Attack on Titan Ladies

So for Aot Week’s 5th day I wanted to try and do a tribute to the SnK Ladies. Because they are AMAZING.

I always have been a “girl power” kind of person but SnK took it to a whole other level. The girls there are not simply soldiers, they’re legendary warriors. They truly influence me in my everyday life. They’re my motivation to make my 55 daily abs (yes I am serious xD)

I’m going to talk a little about these amazing women, starting with those I like a lot and ending with my faves. There won’t be everybody, I’ll focus on those that mean something special to me.

Mikasa. I kind of pity her (except for her abs), because she truly reminds me of myself trying to be nice to my crush. Eren sometimes gets mad at her for being so motherly and I’m afraid I have a tendancy to be the same with people I love.

Hannah. For some sort of reason I really like her. She seems awfully kind and I think she and Franz deserved better. They were such a cute, old couple ! I’m grateful that she appears in both Junior High School and Spoof on titan.

Historia. I like how truly nice she seems, and then how Ymir manages to bring out the egoist part of her. She was cute and kind, now she is a queen and a figther. She’s an amazing character with a darker mind than it seems at first.

Ymir. Now Ymir is kind of the best . She is such a dark person and we still love her. She’s that kind of girl that is so gay she makes you want to be gay. She seems mean at first but she actually cares. Her monologue in the Utgard fortress brings tears to my eyes. I love her relationship with Connie, Reiner, and Bertolt. And don’t even get me started on her and Historia.

Ilse. She really had a useful death to humanity and I respect how serious she was until her last minute. She’s very cute too

Petra. I love how she can be both harsh and nice. She’s awfully sweet and I admire the blind trust she has in her comrades

Line. (she’s the center, sorry but google wouldn’t show me any pics) If I had to sum her up in one word, it’d be : wishfull thinking. (ok, maybe two words). She’s awfully nice and I can’t help but cry every time I watch the scene where she dies.

Rico. Rico is super serious and realist in any situation. I respect her for that and I am very attached to her. I think she has a form of unique beauty too.

Nanaba. Nanaba is a BADASS. I am gay for her, I love how she acts like a mom to Historia and her realtionship with both Mike and Gerger. The anime version of her death and her shouting “no! daddy!” is the most perturbating thing ever though.

Hanji. Ok now this is getting too hard. HANJI IS PERFECT. She’s my role-model in life. She is smart, caring, I love her when she smiles as much as when she is angry. She’s like the cadets’ second mom and a born leader, though I think it’s nice she has Levi in her life to control her sometimes. Moblit too but you know…  *ugly sobs* Also she is GORGEOUS but in her own way, I love that

Because Venetian Masquerades are lit af

That’s all, i didn’t think this thru, why are 2 russians wandering around 1800s Italy i d on   k no




Day 1: Domestic / Future

Day 2: Friends to Lovers / Hobbies

Day 3: Social Media / College

Day 4: Seasonal / Fantasy AU

Day 5: Date/Date Night / Historical Au

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DannyMay Day Five: Moment in time/clocks

…He always gets a feeling first. Like the air shifts around him. A disturbance if you will. He knows it’s really bad when, coupled with The Feeling, all his clocks stall for a single second. He turns on his monitor. The nagging will not go away.

Daniel is up to something

He finds his young charge brooding by his school locker. His friends standing next to him. He can feel it down to his ghostly tail. Daniel is going to do something, what, he can’t decide. There are too many possibilities.

“Danny are you sure you want to go through with this?”

“Yeah man, this seems a bit drastic, even for you”

“I’m just so done with this town! How can nobody tell it’s me after three whole years of saving their collective ass!? I mean come on! I’m sticking my arm through a locker!”

As he said, Daniel has made his arm intangible and is rummaging through his locker. Nobody seems to notice.

“I should just come to school as Phantom in my regular clothes”

“Dude, with your luck people would think you’re trying to copy Phantom”

Daniel appears to be quite offended by that statement. Yelling things like “how can I copy myself as myself”

“Hey at least you have your parents on your side this time around”

Clockwork chuckles, his charge can be quite the drama queen. Daniel proceeds to bang his head against the locker.

The school day rolls by and nothing out of the ordinary has happened Yet. Clockwork knows better, “The Feeling” has not dissipated. However a tingle races down his spine as lunch time approaches.


“Oh no”

The boy he calls Dash is angrily making his way towards Daniel. Something about a test he failed and misplaced aggression. Clockwork scowls, Daniel seems resigned to the oncoming assault. The entirety of the cafeteria looking on. However something in his eyes changes. He stands.

