Matt Hullum INTERVIEW: “Rooster Teeth is in development on two more features...”

Rooster Teeth’s Matt Hullum on the Indiegogo-busting Lazer Team

  • “A feature was always going to be the next thing to do, but we didn’t have the time or resources to focus on it.”
  • “We really needed somebody driving us to do it, and that was the backers. We got up every day knowing they were expecting us to make this movie and make it great.”
  • The company now sits at about 150 employees. 
  • "We’re a diverse business.” Home video and merchandising are “gigantic pieces”. YouTube is a "fantastic partner” but and the company’s apps as its “bread and butter.”
  • Rooster Teeth is in development on two more features, and is looking to follow the Netflix mini-studio model.
  • “This year we’ll be rolling out three new premium series”. They will be two half-hour comedies and one hour-length drama - Day Five.
Semoga Mencintaimu Tak Membuatku Ngilu

Kepada kamu yang suka terang bulan

“Selamat jatuh cinta kepada dia. Aku baik-baik saja.” Itu adalah kalimat paling sialan yang pernah aku ucapkan.  Tetapi hidup selalu membuat kita berupaya dan kita tetap harus saling berupaya menjaga; persahabatan.

Sambil sesekali mengutuki ragam perasaan yang sama sekali tak kuinginkan datang, aku bersikap seperti semilir angin yang tetap tenang membawa kesejukan saat berada di dekatmu, saat berbincang denganmu. Seperti angin pula, perasaanku ada, perasaanku nyata. Meski kamu tak akan pernah bisa melihatnya, meski aku pun tak ingin pernah menunjukkannya.

“Masih ada beberapa potong terang bulan yang belum kamu habiskan.” Entah sejak kapan aku jadi suka mengamatimu saat makan. Kamu tak pernah tergesa dan caramu bersyukur begitu bersahaja. Oh sungguh, aku benci mengatakan ini. Tetapi menurutku, berbuih ketenangan justru mendekat tepat saat hal-hal kecil aku simak.

Berikutnya kertas-kertas origami, mereka selalu berhasil mengingatkanku padamu. Kamu sering menggambar terang bulan di sana, lalu melipatnya kecil-kecil menjadi bentuk tahu, kesukaanku. Kadang kamu menyulapnya menjadi bentuk burung, simbol hati, bunga, bintang, kupu-kupu, dan yang paling aku suka adalah bentuk payung yang gagangnya ingin sekali aku pegang, kemudian sering kubayangkan tanganmu menggenggam tanganku, erat-erat.

Sambil menungguku menyelesaikan 100 puisi untuk kamu, kamu bisa jalan-jalan dulu, kemana pun kamu mau. Sambil menunggumu menyelesaikan 100 origami (yang bukan) untuk aku, aku bisa mengunjungimu,  kapan pun aku rindu.

Irawati Ningsih
04 Februari 2016

Day 5: Double date with a couple of your choice

Double date drama is all I can say about this story. Remember when Tayvin went on a date with Joe Jonas and Gigi Hadid (and Karlie Kloss <3)? She actually went on kind of a double date with one of her ex-boyfriends because she says friendships are more important! What would happen if Tayvin went on a double date with Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner?


*Adam’s Pov*

I was really nervous as fast as I woke up that morning. This was the day when I was going to meet Harry Styles. That sounds really funny, like I’m a fan or something, but that’s not what it is about. Sure he has some great songs, but it’s not really my type. And he’s not really my type for broking the love of my life’s heart or the fact that he dated her. I sad I was fine with it, but was I really?

< 2 weeks before (flashback) >

Taylor and I had just eaten lunch at this really nice restaurant. We had a great time, no paparazzi’s and the food was awesome. We just sat there and talked for hours after the food was eaten. But now we were on our way to shop some stuff for upcoming award shows. And from nowhere there is paparazzi’s everywhere. ”Damn” I said and then looked at Taylor with a sad smile. ”I don’t think they know we are here….” she said as she saw Harry Styles walk out of a car and then Kendall. We went in to a store to hide. ”Wait. Are they back together?” she asked herself, but talking out loud. ”Think so, you okay?” I answered. ”Sorry, just didn’t expect her to go back to trouble. And yeah, of course I’m okay. I’m with you” she said and kissed me. ”Haha I got a picture of Taylor and Calvin kissing a paparazzi screamed and it was cameras everywhere. ”I think that we are revealed” I said. ”Haha so now we most go home and take a better photo of us kissing so they can’t make so much money on that picture” she said with a smile on her face. I started to laugh and grabbed her hand again and we were just about to go out from the store when Harry and Kendall came and said hello.

