Dear young fangirl,

Whatever you want to ship or write or draw is perfectly okay. There are people on this website who will try to tell you that certain ships are queer erasure or support abuse, that gender-switches are transphobic, or that certain kinks are problematic. And they will claim that if you create or consume these types of fanworks you are contributing to real life oppression.

These people are wrong.

Your fanfics, your fanarts, your headcanons and interpretations are yours and yours alone. Even if you post them on the internet where anyone can see. You are not obliged to support anyone’s political ideology with the way you enjoy fandom.

What matters in fandom is how you treat other fans—real people—not how you interpret and portray the fictional characters. So go ahead and draw that gender-swap fanart, write a fic for that ship you think would be cute (even though you know that character is gay in canon), enjoy that kink that you wouldn’t want to do in real life. If you notice another fan enjoying fandom in a way you find distasteful, just steer clear. Respect other fans’ rights to do it their way and remember that they don’t have to justify why they like what they like. And neither do you.


  • Fanworks cannot erase or overwrite canon
  • Fanworks cannot oppress people
  • Fanworks are not commercial products being sold to the public
  • Fanworks exist first and foremost for the fans who create them
  • Fanworks are not responsible for promoting any political or social message
  • You do not get to decide what is acceptable and unacceptable for other fans
  • Other fans do not get to decide what is acceptable and unacceptable for you

Pictured: Flynn Rider, Hercules, Prince Charming

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