“Dash I’m not in the mood for your BS right now”

“Who do you think you’re talking to Fen-tina

Clockwork scowls, this brute of a boy better watch himself. He may only interfere when absolutely necessary, but no neanderthal will lay an unjust finger upon his son-young charge, he meant young charge. Daniel clenches his fists.

“You know what Dash, I don’t care just leave me alone or you’re gonna regret it”

The hulking boy grins like the cat that got the cream. Clockwork’s “Feeling” intensifies. He knows the unforeseeable event will happen soon.

“What are you gonna do about it Fen-tonio?

Briefly Daniel’s eyes glow green. He looks about ready to leap at the boy. Clockwork secretly hopes this is the timeline where he does. In a deathly serious voice Daniel responds

“you don’t want to know”

the brute appeares to be taken aback by the sudden shift in the atmosphere. The crowd seems to back away a step. Daniel commands respect, and exudes lethality. Clockwork smirks. That’s the strength his young charge is admired for all throughout the Ghost Zone. Daniel’s Ghost Sense goes off. The children seem perplexed by the smoke exiting his mouth. He smirks. “The Feeling” reaches its peek.

“Anyway, I wish I could stay and finish this little exchange but…”

bright rings of light appear at his waist. His friends face palm. The students gasp in surprise and jump back. The Dash boy stumbles on a near by chair. The English teacher gasps from his position at the door. Daniel grins almost manically. Clockwork roars with laughter for the first time in eons.

As the rings travel up and down his body, leaving behind black and white jumpsuit. Realization strikes the English teacher who looks about ready to faint. The students one by one come to the same conclusion. The brute of a boy sitting on the floor looks on in frozen astonishment. Finally the rings end their journey. Danny Phantom stands before the school in all his heroic glory. He looks Dash in the eye.

“…I have ghost butt to kick, and I don’t hurt civilians, no matter how much of a jerk they can be”

he grabs his friends by the arms and phases up and out through the roof. Clockwork is wiping away tears of laughter. His young charge is always entertaining to watch. Instead of following Daniel’s exit, Clockwork surveys the damage. The Dash boy looks ready to vomit. The English teacher actually fainted. The students squealed, groaned, and sighed. A redhead kid seems to be shouting about how he knew it all along. All in all nothing too bad that would require him to step in.

Clockwork turns off the Daniel monitor. His young charge is quite the sassy hero. The Feeling has evaporated. The revelation of his Ghost half was the grand event. Everything is back to normal within the Clock Tower. A knock at the door. Clockwork smiles and prepares his congratulations.

“All is as it should be”

Sanvers Week Day 5 - Domestic

Cw: hospitals/illness, mentions of police brutality, homophobia

The first time Maggie felt him move, she’d woken Alex so frantically she thought someone had died.

But when her wife took her hands and pressed them to her belly, beaming and insistent (“There, right there, do you feel it?”), Alex could only shake her head.

That was always her greatest fear, in the beginning. That he wouldn’t feel like hers right away. That he’d never feel like hers at all.  

She remembered the pain of having Kara stand before her dressed in black, snarling that they didn’t share blood, and imagined her son spitting the same thing at her, mid-argument, in fifteen years.

It had been drilled into her from day one, every time someone would congratulate Maggie but not her, or a stranger would ask how far along her friend was. Every time Eliza would make a shotgun subtle suggestion about ensuring that he had enough male influences in his life. When she would try to visit Maggie during her check-ups and the nurse would ask her, cautiously, if she was a family member. When she would do 3am runs to the grocery store for ginger beer and the cashier would ask how far along she was, only to say “Oh I’m sorry, I just assumed you were the mom”.

Now, she couldn’t be more grateful for that distance. It was the only thing keeping her from screaming.

She clenched Maggie’s hand on the way out of the doctor’s office, feeling the tremble of her wife’s skin, stopping to take her ashen face in her hands. “It’s gonna be fine,” she found herself saying, only because that’s what you said at times like this, even when the words were hollow in your throat. “We’ll figure this out.”

Still in shock, Maggie could only shake her head, glazed eyes drifting somewhere over Alex’s chest, repeating the only thing she’d been able to say since they were told. “We haven’t even named him yet.”

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#SanversWeek Day 5 Master Post

Ofc Alex and Maggie would have their baby with the world imploding around them.

Alex has to (un)Learn Things but also their child is adorable.

They are each other’s home: a gifset.

Alex is home in Maggie’s arms.

