day: too many to count

Marichat May Day 6: Game Night

He has already lost too many times to even count with the fingers. But Chat doesnt mind in the slightest while he can cuddle around Mari and enjoy her company.

i did this too late im sorry xD

Current WIP Fics (as of 7/8/2017)

Frosted Hearts || faerie au! || Winter Prince

→ angst
→ Sequel to Trick or True 
☀︎ This is a palace of ice and stone; a prison with four walls and silk sheets. Seconds turn to minutes which turn to hours and soon enough the days have slipped into weeks and all that you see and hear is the fresh sprinkle of snow and the roaring call of the beasts who live deep within the forest of this court. It is quiet and lonely and so cold that you feel nothing at all when your doors swing open one evening to the sight of the crown prince; his eyes alight with clouded worry, body tight and face hard. There is nothing but emptiness and the bitter encasing of your frosted heart.

☆ Progress: 4020 words has been written

∟ Even If The World Is Burning (m)

→ zombie apocalypse au!
→  romance, angst, light smut
 warnings/graphic content: violence, major character death, blood
☀︎ “I’ll keep you safe, trust me.”

     “I trust you.”

☆ Progress: 789 words have been written. 

∟ Between the Forest and Hills (m) || werewolf!au

→ angst, smut, romance, blood, death
☀︎ All who lived in the small village knew that the forest was off limits. It was a place of nightmares and cruel beasts that roamed the territory night and day. Ever since that one mistake as child, you have not gone near the tree line; have not stepped inside the forest. However, when certain situations arise, you push aside those memories of sharp teeth and vivid, yellow eyes and step into the forest once more.

Sneak Peak

☆ Progress: Around 2k has been written

Divenire (m)  || re-written || vampire!au

→ angst, smut, romance 
☀︎ When you first meet Park Jimin, he is  extraordinary and kind, a source of light amidst the gruelling days of college. When you first meet Park Jimin, you do not suspect he is anything but human.

☆ Progress: Editing and adding new parts underway


Something Wonderful || hockey player!au 

→ fluff 
→ sequel to Something Great 

☆ Progress: 1488 words has been written

Company (02) (m) || mafia/hitman au!

→ smut, mentions of violence
→  Sequel to Company (01) 
☀︎  Sometimes all you want is a bit of company.  

☆ Progress: moved onto the editing phase. Release date is Sun, July 16th.

Love On The Brain (m) || mob!au 

→ smut, angst, romance, friends to lovers, slow burn
→ on-going
☀︎ The Kim’s were a household your own family spoke of constantly but never in fond terms. They were deceitful, cunning and liars to the grave. Yet, when you meet Kim Namjoon, you find all these accusations to be anything but true. Still, if it pleased your family, you would keep your distance-and you tried. It was meant to be a one time deal, a quick fix for instant relief but as the weeks turn to months, you find yourself unable to stay away.

☆ Progress: Chapter 1 -3 have been outlined. Estimated to be 5-6 chapters.
Chapter 1: 2,788 words have been written.

TGIF (m)

→ smut, pwp
→ semi-public sex, exhibition kink
→ Part 3 of Escapades Series

☆ Progress:  1,525 words have been written. 


Nightfall (m)

→ romance, smut || dom!Jin

☆ Progress: 958 words has been written

∟ Room 271 (m)

→ smut

Sneak Peak 1 || Sneak Peak 2 

☆ Progress: Around 1.5k has been written

∟ A Season of Wicked Games

→ smut, angst, romance, major character death
→  based off of The Arcana Chronicles by Kresley Cole
☀︎ A blast of heat, nothing but a split second of resounding noise and then you are waking up the following morning to burnt grass and a desolate land with nothing left of the world you once knew. In this world there are players of a game far out of anyones control, people who are all struggling to survive against a prophecy written in the stars long before their time. 

And while you are fighting to stay alive against forces far greater than you once thought imaginable, you meet certain players of this fight, each with their own outlook and abilities, and soon find yourself siding with them during this game of survival, death and vengeance. 

