When people say Sid Caesar was one of the funniest men of all time, they weren’t wrong. In an era with guys like Ernie Kovacs, Steve Allen, Jack Paar and Mel Brooks, Sid Caesar was what is known as a “Comedian’s Comedian.” The guy who would make the guys know for being funny laugh. This sketch is a testament to that fact. Sid Caesar, this is your story, RIP.

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If possible, could you list out all the days to Sans Days? Moblie always makes it look/act weird. ( also I mean listing out as in the names of the chapters in numerical order haha;;; )

All of the chapters for Sans Days so far are

01: Meeting Day

02: Unpredictable Day

03: Spaghetti Day

04: Spirit Day

05: Nice Day

06: Rainy Day

07: Finding Day

08: Saving Day

09: Medicine Day

10: Movie Day

11: Travel Day

12: Picnic Day

13: Flower Day

14: Sick Day

15: Weeding Day

16: D-Day

17: Face Day

18: Birthday (Day)

19: Training Day

20: Stuck Day

21: Bored Day

22: Tense Day

23: Fight Day

24: Angry Day

25: Petal Day

26: Break Day

27: Reset Day

28: Beach Day

29: Crown Day

30: Talk Day

31: Bar Day

32: Change Day

33: [REDACTED] Day

34: Explore Day

35: Okay Day

36: Decent Day

37: Bad Day

38: Worse Day

39: Worst Day

40: Monstrous Day

41: Bath Day

42: Defend Day

43: Test Day

44: Prophecy Day

45: Hall Day

46: Surface Day

47: Bus Day

48: Plan Day

49: Club Day

All of the chapters for Sans Nights are

01: Christmas Night

02: Valentine Night

03: Terror Night

04: Others Night


Movie Night at Mitchell Theater [day 43]

I’ve introduced enough of the players in Garden to feel ready to inject some story-ish posts into my tumblr. 

The evening started with a screening of “Pool Table” (I think). Cassandra French was extremely enthusiastic about the selection, Olivia Calico not so much. Upstairs was where all the action was. We’ve got: the view from the food table, mingling, and more mingling + amorous actions.

No ground breaking stuff at this event … paired off sims made out with each other, some movie watching occurred, and there managed to be no fist fights. I’m pleased with it as a first attempt at increasing the socialization of my adult sims.