checked on MC again, it was pretty late in the day and they were awake, tapping on their phone, coughing
  • Seven felt pretty bad about not checking on them so he checked how hot they were and got them an extra blanket, also fetching them some water
  • He isn’t very good at taking care of himself when he’s sick so he’s also not great at it with MC
  • But he is determined to Try His Best
  • As he’s giving them a bendy straw to put in their water, he realizes that neither of them have eaten all day
  • Since he has almost nothing for sick people to eat, he goes to a nearby convenience store, grabbing a bunch of bullshit
  • (He has no idea what sick people eat wtf!!!!)
  • When he comes back, he gives them chips and tokoyami, and although MC knows it’s not what’s good for them, they eat it (because who can resist tokoyami honestly)
  • The two cuddle together eating tokoyami and watching anime


  • MC wouldn’t have a chance to not eat
  • This is because at the first sign of MC getting sick V goes into Mom Mode and starts taking care of her
  • He makes them homemade soup and would drive to the closest store to make sure that they got the meds that they need
  • He always asks Jumin to call a doctor for MC, not really to keep an eye on them, just to make sure that their sickness isn’t going to turn into anything worse
  • When he sees that MC isn’t really eating that much he always has crackers handy to make sure they can at less eat something
  • Honestly he takes such good care of MC that he would end up getting sick himself, sadly MC is still sick at the time that he is sick now.
  • They end up having to call Jumim to send the doctor over to take care of the two of them
  • While it isn’t the ideal ‘date’ for the two of them, but at less the two of them are together


  • MC didn’t even tell him they were sick because they didn’t want to worry him
  • But he figures it out when he comes to visit and knows that he totally wants to help
  • Of course he has no fucking idea what he’s doing
  • (He tries to call Seven but then remembers Seven has no fucking idea what he’s doing and hangs up)
  • So, instead, he just puts MC to bed and helps around the place, cleaning up a bit because it got dirty while they were sick
  • He opens windows, wipes down countertops, throws away tissues, the works
  • All in the hopes that MC feels better
  • Whenever they need tissues or cough drops, he gets some for them
  • He also really wants to show some affection but is still a little awkward about it
  • Since he arrived later in the day, he asks what they want for dinner but they admit they haven’t eaten yet
  • At a loss, he orders take-out, not wanting to cook and dirty the clean kitchen
  • He manages to help MC to the kitchen and they sit together, eating their take-out and talking about everything and nothing
  • If they started coughing while eating, Saeran moves their food to the side and rubs their back gently
  • Afterwards, he cleans up all the food and goes back to their bedroom with them
  • They insist on cuddles, while sniffling, and he can’t say no to that so the two cuddle together until they fall asleep
  • (Somehow Saeran doesn’t get sick and MC is salty)


(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count : 4 998
summary : Reader has feelings for Kai and tells him but he rejects her which leads her to become a vampire and turn off her humanity just as Kai comes back a new person after the merge.
* gif by shelleyhenign


“You don’t get it , do you?” said Kai with a little hint of amusement in his voice.”I dont feel emotions , I don’t care or feel anything. Emotions are nothing but a distraction plus I don’t even like you and even if those things werent true - you and me still would never happen. You are just not good enough for me. Why would I chose a human ?”

Kai’s words kept echoing in her mind. Having the person you have feelings for turn you down was not something unheard in human history , but doing it the way Kai had done it – her feelings had gotten hurt so badly she wanted it all gone. All the love she felt for him , all the pain - absolutely everything. Her friends didnt know about her feelings for Kai or about what had happened and Y/N didnt plan on letting them know either meaning compelling it away wasn’t an option. So that left her with option number 3 because clearly moving on wasnt going so well either. Becoming a vampire hadn’t been on her bucket list , but it was her only option and she could already hear the lectures from Elena and Caroline. They’d say how lucky she is to be still a human and be able to have a future , kids and a family. But those things just didnt matter to her if she couldnt have them with the person she loved. Kai wasn’t going to change - he will always be the same , so there was no point in waiting for the impossible either. He will always say whatever pops into his head , not caring what his words or actions do to the people around him simply because he had no emotions. Why should she remain a human ?

