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Hey, what was the context of Jemma saying 'I'm a tart for a laugh' at the talk on Saturday? could you do like a summary of things she said? xxx thanks!!!

I can absolutely do a summary!! The ‘I’m a tart for a laugh’ was in response to what her favourite role was, which was a farce that she did many moons ago (I cannae remember what it was called tho)

I’ll stick the rest under a cut here, bc it’s about to get long lads (99% of this is paraphrasing bc i have a brain like a sieve):

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Pics of Jemma from Saturday - yes, that’s me meeting her there.  Feel free to take the pics, crop me out (please!) and use them for whatever.

I should explain the serious expression on Jemma’s face in a few of them - this was when I was telling her how she helped me through Breast Cancer treatment last year - she was an absolute delight, got a wee bit emotional and we had a delightful wee chat.

I’m absolutely and totally in love.

Things I learned about Ming-Na from hearing her talk at Collectormania
  • Agent May’s character was originally named Althea Rice and was not specifically cast as an Asian woman. When she got the part, Maurissa Tancharoen said, ‘We’re not going to be able to call you ‘Rice’, are we?’
  • She does 80% of her own stunts on Agents of Shield and injured her knee in the scene where (spoilers) May and Coulson are fighting two of the robotic clones of the Russian
  • She doesn’t have any belts although she has studied tae kwon do, kung fu and is studying wushu
  • After she played Chun-Li in Street Fighter she said she’d never do any more action roles again. (She was incorrect.)
  • She is still close with her co-stars from The Joy Luck Club and calls them her ‘sisters and aunties’
  • She was nine months pregnant when Dr. Chen gave birth on ER, and could not stop crying, for real, during the scene where she gave up the baby for adoption (and told off Noah Wyle when he told her to “save it for the close-up!”)
  • She loves tequila and dirty jokes and says she is probably the biggest handful on set, although when Chloe was suggested she added, “Sure, Chloe! I’ll throw Chloe under the bus!”
  • She does not really want Coulson and May to get together because she loves the tension, and the way they have a strong friendship they don’t want to complicate or damage
  • She loves Star Wars. As a kid she said she would pray to “God, Buddha and the Force” and would love to be cast in any role in the movies, even the tea lady or someone who just hands people lightsabers (Disney, you know what to do!!)
  • She also loves Mulan and is hoping to be/talking to Disney about being involved in the live-action version (SAAAME)
  • She was president of her high school sci-fi club so genuinely enjoys doing genre work
  • She would love to do more comedy, romantic comedy, etc. in the future
  • She loves beaded bracelets although had to stop accepting any for awhile because people gave her so many
  • She has been trying to write a lifestyle book because people keep asking her how she stays so young, but she’s finding it more difficult than she expected for various reasons
  • She wore a small lapel pin for photographs which I could see was green and thought was a charity badge of some sort but the flash from the photo clearly shows it is a Hydra pin, cheeky lady
  • She is as bubbly and cute as a whole bagful of buttons and could still kick my ass and I would 100% thank her as I lay broken on the floor, but I think she wouldn’t because she doesn’t seem like she’d be prone to random violence
Collectormania people:

If you see someone walking around in a ratty looking wedding dressy-type outfit, possibly holding a black square or some weird picture, please come and say hello. I’m not crazy (well, a bit) it’s part of a performance I’m doing with a group of artists, and the more pictures I can get in the ridiculous outfit, the better. So, unless I chicken out and just come in me normal clothes, look out for the dress and please do come say hello, I’d love to meet ya (I mean, come say hello in my normal clothes anyway, I don’t hafta be in the dress for that :))