Harry: Hey Swift! And Calvin?
Adam: Hello Harry…
Taylor: Nice to meet you two, how are you?
Adam: *looked at Taylor with a face that said ”WTF? I really don’t want to. I hate him,”*
Taylor: *giving Adam a look back that said ”I know babe, just remember I love you”*
Kendall: Fine, we are so fine *giggling*
Taylor: So you two are back together?
Harry: Yeah. And you two kisses in stores when there’s paparazzi’s everywhere?
Taylor: It’s your fault that they will make lots of money on that picture.
Harry: Sorry, how can I make up for it?
Taylor: *Starts laughing*
Harry: Let’s go out and eat dinner together, all four? It’s on me.

One thing led to another and a date was sat…but I hated that he said that he would pay like he was the only rich one. Of course I wanna pay for my meal, and Taylors!

< Flashback ends >

”Hello handsome” Taylor said as she walk in to the living room. She sat down beside me on the couch. She lay her head against my chest. I knew it made her feel safe. ”Are you okay” she then asked me. I didn’t know what to answer. Of course not, he was Harry Styles, he was my loves ex boyfriend. I hated this! ”It depends on how you see it. If you think about that, I’m in love with this girl who is the most fantastic person I know, she’s really funny, a great cock, sings like an angel and looks more beautiful then a supermodel, then I’m good” I said and kissed her forehead. ”But if you are thinking about the fact that I’m going on a double date with your ex-boyfriend who lots of your fans still ships you with, then I’m not so fine” I continued. ”I’m sorry. I just didn’t know what to say when he asked, our did he ask?” she said. I hugged her and said ”I will just go up and work on a new song. I got this new idea”. She light up the room with her smile and said ”So you are making a new song?” I just nodded my head.

Me and Taylor made a secret competition. It was me and her against Kendall and Harry. We called it ”Who can dress the best”. We knew the paparazzi’s would love this and take lots of pictures so we decided to be the most good-looking couple. I had a black suit on, it was Taylor’s favorite. She wore a black dress that looked so good on her. She really made it hard to breathe, and the best thing is that her look isn’t the best thing with her. She is the most beautiful woman on the planet which half of the persons on this planet probably agrees with, but her personality is what I’m dying for. She is just the nicest person I have ever met. She had curled her hair a bit and was wearing high heels that made her almost as tall as me. This was going to be fun, I’m a lot taller then Harry and he probably don’t want Kendall to look taller then him. So we are going to be so much taller then them. Not because that gives us extra points on being more beautiful, it will just make them look funny when we are so tall, or maybe we will be the ones who look funny. Oh no Adam, you are thinking way to much, you are nervous….

We went out from our car and from the car in front of us Harry and Kendall jumped out. Paparazzi’s everywhere. ”Ready for this babe?” I asked as i kissed her lips. ”Let’s do this” she said.

How does it feel Taylor?
Are getting married? Taylor, do you love Calvin?
Harry, who are you going out with? Taylor or Kendall?
Calvin, did you propose to Taylor?
Harry, are you still in love with Taylor?

From nowhere Taylor started to laugh. ”What are you doing babe?” I asked. Taylor just turned around to face the paparazzi’s. ”Hey guys” I really love this man. *taking her hand over my chest* And I guess Harry and Kendall are happy together. No, we are not getting married now, but yes I could totally see myself marrying him in he future. And NO Harry is not in love with me, just stop okay?” We all started to laugh, really surprised by Taylor. ”I love you too babe” I whispered into her ear.

