MFM Day 20: Caught

I only just made it clear today that I went on hiatus, I’m so sorry for the delay in many days. ;w;

Pair: Marichat

Rated: T/M

Edit, edit, edit!: I’m sorry if you don’t like sexual one shots, this was my first one shot in a really long time, and I was about to go to bed so it was a bit rushed. ;w;


Marinette let out a moan as Chat licked her neck. They weren’t used to this intense of a make out session, and Marinette was a bit nervous that they would take it to the next level. In her bed.

“Chat…” She panted, pressing her hands against his shoulders as he lifted her up and moved his mouth to her waist.

Chat set her down back to the ground gently, he licked his lips and smirks, cheeks dark red.

“I’m not ready for the next stage yet.” Chat shows a frown before nodding his head in response, and out of nowhere, completely without warning, he rips her buttoned up shirt right off of her body, revealing her light pink bra.

“Chat, no!” Marinette covers her breast, even if they’re small, she covers them anyways.

“My bad, little lady.” Chat licks his lips once more befor tackling Marinette to the ground.

“Marinette, what’s going on in there? I’m coming up!” Sabine yells, the lovers are stiff now, Marinette pushes Chat off of her and he looks rather dazed and confused.

“Mama, no! Everything is fine!–” Sabine opens Marinette’s door and her eyes go wide.

“Mama! It’s not what it looks like, please!” Sabine’s eyes narrow, her gaze moving from her daughter to her daughters lover.

Chat smirks and gives Sabine a thumbs up, Sabine’s eyes water as she burst into laughter.

“Huh?” Marinette tilts her head in confusion, and Chat begins to laugh as well.

“Chat’s talked with me numerous times, Mari. I know about you two.” Marinette’s eyes go wide and her shoulders stiffen.

Just as Sabine proceeds to leave, she looks back at the two with a smirk on her face.

“Just wait until you’re older to start producing babies, alright?” Marinette’s cheeks turn pink and Sabine let’s out one last laugh before closing the bedroom door.

“So all this time she knew, huh?” Marinette’s eyes darken as her head slowly moves to come in eye contact with Chat.

“I guess you can consider that we got caught.” Chat winks at Marinette and her blush darkens, she walks over to her lover and wraps her arms around his neck, his hands moving to her waist, the two lock their lips and kiss passionately.

• Severus Snape Appreciation Month •
Day 20.  A scene you wanted to be in the films //

*closes laptop*

*takes bus to closest airport*

*buys ticket to Nepal*

*spends two months climbing Mount Everest*

*ascends to the top, with patchy beard and hollowed cheeks*

*stands at edge and clenches fists*

*screams out in the vast void:*

‎وَمَا مِنْ غَائِبَةٍ فِي السَّمَاءِ وَالْأَرْضِ إِلَّا فِي كِتَابٍ مُّبِينٍ

And there is nothing concealed in the heaven and the earth but it is in a clear book.

—  Quran: 27:75

I enjoyed that Inuyasha didn’t end with a “The End” they went on Towards tomorrow, like their life’s together are still going on, there is no end to Inuyasha.  The one thing that I was kinda sad about is that we never got to see the kids of Inuyasha and Kagome, but We can dream about that (image is from a google search ) 


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Vormittags ham ma de bekannten “Gili-Schaukeln” am Strand getestet und san schnorcheln ganga. 🐠🐡 A moi ganz interessant zum sehen gwesn, dass es weiße Seeigel gibt. Am Nachmittag san ma mit de Radl ins Zentrum (Hafen) gefahren um uns für den morgigen Tag a Speedboat-ticket zum kafa. Morgen geht’s 2 “Heisl” weiter, nämlich auf Gili Trawangan. 🗾👙