Alex’s history of domesticity.

Alex and Adrian bond over My Chemical Romance and Maggie is In Love.

These gay nerds accidentally living together.

Dishwasher lesbians.

Reasons to get a house.

Baby Sanvers, befuddled Lucy Lane, and a blanket fort.

Poor sexually frustrated Alex Danvers.

Adrian gets a girlfriend.

They get a fucking bunny rabbit.

Alex has trouble relaxing.

These nerds and keeping their apartment clean.

Alex goes to war against inanimate objects.

So soft so quiet so nb!Alex.

The Danvers girls puppy-eyes Maggie for a puppy.

Character death happens.

Such a moving, beautiful emotional roller coaster.

Lena comes over for dinner and also Maggie calls Alex darling and I’m done.

Food arguing.

So insightful so beautiful so canon.

Maggie makes sure Alex eats.

Shy nerds apartment searching.

Introversion and supportive!girlfriends.

Living together as fighting back.

Sanvers meets Hamilton.

Dramatic!Winn and Flustered!Kara.

Adorable morning after story.

Maggie has dinosaur pajamas.

Maggie has a nightmare and I’m In Pain.

All the soft gay devotion ft. nb!Alex.

Such beauty such extreme angst.

The fucking dishwasher I feel personally attacked.

Gertrude is a DEO-sourced pup.

So soft so Superfriends so perfection.

So angst so real so tears.

Kara and Maggie bond awkwardly.

Gertrude + Alex + morning runs.

Smol sick beans.


Title: I Feel It
Author(s): justrae2010
Rating: Explicit

“How does it feel, Yuuri?”

Victor’s warm breath tingled over the sensitive skin of Yuuri’s sternum, sending shivers down the younger skater’s spine.

It was perfect - but it was nothing compared to the tantalising vibrations kissing down Yuuri’s happy trail, hips lifting instinctively for more contact. He needed more. It was so there, but still not enough somehow, a fresh wave of shudders gently wracking through Yuuri’s system. He needed to come. He needed to come so bad.

The bullet hummed against the tip of Yuuri’s leaking erection, peeking through the parted folds of his jeans and shoved down underwear. He couldn’t hold back at that, back arching in mindless pleasure and fingers twisting hard in Victor’s soft silver hair.

Yuuri’s mouth fell open. “Victo-ughn!”

Victor brings home a surprise.

Link to A03:

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Day 5: Domestic

There were a lot of reasons why Maggie had been hesitant to enter into a relationship with a woman like Alex Danvers. Her own history at destroying things, for one. Eventually though, they found their place with each other, and Maggie found new reasons to worry. They both led dangerous jobs with a duty to protect, it became obvious after the third apocalyptic event that National City was ground zero for danger. Maggie was sure a bullet or a phaser would end their relationship.

And then they moved in together.

Their things merged more or less seamlessly together, the new bedroom door ensured that there would be fewer opportunities for Little Danvers to barge in on them, and all and all things were going well. At least until Maggie suggested they head out together and stock the kitchen with basics.

She used to chalk it up to long hours at the DEO and the impracticality of expecting leftovers with the Kryptonian garbage disposal always over.

But on this, their first joint trip to the grocery store, Maggie Sawyer discovered the single biggest threat to the length of their relationship, to Alex’s health, was Alex’s diet.

“Danvers, seriously, one family-sized thing of Oreos is enough.”

“Not if Kara comes over.”

“Your sister can buy her own cookies. Here, let’s get some crackers to snack on-”

Which of course meant that Alex grabbed a box of Ritz crackers- Ritz - instead of the seven-grain healthy option Maggie had been pointing to. And when she protested, it led to a seven-minute disagreement over whether Alex could use “I’m a doctor,” as a legitimate nutritional argument.

Every aisle was much the same. Alex would put something into the cart, Maggie would replace it with something healthier, and a tug of war would commence. Sometimes the healthiest options would be on the top shelf, and Alex would pretend she couldn’t hear Maggie’s request to reach it “from way down there” and laughed when Maggie jumped and used a box of Cheerios to knock things down. One time, the argument didn’t end until Maggie literally climbed Alex in the middle of the canned vegetables to reach the can Alex was holding over her head.

Two hours into getting “just the basics” and Maggie was ready to kill Alex herself rather than waiting for the onset of heart disease. Maggie’s cart hadn’t held so much junk since she was 14 and it was the only kind of food her aunt could afford. Kara, at least, had the excuse of alien physiology and a never-ending need for calories. Maggie had no clue how Alex had made it so close to 30 on a diet of takeout and microwavables. Her daily intake of sodium alone could kill a man.