*Taylor’s Pov*

We were sitting there and having a pretty great time. I’m not going to lie, me and Adam had a really nice time. So my friend and ex-boyfriend sat there on the other side, we sat next to each other instead of in front of each other. I didn’t wanna sit next to Harry, but didn’t want Adam to either. Our legs had been playing with the others and we had kept our hand together until we got our food. He even kissed me a few times. When Harry and Kendall talked about something just the too of them and looked at each other Adam kissed my neck. I started to gasp and both Harry and Kendall turned their heads to me. Adam turned away, but a little bit to late. ”Oh gosh, you two, get a room” Kendall said. I bit my lower lip and looked down at the table.

Soon after that I felt a hand in my hand, I looked at Adam and he smiled. ”I think I have to go to the bathroom” I said to excuse myself from the table. I needed to breathe and be alone for just a moment. But so much about that, I felt a hand on my shoulder so I turned around. To not see the face that I had expected. ”Harry, what are you doing?” I asked him. ”You can not answer questions for me Taylor” he said. I looked at him confused and asked ”what?”. ”You said that I didn’t love you, you don’t know that, you can’t speak for me”. I started to laugh a little before he silenced me. ”I know you love me, I just never told you it back” Harry said. I just stood there with my moth open, really surprised, but not in a good way. ”You say you love 1989 and 1989 is HAYLOR” he said with a smile on his face. Then continued with ”You can´t deny that babe”. ”There is some songs about you sure, but I don’t love you and you don’t love me”, I answered him starting to get a bit scared. ”I do love you” he said. I tried to ran away from him, to the bathroom but he grabbed my wrist. ”Harry, let go! I warn you” I said. ”No, I love you” he almost screamed. ”Let go of me Harry” I continued. ”No not until you and I are back together, not until we are married”. ”Let go” I screamed.

*Smash, boom* where all I heard. ”Oh babe” I said as I hugged Adam. He saved me, he hit a guy for me, he hit my ex for me. He hugged me hard and I started to cry. ”I love you, I love you” I said as tears fall down my cheeks. ”I love you too” he said and kissed my forehead.

Kendall run to us and all I could say was ”I’m sorry”. She cried too, of course she did. She loved him, but he hurt her. But I knew that one that she would be able to say ”I lost him, but I found myself, and somehow that is everything”. But at that moment to hear that wouldn’t help.

Even though I knew I loved him and was pretty sure he was the one from the first time Ellie introduced us, it was first now I knew I had to marry this guy one day. He was the one!

Arthas Menethil was once the hope of his people and the truest warrior of the Light.

But he was corrupted both by war and the forces of darkness, misled and goaded down an ever-darker path.

And that path led to the destruction of the man who was once known as Arthas, as he called upon ancient, evil powers to fuse his soul with the Lord of Cold and Death, the Lich King.

Is the man who once was Arthas dead, as many believe? Perhaps not. For within the supposedly emotionless heart of the Lich King, at least one emotion stirs.

His love for Jania Proudmoorre was still alive, so I dislike the way that Warcraft portrayed Arthas by making him seem like a completely crazy bad guy in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. Where in the book Rise of the Lich king told me honestly a completely different story.

He is brave in my eyes , he did everything for the ones he loved .  

Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: He… he kept it? All this time, he kept it!
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: I knew!
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: I sensed a part of him still alive! Trapped… struggling… Oh, Arthas!

kejutan semesta

Teruntuk kamu yang entah benar nyata atau tidak,

Hai, lagi-lagi aku mengirimimu surat. Sudah bosan belum? Kuharap belum. Dengan berkata demikian, aku terlampau percaya diri bisa kamu temukan pada laman dunia maya ini.

Kamu tahu? Beberapa hari lalu aku sempat pamit bukan? Aku pamit untuk menghadiri sebuah rapat tender besar katanya. Kau tahu apa yang membuatku nyaris tak bisa bernapas? Lelaki itu ada lagi, di sana, di ruangan yang sama denganku. Dan dia merupakan kompetitorku ternyata. Dunia sempit ya atau jangan-jangan semesta sedang mempersiapkan sebuah kejutan lagi berkaitan dengannya? Ah lupakan.

