yes, i know don’t say anything i am obsessed with notebooks sorry so much

buuut btw
these aren’t the same, i’ve made two of them. they were quite easy to do, the only problem was always with to make the cover and then to put the things together
you can find the tutorial here: click ya cutieoh and about the lines i know they aren’t in the way they should be, i forgot that they will be like this if i use paper with lines. but nevermind, you can write in in just not in the usual way and believe me it’s not as strange as it looks like haha xxx


Day43: A song I’ve only recently started listening to

Shower – Becky G
Think of you when I’m going to bed.
When I wake up think of you again.
You are my homie, lover and friend.
Exactly why… ♫ ♪

BB18 Daytime Updates - 7/27 - Day 43 (Complete)

Updater: Madison

Recent evictee: Tiffany
Returning hg: Victor
HOH: James
Nominees: Bridgette & Frank
POV players: James, Frank, Bridgette, Da’Vonne, Nicole, Michelle
POV holder: Michelle
Have nots: none

6:00 am
Cam ½ – Day, Paulie, Paul, Zakiyah in the London room talking about Frank and Bridgette.

Cam ¾ - Frank and Bridgette at the hot tub. Frank is trying to convince Bridgette that everything Paul told her is untrue. She says she feels stupid. He is telling her that he does have her back and always has. It takes a while, but Frank seems to have calmed Bridg down.

7:06 am – Everyone is in bed.

Cam ½ - Natalie is the only one up.

Cam ½ - Natalie and James are chatting/game-talking in the HOH. Everyone else is still asleep.

James thinks the lines have already been formed between everyone… people’s opinions are already locked in.

Natalie speculates that there might be a secret girls alliance.

Natalie tells James that she really didn’t trust Bridgette, but Bronte did.

James says that Zakiyah is probably going after Bridgette if she wins HOH.

James doesn’t think Bridgette is going to come after him. Natalie wants James to have a real talk with Bridgette before the HOH comp in case she wins.

James goes to DR, Natalie is taking a shower.

3:00 - All cams are on sleeping houseguests.

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