Gajevylovfest day 4

Rated M for implications (I don’t really write Smut)


He woke up the next morning by her side. Levy’s breathing was rhythmic and relaxed as he soaked up the look of her in his bed. He didn’t think it was sight he’d ever see again.

Gajeel almost wished he did die when he was sucked into the portal. He had admitted his love to Levy, practically proposed to her in his last breath.

When he saw her later, he practically melted. Tears fell from both of their eyes and he kissed her so powerfully, so passionately he didn’t even recognize his actions as his own.

He refused to let her go after that.

They had spent the night wrapped in each others arms, letting their bodies express their love. Gajeel’s arms and back were scratched from her nails, the memories sending shivers through him. Levy’s pale skin was bruised and red everywhere is mouth had trailed, reiterating that she was always his. 

He couldn’t help but stare at the beautiful girl in his bed. Gajeel never thought that he could be putty to a woman like Levy. But damn, was he happy he was.

Prompt: Human Sundae /Timeline: College

Prompt: Human Sundae /Timeline: College

“So Taiga name one of your kink that you haven’t told me yet.” Aomine said after their one on one session. Kagami blushes hard, “What the fuck Aomine?! We’re in public! How can you say such thing?!” Aomine loves it when Kagami is all flustered, so he purposely took the chance to capture the redhead lips into a full blown make out session.

Knowing Kagami weakness for Aomine lips. Aomine pulls away and see The redhead eyes went dazed after the kiss. That look just make him want to push Kagami to one corner and just ravish the alluring redhead then and there, but Kagami made it clear about public indecency and stuff.

He then leaned to kiss Kagami’s neck and whisper to his ear “Taiga~tell me…” Aomine said in his most velvety and seductive voice that always make Kagami bent over backwards for him. Kagami breath hitch as he replied, “ I-I want to eat y-you…” Aomine’s teases in that sinful voice again “I can’t hear you Taiga.”

Kagami knees are weakening “I-I want to cover you in chocolate and lick you right up.” Now Aomine’s blushing hearing what his vanilla Taiga just said. “Yummy. Well let’s make it happen then.” Aomine smirks and kisses kagami again.

Weeks had passed after the little confession Kagami made to Aomine, he’s sure that the blue haired man had already forgotten the whole thing.

It’s 9p.m. Kagami just finishes his shift at the cafe and is now walking back to the apartment. He had to cover 2 shifts today, so he’s not in the mood for anything except some dinner, a nice soak and sleep.

He arrives home and was hit by the aroma of curry. “Daiki? I’m home~” as he proceed removing his shoes and coat at the entryway. Aomine then hums and answered, “I’m in here. You’re late.” He stirs the pot intently making sure the bottom part isn’t burnt.

Suddenly a pair of hands wrapped around his hips pulling him into a close hug and red hair nudge against his shoulder. “Hard day Taiga?” He patted the hair on his shoulder. Kagami nodded and sighs. “You hungry?” He nodded again. Aomine’s smile toward kagami passive reaction.

He switches off the burner, turned around and cupped the redhead face placing kisses all over his cheeks. Kagami grunted when the kisses was place everywhere except his lips, Aomine chuckle and kissed him where he anticipated.

Kagami mumured from the kiss,“Thank you for making dinner.” He then nudge his head on Aomine’s shoulder again and hug him. He’s feeling a bit affectionate today, maybe because he’s a bit tired than usual.

The dinner conversation was the usual topics of classes and work shifts. Tomorrow’s the weekend and they have no shifts to cover, which means they can laze around all day and spend time together.

Kagami finishes his dinner and lay his head on the table. Aomine picked up both if their plates and did the dishes. “Thanks Daiki.” He said from the other room to Aomine. Kagami then was unconscious on the table and was woken up with Aomine petting his head.

“Hey there sleepy head. I’ve ran the bath for you with your favorite bath bomb thing. Wanna take one with me?” Kagami nodded with bleary eyes and patted his way to their bedroom bath.

He littered his clothings while walking to the bathroom. He always bitch to Aomine about leaving things all over the floor but today he’s just tired and it’s acceptable. Aomine picks up his clothing and throws it in the hamper.

He turns on the shower and sighs in relief when hot water pours all over his tired muscles. A few moments after he got in the shower he heard a click on the door. Then he felt Aomine hugs him from behind kissing his neck, Kagami leaned his back to him. “You’re that tired huh? I’ll wash you.” Aomine grab the loofah squirting a bit of soap and rubs it all over Kagami’s body. The redhead relaxes towards the motion.

Then they got in the tub to soak. Kagami hums in relief as he once again leaned his back to Aomine warm body. He sees the bath bomb colors floats on the water and ran his hand through it. “This is nice Daiki,” he felt Aomine’s hand kneading his shoulder gently. Kagami hums in approval.

Aomine then leaned to kiss his shoulder and led his hand drift lower to Kagami’s front. He felt Aomine hand wrapped around his dick and the thumb rubbing his slit. Kagami took a shaky breath but he didn’t protest the touch. Aomine then started pumping, his other hand snakes on Kagami’s chest and started rubbing the redhead nipples.

Kagami started to moan and leans into the touch wanting more. He tugs Aomine hair behind him for a kiss. Aomine stops his hand from pumping and moves lower towards Kagami entrance as he rubs his fingers there.

Kagami jerk on the sudden motion as he felt Aomine finger intruded his entrance. He mewl at the touch and bit his lips when the second finger entered and scissors his insides. “Is that okay?” Aomine asked.

Kagami’s voice was strained “I-It’s good Daiki..more..there.” Aomine applied more pressure to the spot that has Kagami breathing hitch and has his arms clenched tight as he came.

