day6 drawing

I had to do a double theme day for @sorielweek due to not wanting to overload myself (but still actually complete the week long project) so I combined Day 4: Protection and Day 6: AU with my second favorite duo UF Sans and Toriel.

A follow up to the other entries, sometimes your actions speak louder than any word you could come up with to explain how you feel.  And often times they betray a truth you would otherwise keep hidden.

100daysofsurvivorvictim: Day 6

More Ohmwrecker and CaRtOoNz~ * u * Because I have an addiction with the mix of R6 & the conversations these two have♥ and that IG’s videoooo omg…  


i rushed this and i have many regrets pursuing this drawing bUT WHATEVER, WATCH ME NEVER DRAW FOR ANOTHER 4 MONTHS I HOPE THE GIRLS SEE THIS THAT’S ALL I REALLY CARE ABOUT TBH anyway, check out their debut and buy their mini-album!! can’t wait to see more from them!!

can you tell who’s who? :3c pls try to guess in your tags lol

Less than a week until Alolaaaaaa

this was my countdown piece that I did for the @sunmoon-count but due to school and stuff I couldn’t find time to digitalize it ha ha…

Still!!!!! I had fun drawing for it and yeah! 

please dont remove the text please