It had been a few days since Christmas and the siphoner had been safely tucked in into Alaric’s apartment on Whitmore campus until Jo was ready to do the merge. All her friends were taking shifts guarding him just in case and that day it was her turn. Y/N sat on the couch , glancing at him every few minutes refusing to go anywhere near him. There was a part of her that was 100% sure she’d pull out that tube from his arm and let him go. What she felt for him was so strong that even after he hurt her , she’d still free him and cross her friends. What the hell was wrong with her ?!
   "Hey Y/N. How is our comatose patient?” asked Damon handing her a cup with coffee. “He hasn’t caused any trouble , has he ?”
   "Comatose and no.” she said blankly, taking a sip from her coffee. What kind of a trouble can he cause if he is being unconscious ?
   "Whats wrong ?”
   "Nothing. What makes you think something is wrong ?” she wondered , trying to sound as normal as possible. Damon knew her too well not to pick up on her tells not to mention the way he was studying her face made her feel a little nervous.
   "Because I know you and short answers are not what you do.” said her best friend , lightly rubbing her shoulders. “Usually you dont shut up. Sometimes you are even more annoying than him.”
Y/N sighed. “I was just thinking how all my friends are supernaturals and wont age while I will turn into a wrinkled sag in a few short years. Its depressing. And of course there is that time at the corn maze when my human friends were all dying and I couldn’t do anything to help.”
   "You know if you want me to , I’ll turn you. Even though after that Elena and Caroline will bite my head off.“ said Damon sitting on the couch next to her.
Y/N started laughing. “They would wouldn’t they?”
   "Yeah. Look Y/N ,  there was a reason we tried to find the cure for Elena.“ he said calmly. “Being a vampire is not all that is cracked out to be and if you make that choice there is no going back.”
   "I’ve already made the choice Damon. I want this.“ she said serious. “You , Stefan , Elena , Caroline — you guys are not just my friends , you are my family. I love you all more than I can put into words and I cant imagine ever being without any of you. I want us to be together forever.”
Damon tucked up his sleeve and bit his wrist. “Well , if you are absolutely sure.”
   "I am.“ she replied taking his wrist , feeling his blood trickle down her throat for a few moments until she let go. He wiped away some of it from her chin with his thumb , still having doubts about what he had to do next. Y/N was his best friend , one of the few who can put up with him and were always willing to defend him even when he makes huge mistakes. What if turning her into one of them was one of those ?
   "Promise me , you will explain to Elena thats what you wanted and I didn’t push you into anything?”
   "You got it.“ she smiled. “Um … could you do it painlessly ?”
   "Of course , but I have to ask again - are you sure , really really sure ?“
Y/N nodded and a few seconds later Damon broke her neck , letting her lay down on the couch. He went to the kitchen to get a blood bag from the fridge to be ready for her when she wakes up , but somehow he couldn’t shake the feeling something was wrong and she hadn’t been completely honest about her reasons. When he came back Tyler was in the room , pulling out the tube with the sedative from Kai’s arm. Not too long after , Tyler was the one laying on the ground unsconcious and the young siphoner regained consciousness. On their way out of the house he stopped pointing at Y/N and glancing at the blood bag on the coffee table.
   "What is she doing here ?” he asked curious. “Is she sleeping ? Awwh look how cute she is now that she is not talking. I might even like her now.”
Kai took a step towards her but Damon pulled him away before the siphoner had figured out Y/N wasn’t breathing and had put two and two together.
   "Y/N? She was keeping an eye on you and you bored her to death.“ said Damon dragging Kai out the door. “Come on creeper. You want to do the merge , you have a deal to uphold."Not too long after that Y/N woke up , finding a blood bag on the coffee table waiting for her. The girl grabbed it without hesitation and completed the transition noticing Kai wasn’t where he was supposed to be and that this wasn’t the only thing that was off in that moment.
    "Tyler?” she said getting up and running towards him, checking for pulse. “Oh my God wh-what happened ?!”
Her eyes followed the tube in his neck and she pulled it out sitting on the ground next to her lifelong friend. What had happened after Damon had snapped her neck ? Damon. Y/N’s eyes widened and she reached for her phone in her pocket dialling her friend when Tyler groaned and started to wake up.