The fight over ice cream nearly came to blows. They had a normal-sized freezer, they did not have room for both actual food and thirteen different flavors of Ben and Jerry’s and one pint of her So Delicious.

“You already got canned vegetables, Sawyer, why do you need frozen ones?”

“Because we need them for different things, Danvers. Jesus are you going to be like this about the fresh stuff too?”

“We’re getting more?”

Obviously, they were getting more. Maggie would get vegetables in Alex’s diet if it killed her.

She took her time, even as Alex whined, picking up every fruit and vegetable and quizzing her girlfriend on names and ripeness. Maggie was pleasantly surprised that Alex even knew what an eggplant was, even if she made a face at the thought of trying it.

“Mom had a healthy eating kick.”

Maggie had attended the last Danvers Family Eating Holiday. Credit where credit was due, Eliza Danvers was a much better cook than her daughters. But she wasn’t exactly generous with the seasonings, so Maggie wasn’t surprised that Alex wasn’t enthusiastic at the thought.

“You’ll love my eggplant lasagna,” Maggie promised.

That promise did require some backtracking into the Natural section of the store, where Maggie could pick up lactose-free cheeses and cheese substitutes. This was probably the one section where Alex behaved, having born unfortunate witness to what happened when Maggie gave into her hunger and ate four-cheese pizza after Kara had accidentally eaten the lactose-free pizza.

Their cart of “basics” totaled nearly $400, and that was after Maggie had put back the “Kara” pile. She stared hard at the disproportionate amount of junk food and vowed she would teach Alex to eat healthier if she had to do it one sexual favor at a time.

Ride or die did not include intentionally developing diabetes.

Sanvers Week Day 5: Domestic

I’m late afffffffff with this but here’s domestic. Big thanks to @jiemba for taking a look behind me and just being the very best in general.

Heads up for racism and light homophobia.

Maggie sat on the park bench watching Elena tear around the playground. At barely three, her legs were a little wobbly but she was still able to navigate the entire small play structure on her own.

Alex had had some trouble getting pregnant but once she did, the pregnancy ran smoothly and their little girl was amazing. She was a carbon copy of Alex, from her crooked smile to her brilliant mind, and she was the light of their lives.

Noticing she had been playing alone for awhile, she ran over to Maggie for reassurance; a quick hug and a “te amo” from her mom and she was running back to climb back up the short stairs to the slide.

A woman sitting at the next bench gave her a small smile.

“Mommy!” Elena yelled, as Alex walked up to greet her.

“Hey baby!” Alex cried back, giving her a hug before she ran back off to play. “Just a few more minutes until and then we’ll get ice cream, okay?”

Alex sat down by Maggie on the bench. “Sorry I’m late, paperwork took longer than expected. I told Elena we have to go in just a few minutes.”

Maggie nodded. “Look at her, she’s really getting the hang of the steps.”

They both stared off at their daughter until the woman sitting at the next bench addressed Alex.

“Your daughter is so beautiful,” she said smiling.

Alex returned her smile. “Thank you.”

“And this one,” the woman indicated toward Maggie. “You’re so lucky to have found her.”

Alex smiled bigger. “Yeah, I think so, too.”

“Where did you find her?”

Alex laughed at the question. “Well, I picked her up at the airport, actually.”

The woman shook her head. “Well I’m sure you did. But where did you actually find her?”

Alex cocked her head at the question, but Maggie just looked down, knowing where this was going and wondering if it was worth it to set this woman straight.

“Um… no really, the airport.”

“You’re so lucky,” the woman continued. “I mean, to have someone who speaks English and Spanish so fluently. That’s not so easy to find. Your daughter will have such an advantage.”

“Yeah,” Alex said. “I guess that’s true. We’re glad she’s growing up bilingual.” She looked at Maggie, not noticing that Maggie’s eyes couldn’t quite meet her own.

“Well,” the woman began, rising to her feet. “It was lovely meeting you. I’ve seen your daughter here before, but not you. Maybe I’ll see you again soon?”

Alex smiled. “Maybe. Have a good day.”

Alex watched Elena climb for another minute, then turned to Maggie. “We should probably get go…” She paused as Maggie’s eyes finally met hers. “What?”

“Do you not know what just happened here?” Maggie asked, astonished.

“Um, a stranger complimented my wife and daughter?”

“No, a stranger complimented your daughter. And your choice in nannies.”