Knocking on Death’s Door - Yoongi x Reader 
∟ Major Arcana Card: Death

• The Tower Sits High Above All Else - Namjoon x Reader  
∟ Major Arcana Card: The Tower

With Bleeding Hands We Shall Reach For The Stars - Taehyung x Reader
∟ Major Arcana Card: The Magician 

• He Who Knows the Games - Jimin x Reader
∟ Major Arcana Card: The Fool

• Beneath the Full Moon We Tumble - Hoseok x Reader
∟ Major Arcana Card: The Moon

 Far Into The Woods I Seek Strength- Jin x Reader
∟Major Arcana Card: Strength 

• The Player Who Sits On A Throne Made Of Stone - Jungkook x Reader
∟Major Arcana Card: The Emperor

☆ Progress:  Storyboarding underway for each fic 

Marvin counts how many times they kiss throughout the day.

  1. when Marvin’s just woken up, and Whizzer’s already showered. “good morning,” Whizzer says into Marvin’s lips, “your breath is disgusting.” Marvin smacks him away, and groans, and buries his face into the pillow again.
  2. when Marvin finishes shaving and pats his cheeks with aftershave, Whizzer saunters into the bathroom and repeats the motion before pulling him in for a kiss. “can’t i do one thing in peace?” Marvin asks, grinning. Whizzer hums – of course not. 
  3. when Whizzer serves breakfast, eggs over spinach over toast, Marvin drags him down by the collar and kisses him, deeply. he lets go and pushes him away a little and smiles, turns back to his breakfast and pretends it never happened. payback. 
  4. when Marvin leaves for work, he asks for a goodbye kiss. Whizzer plants one on his cheek as he shoves him out the door. 
  5. when Whizzer gets home (half an hour after Marvin, sweaty from the day’s activities, grinning and tired and content), Marvin pushes him against the wall of their foyer, shoves a leg between Whizzer’s, kisses up his neck. “i’ve been wanting to do this all day,” he says, and Whizzer believes it. 
  6. (there are too many kisses to count after that – he kisses along the line of Whizzer’s jaw, his bared neck, the soft spot between his thighs that always makes him melt. Marvin gives up his counting game for a few moments there and gets lost in the beauty of Whizzer’s body.)
  7. when Whizzer cooks dinner, twenty minutes later with his pants still unzipped and his motions easy and loose, Marvin comes up behind him. “what’s for dinner?” he asks, launching himself onto his tiptoes, tucking his chin onto Whizzer’s shoulder. “none of your business,” Whizzer says, carelessly moving away. “you’re an asshole,” Marvin replies, and he kisses the side of Whizzer’s neck before pulling away and huffing.
  8. when Marvin is doing the dishes, Whizzer sidles up beside him. “thank you for cleaning, dear,” he says, half-mocking the pet name. Marvin grumbles, and Whizzer smiles at him. he turns Marvin’s face towards his and kisses just to the left of where Marvin’s mouth, soft and ever-sweet. Marvin does his best to still be huffy afterward, but he isn’t fooling anyone.
  9. in the middle of their late-night SNL viewing on Marvin’s little television, Whizzer removes his legs from their position draped over Marvin’s (knocking the book on his lap in the process) and stretches his arms. “i’m going to the kitchen, do you want anything?” he asks. “wine would be nice?” Marvin replies, raising an eyebrow. Whizzer grins at him, toothy, and leans back for another kiss before busying himself again.
  10. in bed, undressed and unwinding, Whizzer yawns and closes the novel on his lap. “i’m going to bed now,” he says, softly, his gaze soft and affectionate and directed right at Marvin. Marvin leans over, cradles the side of his face, and kisses him gently. “goodnight,” he says into Whizzer’s lips. “goodnight.”
  11. when Marvin decides he’s done reading for the night, he leans over and turns off his bedside lamp. he pulls the covers up to his neck and leans back into Whizzer. he feels Whizzer’s arm snake around his waist and a soft, sleepy kiss pressed into his shoulder. 

if Marvin never got the complete tally, it’s all right. he always has a new day ahead of him.

Since it’s been days that I can’t manage to get any art done. I’m so pissed è_é Anyway, have a quick doodle of my Ryder done in an attempt to warm up a little…

While You Were Gone

Originally posted by ehghtyseven

Summary: The reader makes a deal to temporarily go to Hell for a week to save Dean. He doesn’t know what to do with himself while she’s gone and starts writing her letters…

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,800ish

Warnings: lanuage

A/N: Written in Dean’s POV….

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