    “Hey , are you okay ? What happened ?”
    “I’m going to kill him.”
    “Him ? Who ? Kai ?”
    “No. Damon.”
Y/N looked at him with confusion in her eyes. “Damon ? Wha-”
    “I have to go. I’m sorry Y/N , thank you for pulling that tube out but I have to go now or Liv –”
    “Y-yeah of course.”
Y/N sat on the floor running her fingers through her hair , watching Tyler run out of the apartment when her phone buzzed - DAMON.
    “What the hell did you do ?” she said answering the phone.
    “Saved Liz’s life.” he said as if it was obvious. “I take it you completed the transition?”
    “Yes ? Why ?” she wondered.
    “Because we have a psychotic siphoner out on the loose. Kai gave me the slip.” he sighed. “Come over at the hospital. I’ll explain everything.”


After the merge with Luke , Kai had found himself in a situation he had never thought he’d be in. During the merge with his brother he had absorbed not only his ability to do magic but quite a few other things including his empathy. He had spent the entire night after the merge trying to figure out how to process all the emotional pain he felt. Every bad thing he had ever done came back into his mind and her regretted , if not all , at least most of them. Kai had no idea what was happening to him or why there was water pooling in his eyes while he kept writing it all down , including a letter to his twin Jo because for some reason he couldn’t find her. Afterwards he went to Damon to ask for help to deliver the letter to his sister.
Kai talked for a while with Damon and Elena and then someone else he had been wanting to see showed up , as if he had wished for it to happen - Y/N , the only person who had shown him some kindness among the Mystic Falls gang. About a week ago she had told him she has feelings for him and he had said some really hurtful things to her and he wanted to make it right.
Y/N stopped right at the door when she saw he was there. Kai couldn’t help but smile a little seeing her there though there was something different about her and he couldn’t understand what it was. Her hair had a blue strand mixed with her curls and her outfit nearly knocked him over. Last time they had met Y/N had looked hot , now she looked beyond hot wearing a slightly baggy ripped jeans with sneakers and a plain top.
   "Oh hey Y/N. I’m so glad you are here.“ he said getting up from the table. "I wanted to talk to you.”
   "Yeah. No , sorry. I have exams to study for.“ she said with a blank expression. "Can I go grab some of — you know ? Downstairs ?”
   "Why ? Did you get tired of – ?“
   "Y/N, please , I have to tell you something. I am s-” he blinked and she was gone. Kai turned around towards Damon and Elena with a look of confusion on his eyes. “Where did she go ? What – What did you do to her ?”
   "Haven’t done a thing. Y/N just doesn’t like you. None of us do. Haven’t you taken the hint already?“ said Damon.
No. That wasn’t it. Y/N might not have told her friends about the feelings she has for him , but Kai knew this girl couldn’t hate him. It just wasn’t who she was - he had gotten a good sense of her. Y/N was too good for her own good , too kind and too forgiving. Something was wrong.
   "The blood bag. You turned her.” thought Kai out loud. Why did he feel like his entire world has crashed and burned right this moment? “Why would you do that to her ? Was she hurt or something ?”
    “Because she asked me to.” said Damon. “Though that backfired. I should’ve seen it coming -”
    “Backfired ? What do you mean by that ?” interrupted Kai. “Damon. Tell me now or I am not going to help you.”
Damon took a sip from his bourbon. “Y/N turned off her humanity and turned into one of the biggest problems I’ve ever had.” said the vampire. “One thing I can’t figure out is why she’d do this right after she turned.”
Kai gulped. He knew exactly why - because of him. Another rush of guilt pulled him under at the realisation. There had to be a way for him to fix this and he was going to fix it , no questions about it , but first —
    “Where is the Ascendant ?”


Y/N was at the rave at Whitmore, having fun with Caroline who had just turned off her humanity too because of her mother’s death. Both of them had fun dancing and feeding , though Caroline had invoked a rule - no victims so they don’t attract attention. Y/N didn’t care much about that , or about anything really. Only thing she seemed to care about blood.
