Members you’ll find in every K-pop group



-Grandparent (may or may not have actual back problems)

-Confident Gay

-Panicked Gay

-The Earrings© Member

-The one that looks like they’re questioning their choice of becoming an idol more and more as time goes on

-The Loudass Bitch/Diva

-The Sunshine/UwU

-The Snake™

-The short angry one

-The tall one that causes the short ones anger

-The only true good dancer

-The high note bitch®

-The one that doesn’t know what they’re doing or where they even are 90% of the time

Different Types of Kpop Fans.

That Tomboy Girl

  • Tryna look like Oppa
  • Short hair that’s probably dyed
  • Most of the time super chill
  • 90% Chance they’re gay

That Girly Stan

  • Bangs
  • Skirts and Dresses
  • Knows all the Twice dances
  • Good at makeup
  • “oppa!”

The Rich Fan

  • Buys all the albums
  • Owns a bunch of merch
  • Has or will visit Korea
  • Has the money for concert tickets

The Undercover Stan

  • Never wears merch
  • Nobody knows they like kpop
  • Good fashion sense
  • Probably does something with music (band or choir)

Fandom Saviors

  • Post Frequently on social media
  • Writers
  • Super creative
  • Multifandom

The Army

  • Only knows BTS
  • “Omg you like Kpop too? I like BTS!”
  • Super Loyal
  • Probably said something problematic at one point


  • Can’t handle all their faves promoting at once
  • Need help
  • Stressed
  • Know too many dances
  • Probably own a stan account

Thirsty Stan

  • Want to see the abs
  • “HyUNA iS SuCh a kWEen UgH”
  • Only like dark and badass concepts
  • Never satisfied
  • Satan
  • Soft Stans are scared of them

Soft Stan

  • The purest Babys
  • The opposite of the Thirsty Stan
  • “they look soooo cuuuute”
  • Cute Concepts
  • Prob wear a lot of pastel colours


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