“What?” Alex asked again, genuinely confused.

“She thought I was the fucking nanny, Alex.”

“Why do you think that?”

“Well, for starters, I was here for thirty minutes and she never spoke to me, not even after you got here and she started a conversation with you. You, not me. She looked at you and complimented your daughter. And she asked where you found me and how lucky you are to have someone bilingual.”

Suddenly, it all hit Alex. “Ohhh that’s why she wanted to know where I found you. Fuck! How did I not see that?”

Maggie was quiet for a minute before responding.

“I think there’s a lot you don’t see.”

Alex was taken by surprise by the comment. “What do you mean?”

Maggie sighed. “Look, it’s easy for someone in your position to do. You spent your entire life as an upper middle class white girl, and straight, or so you thought until relatively recently. It’s easy to overlook casual bigotry when you haven’t spent your whole life being on the receiving end of it.”

Alex said nothing as the weight of the words hit her.

“You’re right.” She moved closer to Maggie and took her hand in her own. “You’re right. I see the world through my own eyes. But I want to do better. I want to see the world through your eyes, too, as much as I can.”

A pause. “So why did you just let her get away with it?”

Maggie looked back out across the playground.

“If I argued with every racist, sexist, classist, homophobic asshole I met, I’d never do anything else.”

“So how do you decide when to?”

Maggie sighed. “I don’t know. When I’m in a good mood, I tend to let it go. When I’m in a bad mood, I usually find that I can’t. I’m sure it’s different for other people, but that’s what I do.”

“Well,” Alex began. “I guess I need to get better at recognizing it, to start. And then we need to figure out the best way to respond.”

“I think part of it is that people don’t always know we’re a couple. Then they start making racist assumptions and it spirals from there.”

“Well maybe we need to start setting people straight more often. Maybe they’ll think before making the same kinds of assumptions about other people.”

Maggie nodded soberly. “Maybe. Sometimes I get tired of being the one teaching clueless people. But either way, we should figure it out before Elena notices. We can’t let her get caught in the middle of it.”

They gathered their daughter and walked to the car when Alex noticed the woman in the car next to theirs.

“Look, she’s still here. I’m going to say something to her.”

Maggie grabbed her arm. “No, Alex. I appreciate your righteous indignation on my behalf but Elena is right here and honestly I’m not in the mood to argue with her right now. I just want to spend a nice day with my family.”

Alex nodded and watched Maggie strap Elena into her car seat. Then she caught the attention of the woman in her car, waving to her with a big smile before pushing Maggie against the hood of their car and kissing her senselessly. She pulled back and looked at the woman whose mouth was hanging open with a shocked look on her face. Alex gave her a wink.

“There’s one assumption down,” she said, turning back to Maggie and smiling. “Come on, let’s get ice cream.”

I’d like to dedicate this fic to all the people who’ve asked if I’m the nanny, the woman on a flight to San Diego who thought my wife was the nanny, the servers in restaurants who ignore me when I try to order for the kids and look around for any adult who looks like them instead, and the lady in Whole Foods who kept insisting I tell her where the kids are REALLY from.

So for Domestic Sanvers Day, yall get three stories from me. This history of Alex’s domesticity

and this glance back to Alex’s punk phase (ft. Adrian, My Chemical Romance, and a lot of headbanging). All inclusive with that is a mini domestic story about my girl and me, so two for the price of one???

Anyway. Happy #SanversWeek, and enjoy my loves!

Kara shared her room at first.

At first, when Kara couldn’t sleep for nightmares, for the lack of soft engine thrumming just outside the window, for the presence of an air that was too heavy, too smelly, too… foreign.

“Midvale is the United States in a nutshell, Kara; it’s not foreign,” she’d told her once, trying to be comforting.

But Kara had continued to tremble, and Kara had shrugged.

“Everywhere’s foreign to someone.”

It was one of the first things her little sister taught her without meaning to.

And she learned a lot of other things, too.

Sharing her home with Kara.

Sharing the space – the love, the attention, the affection – that had always, previously, been hers and hers alone.

Hers, because when she was little – well, littler – Eliza and Jeremiah would let her crawl into their bed at night when she had a bad dream. 

Jeremiah made her a supernova-style nightlight to keep away fear of the dark.

Eliza had read to her parts of her dissertation, cuddled up together in Alex’s bed at bedtime, and Jeremiah had laughed softly when she would drowsily ask sharp questions about advanced biomedicine. 

Their little prodigy.

