daya and bennet

My reactions while watching OITNB and realizing that Bennet is actually LEAVING:
  • Me: Fuck yeah, Bennet, don't let that cursed crib ruin your future with Daya.
  • Me: I know you're emotional, but it's going to be okay, man, things will be different with you and Daya.
  • Me: Oh, is he leaving because he's finding like a better job or start fresh so that when Daya finally leaves prison, they can be together? Yaaas, I see you, dude. Good for you.
  • Me: *notices solemn crib abandoned in the middle of the road*
  • Me:
  • Me: is this like a symbol or something?
  • Me:
  • Me: NAHH, he's coming back. I know it.
  • Me: *watches next episode*
  • Me: *watches the next one after that*
  • Me: *and the next one after that and still no Bennet*
  • Daya: "Motherfucker."
  • Me: *panics and cries*
  • Me: no
  • Me: NO
  • Me: "Hoe, don't do it, yo."
  • Me: *realizes Bennet isn't coming back*
  • Me: <b> OH MY GOD <b/>