    “That guy keeps checking you out.” said Caroline pointing at one of the guys , not too far away from them. “He hadn’t taken his eyes off you the entire night.”
    “Maybe he is looking at you.”
    “No , no. It’s definitely you.”
    “Well then , I better go meet him.”
Y/N turned towards her friend with a smile and purple / black veins flashing under her eyes. Slowly she made her way through the crowd until she got to the guy. Her hands automatically hooked around his neck and they started dancing to the beat , almost in perfect sync and then out of the blue he kissed her. It felt weird not feeling a thing while making out with a hot guy like him, well almost nothing until Y/N’s vampirism kicked in feeling his blood pulsating in his veins.
    “You are not going to make a sound.” she compelled him , sinking her fangs into his neck the next moment. Not too long it felt as if every blood vessel in her head was exploding and she backed away from the guy , having her neck snapped a split second later.A couple of days later  Kai convinced Damon to bring him over to Bonnie who had found her way out of the Prison World , so he can apologise to her and after that hadn’t gone well he had started losing hope anyone would ever forgive him for anything. Right before the vampire had pulled him away , Kai had spotted Y/N in the crowd , ditching Damon straight away to get to her. Y/N had looked hot before but now wearing those black boots and those tight black skinny jeans with a white top with a skull like print on it , she looked even hotter. Quite literally taking his breath away the way she jumped up to the beat with a blue strand in her hair dancing around her shoulders. Last thing he wanted to do was cause her anymore pain but he had no other option if he wanted to grab her and find a way to turn her humanity back on — and maybe find a way to reverse her vampirism turning her back into a human.
After her body started to drop , he caught her and carried her to his car and then to his apartment , putting a boundary spell around it before cloaking himself and sneaking into Alaric’s apartment to ‘borrow’ some of his vervain supply.

A few hours later Y/N woke up tied to a chair with vervain ropes. Her surroundings were unfamiliar but she got an idea where she was when a familiar face popped right in front of her. Of course. Who else would be stupid enough to get the drop on her ? Under other circumstances she probably would’ve rejoiced to have Kai standing barely a metre away from her but not in this moment. There wasn’t a trace of emotion left in her.
  “What the - ” she wondered , struggling to get herself free, groaning in pain more and more each time as the vervain stung on her skin.
   "Hi.“ grinned Kai. "If you keep struggling , you will only get yourself hurt , Y/N. I just want us to talk , that’s all and then I will let you go.”
   "Charming. Do you always tie up the girls you want to talk to ? Or do you do that just to the ones you know can’t stand you?“
  "I tried talking to you the other day , remember? You ran off before I had said a word to you.” he said blankly. “So , you are a vampire now. Why would you do that to yourself?”
   "I had my reasons which do not concern you.“ she replied continuing to struggle against the vervain ropes.  Y/N had been a vampire for a few days but already hated vervain more than she thought possible. Kai had tied her ankles to the legs of the chair too making sure she couldn’t move even if she wanted to.
   "Did you do it because of what I said ?” he asked.
   "So full of yourself.“ she said a little amused. "Not everything happens because of you Parker. Why don’t you let me go and we can maybe go grab a bite somewhere ?”
   "Not letting you go until you turn that switch back on.“
   "Funny. Why have you taken that upon yourself ? Did Damon roped you into saving his best friend from ‘the biggest mistake she had ever done’ ?” she asked blankly. Seeing Kai like that was different - maybe because she was different or maybe because he had merged and according to the billion messages Damon had left her - he had feelings now. His eyes were filled with worry , sadness and regret. He looked almost broken.
   "I care about you thats why.“
   "You care about me ? Do you even hear yourself ?!” she said incredulous. “I dont feel emotions , I don’t care or feel anything. Your words , not mine.”
Kai got up from his chair , going to pour himself some coffee and Y/N used his distraction to pull on the ropes again with all her strength ignoring the pain from the vervain. A few seconds later she was free and quickly she ran towards the door , opening it and bouncing right off it the next moment.
   "What the hell?!“ she wondered , her hands hitting the invisible barrier over and over , pointlessly trying to get through it. Y/N sighed and turned towards him. Kai was  grinning at her while taking a sip from his coffee as if he hadn’t done a thing. A boundary spell. Should’ve known. she thought to herself.
