With love songs
playing in my headphones
I dream of henna on my hands
and contours that will
leave the world blind
I envision lehngas
through cornfields
and dupattas drenched
under the rainfall’s kiss
I create and play
symphonies and choreographies
in my head
so we may dance to them
alone when the
world is not watching

#nakedsoulyoga #nakedsoulyogachallenge #day27 @homeclothesfreeyogi said thing balanced #lizardpose and look a there this is my variation of #boundlizard pose check in with @kineticlunarays @naturalyogini for tomorrow’s pose followed by @inked_gingersnap then myself @iamreneewatkins followed by @fearless_yogini aaaaand if you like this super duper dope #ovalyogamat by @qiyo_multiversal_yoga go to to get your own I swear to you u won’t be disappointed