Kagami now sprawls very naked on the bed and Aomine left the room to grab some stuff. He returns with a can and a bottle of something. “Is that chocolate syrup and whipped cream?” Kagami propped himself up identifying the object place on the bedside table.

“Yes it is. Remember few weeks ago, I asked what was one of your kink and you replied food play? Well I remember.” Kagami blushes hard at the statement and was speechless. “Well since you’re tired today, I think that I’ll do the honor of eating you.” Aomine grabbed both items from the bedside table and place it besides Kagami.

Aomine is now seating inbetween Kagami’s legs. Propping the redhead legs on his shoulder and presses kisses on to his thighs until the other was mewling for more. “Aomine…touch me..m-more.” He pleads to Aomine agonizingly.

“Okay Taiga let’s play a game. Wherever you want me to touch, smear that place with the items besides you.” Aomine lay the instructions. Kagami covered his face and look away feeling shy about all these. “You know if you don’t do anything I’ll just stop.” Kagami contemplated and he didn’t want things to stop here.

Aomine was frustrated waiting and took the whip cream squirting it to one of Kagami’s nipple and ravages it. Kagami gasps when Aomine first touches him; the cool feeling of cream is a little bit of a shock to his system. Aomine moves his head to lick at Kagami’s nipple, sucking at the cream and lapping at his skin. Kagami’s nipple perks up from the ministration.

Aomine hand the chocolate syrup to him and he obeyed by smearing his neck with the sweet sticky stuff. “Good boy Taiga.” Aomine leaned down and kiss Kagami, as he moves to his neck tasting the sweet chocolate flavor inside of his mouth. “Yummy.” Aomine said as he lick the chocolate clean.

Kagami is panting feeling Aomine tongue lap against his necks. He wanted more of those tongue on his body. Kagami trail the syrup from his lips, chest, abs and hips. He shivers feeling the tongue trail down, down and down until Aomine just stop at his hips biting it teasingly. “Anywhere else Taiga?”

Kagami holds his breath as he smears his dick in the sweet syrup. Aomine smirks at how his lover is enjoying this game.

Kagami is now straddling and panting on top of Aomine. He’s riding on Aomine’s fingers, fucking himself. His body are sticky from all the whipped cream, chocolate syrup and Aomine’s saliva.

“Da-daiki…S-stop…” Kagami pleads and stop his hips. Aomine slaps his thighs signaling Kagami to continue. “P-please D-daiki…not enou-” Kagami jerks when Aomine brushes his prostate and pulls away. He’s been doing it for the past 20 minutes or so. Kagami’s eyes pool with tears wanting more friction, more ‘Daiki’.

“My cute little boy wants his Daddy?” Aomine teases seductively. Kagami nodded and gasps “Please p-please Daddy.” He continued to move his hips grinding on Aomine fingers. “Tell me clearly what you really want baby boy?”

“Please fuck me.” Kagami replies, completely mortified at having to beg for it. Aomine chuckles. “As you wish, my love.“ Aomine pulled his fingers from Kagami.

Aomine thick, long cock stands proudly, and Kagami can’t help but bite his bottom lip at the sight of it. It’s been a few years since he first saw it, but he still can’t get over Aomine’s impressive size and Aomine has always gloated about how big he is.

“You have been a very good boy,” Aomine purrs, stroking his lenght. He reaches over to the bedside table to grab the lube, and slicks up his cock quickly. He’s desperate for it, just as much as Kagami is. More lube finds its way onto Aomine’s fingers, and he rubs it onto his boyfriend’s fluttering hole, one then two fingers slipping in briefly making one last stretch.

“Are you ready, babe?” Aomine asks, one hand steadying him, the other around the base of his lubed-up cock. Kagami nodded and bit his bottom lip anticipating.

Aomine then started filling Kagami up with his cock completely. He waited Kagami to adjust and started thrusting. In and out his hips back and forth. Aomine saw Kagami face in pure bliss and he hold out as long as possible until Kagami started struggling for more friction.

“Fu-fuck Daddy. Touch m-my cock,” Kagami panted. Aomine flipped them over now he’s on top of Kagami. “Shit Taiga.” Kagami then hug Aomine close so that his dick is trap between their bodies giving the friction he needed.

Slowly, delightfully, Kagami could feel tension coiling within him, sweet and urgent.  Friction and wetness combined and blurred with the sound of Aomine moans. His hands on Aomine ass, pulling him closer, heat and desire building towards his euphoria.

Kagami feels his climax edging up and as Aomine’s hips buck up. “Daik-” Kagami finally climax and cums between their bodies. Aomine then started struggles trying to hold his pace of thrusting as he nears his peak, Kagami felt it. “F-fill me up….in-inside..plea-” as Kagami words stuck halfway and felt Aomine filling him up to the brims.

Aomine lays on top of Kagami until he catches his breath again. “Damn Taiga. I didn’t know you would be so into it.” Aomine removes himself from Kagami slowly. Kagami then mewls as he felt Aomine’s slowly leaving and emptying his body.

“Who’s gonna clean this up? There’s chocolate and cream all over the place.” Kagami murmurs. “Don’t worry bout that stuff. Can’t you just say you enjoy the whole event?”. Kagami went all flustered and covers his face, “I d-did enjo…”

Aomine pulls his arms away and said “Say it to me straight, I can’t hear you.” Kagami took a deep breath and think to the hell with it he did enjoy the whole thing, “I love what you did for me Daddy. Thank you.” He kisses Aomine’s lips and turned away.

“God…Taiga you got me hard again. Daddy can’t get enough of his little boy.”