BB19 Evening Updates - 7/17 - Day 27 (Complete)

Updater: Hannah

Recent evictee: Cody
HOH: Alex
Nominees: Jessica & Dominique
POV players: Alex, Jessica, Dominique, Christmas, Jason & Kevin
POV holder: Jason
Have nots: Jason, Josh, Ramses & Mark
Den of Temptation:

3:00 PM – cam 1

Mark and Josh are playing pool. They have a bet that the loser has to drink a cup of pickle juice with hot sauce.

Jess, Matt, Kevin, Paul and Jason are all watching. There is a lot of trash talk during this whole game.

Josh shoots for the 8 ball and makes it in. Mark instantly screams that Josh double hit and it is a scratch. Paul and Jess agree that Josh scratched so he lost the game.

Josh says they can redo the game, then says he won because Mark always double hits. Josh tells Mark to drink the pickle juice and hot sauce and they will re-bet and play again.

Mark just keeps saying Josh scratched. Josh keeps saying Mark does the same thing and no one calls him out on it.

It seems like everyone out there agrees that Josh lost. Josh wants to redo the game.

They are arguing back and forth about who won.

Mark says he will drink the pickle juice and they will do another game.

They shake hands. Josh says he respects him.

Josh gets the cup for Mark to drink. Mark is getting kind of heated. Josh asks why he is mad. Mark says he isn’t.

They are waiting on Paul to get back from the DR before anyone drinks.

(3:29) Paul is back and Mark/Josh are arguing again about who won the game.

Mark: I’m a man of my word, did you beat me in that game?

Josh: Yes.

Mark instantly throws the cup of pickle juice and hot sauce in Josh’s face.

Mark says he gave Josh a chance and that you can’t win if you scratch on the 8 ball.

Mark sits with Elena, he is smiling and laughing.

3:30 PM – cam 3

Josh goes inside and washes his face in the kitchen sink. He says he has hot sauce in his nose and his eyes are burning.

Josh is mad and getting heated. Paul comes in.

Josh says he was being nice, he yells out that security needs to be ready.

Paul tells him not to react.

Josh: No, it’s called self defense.

Josh gets a bottle of ketchup and salad dressing out of the storage room and goes outside.

BB tells him to stop twice.

Josh is calling Mark a coward and throwing ketchup and salad dressing on him.

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Mahasiwa adalah saat kamu harus menyadari bahwa kamu adalah orang yang beruntung

Pernah menghitung berapa banyak orang yang berharap ada diposisimu? Bahkan beberapa dari mereka saja berharap pun tidak mampu

Kehidupan yang kamu rasakan sekarang ini kelak akan dipertanggung jawabkan kan? Bisakah kita manfaatkan untuk dapat memberikan kebermanfaatan?

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