   "You are not going anywhere sweetheart. Not until we talk and you turn that humanity switch back on.”
   "I’d rather kill you than talk to you or see you or be in the same room as you.“ she said through gritted teeth , whooshing herself towards him until their bodies were barely an inch from each other. "Let me leave now , or I you die.”
   "You won’t kill me.“ he said calmly.
   "Owhh ? Are you counting on my feelings for you to kick in at some point? Because they won’t. They no longer exist and as far as I am concerned neither do you.” she said with a mocking look on her face , seconds before purple black veins flashed under her eyes and her teeth sank into his neck.
Kai dropped his coffee on the ground , trying to push her off. Truth to be told he had been expecting that maybe seeing him would get her to flip the switch back on. He had heard multiple times that love is the strongest force there is and blah blah even though he didn’t understand any of it and he hadn’t expected her to actually try and kill him.
   "Motus.“ he muttered , sending her flying off him almost hitting the wall at the other end of the room. "Dang Y/N , maybe Damon was right. I didn’t want to believe him at first but you have lost everything that made you who you are by flipping that stupid humanity switch. You are not this person.”
Y/N wiped his blood of her chin and launched at him again , dropping on the ground with a spectacular witchy headache a split second later. Now she knew why Damon was always in a horrid vengeance mood after those. It felt as if every blood vessel in her head popped all over , healed and popped all over again.
  “I am going to kill you.” she said through gritted teeth.
  “No. You won’t.” he said calmly , taking a step towards her. “I am going to get you to flip that switch back on and then I will find a way to reverse what Damon did to you.”
  “Don’t — waste your t-time.” she struggled to speak. “I don’t n-need fixing.”
Y/N kept struggling to get to him and somehow break his concentration but he wouldn’t stop. He placed his hand on his wound healing it with magic wondering who was this person in front of him ? Surely he hadn’t been the nicest person ever , specially to her but — Kai couldn’t stand seeing her like this , though he had to admit her being a vampire how made her even hotter in his eyes than before. He closed his eyes hearing her scream and groan in pain rolling on the ground for a few moments before he stopped the spell and he knelt down next to her , brushing his fingers against her cheek.  
   "You are not this person Y/N. “ said Kai taking a step towards her. "You are kind , caring - ”
   "You still are.”
   "Please Y/N. I am really sorry about what I said and did that day.” he said gazing into her eyes. They were so cold and empty it broke him in half. “I didn’t see it back then but now I do and I know it is my fault you did this. I was a idiot , the biggest one rejecting you.”
   "Finally. One thing we can agree on.“ she said sitting up and starring at him blankly. There was no way he’d actually think any of this and even if he was , that wont make her flip it back on. Wont change what he made her do or erase all the pain he caused. Y/N leaned in towards him , brushing her palm against his cheek giving him a small smile. For a moment he smiled too , thinking probably somehow he had broken through the tough exterior or at least had made a crack.
   "You are pathetic.” she pit. “I am bored. Do you hate a deck of cards somewhere?”
   "Fine then. We do it the hard way.“ he said getting up, breaking her leg in the next moment. "You are going to turn it on now or I will keep breaking and breaking cuz – sweetheart , we both know I am the actual monster here.”
Y/N screamed in pain rolling on the ground but before she had had time to heal Kai flicked his wrist and her leg broke on another spot and another. Something in her mind started pushing its way through hearing his words. A flicker of  emotion , but she shoved it back where it came from before it had crawled its way out of the black door in her mind.
  “Turn it on.”
Kai flicked his wrist again breaking her other leg and her arm. He couldn’t stand what he was doing to her. Every flick of his wrist only added more to the guilt he already felt. What was he even doing ? After all of this there was no way she’d forgive him , ever.
  “Keep breaking Parker.” she started laughing. “It will be even more satisfying when I get to rip your head off after that.”