Namanya Daffandra Fasya, bagus ya, cukup familiar di telinga setidaknya. Tidak seperti namaku, yang kata orang-orang terlalu aneh untuk lidah orang Indonesia. Kau kenal tidak dengannya? Orang-orang memanggilnya Daffa. Dan hari ini penampilannya jauh berbeda dari yang biasa kujumpai di cafe, kemarin-kemarin. Wanita-wanita yang lain terpesona begitu saja. Hingga membuat fokus mereka bukan lagi tertuju pada rapat itu, tapi pada sosoknya. Sedang aku, sungguh tak peduli dengan raut wajah atau penampilannya. Tapi boleh jujur tidak? Aku suka matanya, sangat!

Aku benci pria seperti dia. Dia tahu, begitu tahu, bahwa banyak orang yang terpikat padanya. Dia tidak angkuh memang, tapi aku benci saja dengan pria seperti ini. Sebab, baginya pasti semua wanita akan mudah terjatuh padanya. Oh Tuhan, maafkan bila aku terlalu menyamaratakan semua makhluk-Mu. Tapi sungguh, aku sudah bosan melihat yang seperti sosok satu ini.

Baiklah, aku sudah banyak meracau tentangnya. Bagaimana harimu? Semoga menyenangkan, selalu. Aku tengah sibuk mencarimu di mesin yang kata orang punya segala informasi tentang siapapun dan apapun di dunia ini. Dan hasilnya nihil. Kamu pandai sekali menyembunyikan identitasmu. Yang aku tahu hanya insialmu saja, yang sering kamu bubuhkan di setiap akhir tulisanmu, FS. Tak mudah menemukanmu, sungguh. Tapi aku tak akan menyerah. Aku percaya semesta punya kejutan baik untukku. Buktinya semesta mengijinkanku bisa menemukan tulisan-tulisan apikmu di sini, di tempat aku sering meluapkan segala perasaan. Sudah ya, besok-besok semoga ada hal baru yang mendekatkanku pada jati dirimu.

ps : malam nanti aku ingin mampir ke cafe itu lagi, jika aku bertemu dengannya lagi, Fasya maksudku. Apakah sebaiknya aku menegurnya? Bagaimana menurutmu?

Oceana Madelyn


Favorite head cover

I really like how the rose thorns are on each of the beginnings of the chapters.
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Kabari, Jika Sudah Selesai

Pertemuan-pertemuan memang kadang tak pernah direncanakan, kita bisa jatuh cinta kepada siapa saja, tapi tak sedetikpun dapat memaksa kepada siapa hati mereka jatuh. Tak adil bukan? sebab katanya, jatuh cinta itu pekerjaan sia sia paling melelahkan

Untuk sebagian waktu, aku memang lebih suka menunggu, pekerjaan sia-sia kedua sering kulakukan, waktu kian kali menguap, begitu juga kedatanganmu.
Ada selongsong resah dalam setiap teguk kopi, bahwa laki-laki yang kerap kali jatuh cinta sepertiku tak mengenal waktu, pun saat redupnya petang, apalagi hanya kedatanganmu yang semu, sebab jatuh cinta, menunggu adalah hal yang semestinya membahagiakan, bukan begitu?

Namun ternyata, kau adalah bagian yang tak pernah sempat diaminkan oleh semesta karena memilih untuk pergi, tak pernah tinggal. Ada jeda dan hening, antara aku, asap rokok dan matahari yang tepat berubah warna di depan mata. Kecuali setelah datangmu yang gagah sekali memporak porandakan degub nadiku. Biar saja kau tak pernah paham makna menunggu, biar saja aku tak mendapat ruang dalam kepalamu, namun setidaknya aku menuliskanmu dalam sebuah bait yang patut untuk dirayakan.

Silahkan kau hancurkan hatiku berkali-kali, kabari jika sudah selesai, aku tetap akan memberimu kepingan-kepingan itu,
Demi Tuhan, kau akan melihat laki-laki paling sabar sedunia.