Their little prodigy who was smart – so smart – and who made pillow forts and invited her parents into them and who slept with them when she accidentally wet the bed and who turned her room into a veritable chemistry lab every time they let her close the door.

That all changed when Kara came.

When Kara came and the space was shared, and the love was shared, and the attention was shared, and the affection was shared.

Because she cuddled Kara when Kara had nightmares about a burning planet, her dying family, her all but extinct people. And in comparison, Alex’s regular old bad dreams just didn’t seem serious enough to warrant nudging her parents awake anymore.

The nightlight became Kara’s.

She grew to love Kara. She did. So damn much.

She came to almost even love sharing a bathroom with her, because when Kara was deemed adjusted enough, Eliza’s office became her own bedroom.

So it was just a bathroom they shared, then.

Alex was surprised to find that she missed it. Sharing a room with her little sister.

But the way Kara always left Kryptonian-style toothpaste residue in the sink and the way her special Kryptonian-style hair brushes and shampoos took up most of the bathroom space made Alex cherish having her own room back again.

Not that she always slept in her own room.

No, no, because there were nights – many of them – that she slept in Vicky Donahue’s room.

In Vicky Donahue’s bed.

Because Mr. Donahue would always ask if they needed anything else, if Alex was sure she didn’t need the blowup mattress, because really, it wasn’t a problem.

But no, no, thank you so much, but don’t worry, Mr. Donahue, I’m fine right here.

And she was more than fine, right there. Next to Vicky. Sharing Vicky’s warmth, sharing Vicky’s breathing space. Feeling the heat radiate off Vicky’s skin, hearing the rhythm of her soft breathing, not even minding all that much that Vicky had no nightlight in her bedroom.

She was more than fine, right there in Vicky’s bed, but she had no other words for what she felt. No other words for what she… wanted.

So when they fought over nothing – nothing, because something without vocabulary is nothing, it’s nothing, just drop it, okay, it’s all in my head, okay? – she mourned the loss of her. Her closeness. Her bedroom. Her bed.

And in college, she didn’t dare approximate the same conditions again. 

She kept out of her roommate’s way, and her roommate kept out of hers. 

She was always in the lab, anyway. Always tutoring, anyway.

So her room became somewhere she occupied at night, but didn’t really… live.

Boyfriends – boys from organic chemistry who seemed smart enough – came and went, and always arched their eyebrows at the sparsity of Alex’s living arrangements. 

But her living arrangements were never what they came back to her dorm for, anyway.

Her dorm was where she stayed, but it wasn’t really where she lived.

That didn’t change much in med school – except she traded never being home, never making a home, because she was at the lab for never being home, never making a home, because she was at the club.

And then J’onn J’onzz. 

And then the DEO, and then a whole new reason to never be home, because home, now, was the place where she trained to protect her sister.

Sisters’ Nights and training and it didn’t occur to her that she shared Eliza’s love for candles, didn’t occur to her to decorate her apartment beyond the furnishings Kara had forced her to get, beyond the pictures on her mantle.

Her father.

Because Kara’s apartment was always more her home, anyway.

She had a toothbrush there and she rediscovered snuggling her sister back to sleep from nightmares, rediscovered Kara’s Kryptonian morning breath and her enthusiasm for stashing midnight snacks in her bedside table.

Because Kara was her home, and always, always would be.

And then there was Maggie Sawyer.

Then there was Maggie Sawyer, and there were sleepovers that sometimes ended in soft kisses to the back of the neck and sometimes ended in screaming orgasms. 

There were mornings that began in a panic because she didn’t immediately see the note Maggie had left on her pillow that she’d be right back, that Alex was beautiful, that she was bringing her donuts and Alex should stay in bed because she deserved to be spoiled.

There were mornings that began in bliss because Maggie was still sleeping next to her, and the growing sunlight would dance on her eyelids and paint her lips, and Alex was…

Alex was in love.

Alex was home, in her own home.

In her own skin.

So when she stole Maggie’s toothbrush from Maggie’s bathroom and brought it back to her own, she presented it to her bewildered girlfriend with a question mark, a nervous smile, and terrified, hopeful eyes.

Maggie tried not to cry and Alex didn’t bother trying, reading Maggie’s smile and feeling her own heart soar as she lifted off Maggie feet and kissed her soft, kissed her hard, kissed her tender and kissed her firm.

“Welcome home, Maggie Sawyer,” she whispered against her lips, because Alex had always had a home. Somewhere.

Even when it was just a place to crash.

And now? Now, Maggie would always have one, too.