  “You are the best thing that has come into my life and I was so blind not seeing it back then.  I can’t live with the guilt of everything I did to you.”  his voice breaking. “I didn’t even know guilt can drown you without actually drowning you. It keeps me up at night -”
Y/N wasn’t listening. Instead she was running scenarios in her head on how she’d get her revenge after that , not caring that would mean Liv’s death or Jo’s death. Not giving a damn about how Alaric would react to losing his future wife and his unborn twinsies. Not caring what Tyler would do to her if his girl dies. Kai knelt down on the ground next to her , studying her face. His eyes were so different in that moment - filled with tears, pain and regret.
  “Kill me.” he dared her, stopping the spell. “Come on. Kill me.”
Y/N caught her breath laying on the ground. “You are bluffing.”
  “Rip my heart out.” he dared her again getting on top of her , placing her hand on his chest. “Put me out of my misery because I can’t live another second with the guilt about everything that I’ve done to you. Or to Jo or Liv. Or even Bonnie.”
Kai’s heart was racing so fast it felt as if it was trying to leap out of his chest and then a tear rolled down his cheek which he completely ignored. Their eyes were locked on each other and none of them was willing to look away from the other.
  “No.” she shook her head, pulling her hand away from his chest. “No , you deserve to live with it eating you away for the rest of your pat-”
Kai didn’t let her finish. There was one thing left for him to try , hoping that maybe it would get her to turn her humanity back on. He pinned her hands on either side of her head and his lips crashed against hers , hungry and demanding , pulling the air out of her lungs. At first she struggled trying to push him off her which only made him kiss her harder until she stopped struggling and returned the kiss. His grip on her hands loosened and she tangled her fingers in his hair , both of them moaning into the kiss until Kai pulled away , resting his forehead on hers.
  “I should’ve started with that.” he said out of breath , gazing into her eyes. “Please tell me it worked.”
His heart was racing faster than ever , still feeling her lips on his. Y/N just stared at him and a few tears rolled down her temples. “Get off me. Now.”
Kai’s face darkened but he did as she asked , rolling onto the ground next to her. He had hoped this would flip the switch , he hoped it had flipped it back considering how she had kissed him back. How it was possible that it hadn’t worked ?!
  “What did I do?” she muttered , covering her face with her hands. “Oh my God what did I do?”
  “Y/N?” he turned towards her. “What are you talking about ? Hey , talk to me.”
Y/N shook her head refusing to say a word and then it hit him - her switch had flipped back on and every emotion had came rushing into her mind. Kai removed her hands from her face , pulling her into his embrace. He knew exactly how she felt in that moment because he had experienced the same thing a few days ago.
  “I’m sorry. I am so sorry Y/N. It’s all my fault. I was an idiot , I am an idiot who hurt you so many times and led  you to do that to yourself , but I am going to fix it. I promise. I will find a way to fix everything.” said Kai , kissing her forehead. “I am so sorry and I know I don’t deserve  your forgiveness but I need you to give me one more chance to make things right.”
Y/N’s mind was racing like crazy - what was she thinking becoming a vampire. Turning off her humanity and shutting out everything that made her who she was ?! All those people she hurt , the ones who got killed because she couldn’t handle rejection. Tears were streaming down her face so fast it was pointless to try and stop them.
    “I know you hate me and you have every right to… I will spend every day until the rest of my life trying to make up for everything.”
Kai waited for her to say something , to stop crying  holding her tightly towards him. Slowly rocking back and forth trying to calm her down.
  “I bit you. Oh my God , I bit you..” her hands covered her face. “All the things I said. Everything I did.”
  “It’s okay. It wasn’t you , I know it wasn’t”
  “I am so sorry.” she cried turning towards him. Kai was crying too.
  “Does that mean you w-will you give me one more chance? I promise I will find out a way to make you a human again and  — maybe we can have a future – together. ” he wondered , wiping away a few tears from her cheeks.
   "Y-you want me to be a human ?” she said through tears. “But you said -”
   "I was so blind and ignorant , not realising what I had until I lost it. Please Y/N , give me one more chance. Just one.“ he pleaded.
Y/N smiled at him. "One more chance. D-don’t screw it up Malachai.”
Kai grinned at her , usually he’d have other reaction to people calling him by his full name but not with her. He loved the way it had rolled off her tongue , like its the most special thing in the world to her.
   "Wouldn’t dream of it.“ replied Kai , kissing her again.