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If possible, could you list out all the days to Sans Days? Moblie always makes it look/act weird. ( also I mean listing out as in the names of the chapters in numerical order haha;;; )

All of the chapters for Sans Days so far are

01: Meeting Day

02: Unpredictable Day

03: Spaghetti Day

04: Spirit Day

05: Nice Day

06: Rainy Day

07: Finding Day

08: Saving Day

09: Medicine Day

10: Movie Day

11: Travel Day

12: Picnic Day

13: Flower Day

14: Sick Day

15: Weeding Day

16: D-Day

17: Face Day

18: Birthday (Day)

19: Training Day

20: Stuck Day

21: Bored Day

22: Tense Day

23: Fight Day

24: Angry Day

25: Petal Day

26: Break Day

27: Reset Day

28: Beach Day

29: Crown Day

30: Talk Day

31: Bar Day

32: Change Day

33: [REDACTED] Day

34: Explore Day

35: Okay Day

36: Decent Day

37: Bad Day

38: Worse Day

39: Worst Day

40: Monstrous Day

41: Bath Day

42: Defend Day

43: Test Day

44: Prophecy Day

45: Hall Day

46: Surface Day

All of the chapters for Sans Nights are

01: Christmas Night

02: Valentine Night

03: Terror Night

04: Others Night

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Hey, where can I find the gaf au playlist?

here enjoy tiana made it shes magic w music

1 slow show / coeur de pirate
2 can I / Alina baraz
3 open / rhye
4 young blood / naked & famous
5 painter / lapsley
6 13 / big deal
7 pi / big deal
8 homework / big deal
9 fineshrine / purity ring
10 stillness in woe / purity ring
11 symphonia IX (my wait is u) / grimes
12 pin / grimes
13 talk me down / troye Sivan
14 firefly / mura masa
15 girlscarsbending/ the 1975
16 wasting my young years / London grammar
17 body / wet
18 for you / once a tree
19 past lives / børns
20 habits of my heart / James young
21 vampire smile / Kyla la grange
22 rill rill / sleigh bells
23 evening star / cannons
24 vcr / the xx
25 make them gold / chvrches
26 how long will I love you / ellie Goulding
27 roman holiday / Halsey
28 better / banks
29 drive (Los Angeles) / Lolawolf
30 hard to find / the national
31 mango tree / angus & Julia stone
32 compass / Zella day
33 missing you / DWNTWN
34 2shy / shura
35 sad dream / Sky Ferreira
36 all the places / MADE IN HEIGHTS
37 holiest / glass animals
38 dreamy bruises / sylvan esso
39 I prefer your love / st Vincent
40 superstar / broods
41 oh sailor / mr little jeans
42 ribs / Lorde
43 a world alone / Lorde
44 Calgary / Bon iver
45 comme des enfants / coeur de pirate
46 cool for the summer / demi lovato


Day33: A song with my favourite lyric

Endah & Rhesa – When You Love Someone
When you love someone, just be brave to say.
That you want him, to be with you.
When you hold your love, don’t ever let it go.
Or you will lose your chance, to make your dreams come true… ♫ ♪

I’m ready for summer with this tees. Shouts to Invizible Box, 5280 Paper Planez, Fuck Your Hustle, The High Life Clothing, Civilian Crew, Mad Good Clothing and Lifted Anchors. Thank you!

Day 33 of Project 365 - [RANT]So today we found out that Steve Jobs, the founder and former CEO of Apple, had passed away. Now don’t get me wrong, I fully realise and appreciate the contribution he and his company have made to technology in recent years. However, I cannot understand some of the stuff I’ve seen said about this today, it has been really over the top.

People claiming he has changed lives and I’ve even seen comparisons to Einstein! Lets be realistic here, he made an iPod, not cured disease. Okay, he made more than just an iPod, but everything he and Apple have made has not changed lives, in my opinion. Even if it has, only a tiny percentage of the world’s population are lucky enough to afford Apple’s products. So I think people need to get a bit of perspective. 

This brings me on to my photo. Steve Jobs helped improve technology, he did not cure disease and really change the lives of people. We could all live without any of Apple’s products, they are luxuries that any owner is lucky to have. A disease on the other hand, such as diabetes, people have to live with no matter what. There is no cure and they have to deal with its many issues on a daily basis. Should anyone ever discover a cure to such diseases, then that would really change lives.[/RANT]

Anyway, photo is of my medication; NovaRapid and Lantus insulin pens, 4mm screw on needles and my blood monitoring kit. 


Palermo Moments

What I love in my neighborhood:

1. Vegetable shops that line up their veggies beautifully, grocery shopping gets suddenly way more inspiring

2. Innovative graffiti around every corner

3. A splash of tropical: an orange tree, right in the city!

4. Red gravel in the parks, makes strolling the pathways seem a bit parisian; and jacaranda flowers scattered everywhere…

5. French windows - I love the chaotic architectural style of this city

6. Beautiful courtyards: wrought-iron gates, tiled floors, high ceilings, and always a cute restaurant or a shop hidden inside

7. If it’s not graffiti, it’s another form of street art!

8. Window displays: even groceries have style in Palermo…