Leorai Week: Day 5 - 2012 / Snow

“DUDES, IT’S SNOWING.” Mikey happily cheered as snow started to fall around the four turtles and Karai. “Snow? In January?” Donnie added, scratching his head. “Brr, cold, come on team, let’s head back to the lair.” Leo shivered hugging himself but Mikey didn’t want to go. “But I want to play in the snow bro, please, please Leo.” The youngest turtle begged his older brother, clasping his hands together and doing puppy dog eyes. “Yeah we will Mikey, but we need to wrap up warm first then we’ll come back out.” Leo ordered as he started to walk across the roof and was soon followed by Donnie then Mikey but Karai looked at Raphael in silence for a moment. “Raph, Karai come on.” Leo called them both to hurry up and they both caught up behind. 

Mikey giggled feeling snow hit his skin and shell, but he felt cold and shivered. “Man, it sucks being cold blooded, D.” He said to his tall brother. “That’s why we need to wrap up Mikey, so we don’t freeze to death.” Donnie replied while running behind Leo they jumped down from the roof and into an alleyway. “Okay, everybody in.” Leo lifted the manhole cover and watched the others going down first then he followed in and closed the cover over and climbed down. After 5 minutes they made it to the lair, going inside to find Splinter coming out of the dojo. “Sensei, sensei you’ll never guess what…” Mikey happily said running to his father. “Mm, I do not know, my son.” Splinter stroked his beard, Mikey giggled. “IT’S SNOWING!” He cheered and did a flip only to get a smack off Raphael aside the head. “Make yourself useful and find some clothes to wear.” Raphael ordered his little brother. “Got it bro.” Mikey smiled and ran to his room, searching for something to wear, something warm and thick. 

10 Minutes later they all came together by the entrance, the four brothers had full on clothes head to toe. Karai just had her black leggings on with fury black boots, dark blue plain long sleeve top with her black leather biker jacket that stopped just above her hips, also her dark red scarf she wore last night on her date with Leo and lastly her fluffy purple gloves. Karai made a sly smile, seeing Leo wearing a black hoodie with dark jeans though he had nothing on his feet, only the wraps that covered his feet. He wore a scarf that was the same color as his mask which was long. “Dudes, I feel toasty warm.” Mikey hugged himself, he wore a zip up hoodie and jeans like Leo but a lighter shade he had on a hat and an orange scarf but he wasn’t wearing his mask. Donnie was wearing the same only different jeans and a plain hoodie he had a purple scarf on and had made himself his own three fingered gloves. And finally Raphael, he wore a thicker hoodie that was a very deep red, he had black jeans on but he two had nothing on his feet. Raphael had a red scarf that looked like his mask and it covered his mouth then he put his hood over as the scarf was on the inside to stop the cold from getting in as he gets cold the easiest. “Alright guys, and lady, heh, let’s go.” Leo took charge. “Stay safe.” Splinter bowed his head. “Don’t worry sensei, we will.” Leo bowed back then left the lair with the others and Mikey was really excited to mess around in the snow.

Leo caught up as he walked beside Karai who was behind the other three turtles. Leo wanted to say something, but nothing came to mind, he thought about last night on their first date and he couldn’t help smiling. Leo used his right hand and took her left hand as they walked which she immediately looked down at their hands then looked up at his face, he was smiling which made her smile too. Minutes later they made it on the surface. “Haha, my feet tickles.” Mikey giggled feeling the snow under his feet. “Where to Leo?” Donnie asked. “Hmm… I know where we can go, follow me.” Leo started climbing onto the rooftops followed by the others as they followed the blue masked turtle across the rooftops. 

“We’re here, come on.” Leo said jumping up onto a roof, the others followed him and gasped seeing Leo had led them to a big rooftop garden, covered in white snow. “Wow.” Donnie could only say. “SNOWBALL FIGHT!” Mikey yelled as he threw a snowball at Donnie. “OH YEAH!” Donnie threw one back but it hit Raph instead making Mikey laugh. “Shouldn’t of done that Donnie, now your gonna get it, HA!” Raph yelled as he gathered a bigger ball of snow. “No, no NOT THE FACE.” Donnie cried out running away towards the trees that were also covered with snow and Raph chased him making Mikey laugh hard. “Hey Karai, think fast.” Leo said and quickly threw a snowball at her but she dodged it making him gasp. “Nice try, goody three toes.” Karai turned back round and threw a ball of snow at him and it hit his face making her giggle. “Gotcha Leo.” She smiled. “It’s on now Karai.” Leo bent down and gather snow into a ball. “BOOYAKASHA!” “HEY.” “WHOA.” Leo and Karai yelled as they got hit by a load of snowballs which Mikey did. “IN YOUR FACE.” He pointed then got daggers off Karai. “Uh oh.” He backed up. “Uh, can we talk about this?” He smiled. “Nope, you better get running Mikey.” Karai picked up a ball of snow Mikey squealed and ran off to the tree and then Karai started to chase him. “Hey, wait up.” Leo called out and ran after them both.

“RAPH WAIT.” Donnie screamed as the red masked turtle threw a big snowball at him hitting him in the face. “AHA!” Raph pointed then. “UGH, What?” He got hit from behind he looked back seeing Karai she quickly put her hands behind her back smiling like she didn’t do anything. “Bad mistake princess.” Raph rolled a ball up and threw it at her with speed she bent down missing the ball of snow as it flew over her at hit Leo. “MISSED.” Karai yelled. “AH.” She got hit by Mikey then he ran and stood behind Raph’s shell. “Save me Raphie.” “Don’t call me that Mikey.” Raph threw Mikey to the floor holding him in place. “UGH.” “DONNIE.” Mikey and Raph got attacked by balls of snow they looked up seeing Donnie laughing now they both must take him down. “GET HIM!” Mikey shouted and with that Raphael charged at his tall brother making Donnie scream as he ran off again with two of his brothers after him. “LEO, HELP!” Donnie called out though Leo just giggled. “Sorry Donnie, but you so asked for it.” Leo shouted over then he gasped, getting a snowball to the face again. 

“Haha, getting a bit slow there aren’t you Leo?” Karai teased. “I’ll show YOU slow.” *GASP* Leo suddenly leaped forward and tackled her to the floor they bot laughed as the tumbled over each other, Karai flicked snow at him as the stopped under a tree where the roots are. Leo blushed as he found himself above her, she looked up seeing he was lying on her and bits of snow fell off his head and landed in her hair. “H, hey.” Leo nervously spoke with a small smile. “Hey yourself.” Karai repeated back, their eyes met and she made a sly smile bringing her arms around him she pulled his hood down to revel his face and head. 

Leo made the first move and went to kiss her cheek but as he lowered his head but she moved in time as their lips touched. Slowly they broke apart, keeping their eyes on one another. “Dude.” A voice made them freeze then looked up seeing the three other brothers looking down at them then Leo gasped. “AH, uh guys i um, we, this ain’t what it looks like i um… Oh boy.” Leo panicked sitting up a bit then Karai yanked him back down. “It’s exactly what it looks like, now beat it and quit interrupting us.” She snapped making her turtle in blue blush deeper but the brothers stared. “Dude.” Mikey said again.

THE END… Sorry for the Lame ending, couldn’t think what else to write.              

All I Want For Christmas

Day: 5

Person B ends up sitting awkwardly on person A’s lap while they’re dressed as Santa.

//Day 5 already?!?! I cant believe it! I hope you guys like this short Gajevy (did I spell that right?) story. I’m a little tired so please dont judge me too harshly, but when I saw this prompt I couldnt think of anyone else but these two love birds~

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“imagine your protagonists are Santa’s elves”

title: the lamb was sure to go
pairing: niall/harry with a touch of louis
for the 1d prompt challenge
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It could be said that they wake at dawn. Except, of course, that there is no dawn, or dusk. Merely night in various shades of twilight, on and on and on. They rise when they rise. They trudge to the Workshop. Warm up the doll-making devices. Oil the action figure apparatuses. Add stuffing to the stuffed toy stuffer.

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(the xmas elves au you didn’t know you needed)

Louis never meant for things to go quite this far. It was just a harmless prank, like countless others he’s played on everyone there. Zayn pranked him when he was the newbie and he did the same to Liam and Niall when they first showed up; it’s how they became friends. It’s tradition. It’s about fun though, Louis never wants to hurt anyone. Except now he’s sitting on the floor of the workshop with a crying elf in his arms. He feels like shit.

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