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Nalu week day two: Grattitude. 

Without being able to fall asleep, Lucy left the cabin where her comrades were sleeping and approached to the poop of the ship.

Why couldn’t she erase that feeling of loneliness after all?

Fairy Tail is reunited again and the Team Natsu is on a mission like before –they’re going to bring their master back and continue their life as if Tartarus never happened.  

So, what with that sadness?

Maybe she was just scared of everything disappearing again right in front of her eyes.

Remembering all of the losses of their last battle made Lucy wanted to cry, but being honest, she didn’t think she could drop a tear ever again –she had cried too much in the last year.

“Luce?” the blonde turned around to see a yawning Natsu going upstairs and getting closer. “Why’re u still up?”

“I couldn’t sleep” The pink haired mage relied on the railing by her side and gave her a sleepy gaze.

“Maybe a nightmare?”

“Nope, just too many thoughts in my mind” explained the girl keeping her look at her reflection over the sea.

“Like what?”

She sighed. ‘Like you –she thought- like you leaving me behind without an explanation. Like you coming back without feeling a little guilty about it. And like me not being able to feel angry with you because I’m so grateful with you for all you’ve done to me.”

“I don’t know” he raised an eyebrow at her “Don’t look at me that way, idiot! I’m not crazy.”

“Nope, ya just don’t wanna tell me. C’me on Lucy, don’t u trust on me now?”

“No” her answer made him turn all his body to her. For all the gods, he wasn’t expecting that answer “Lu-” he started, but the blonde interrupted “I mean, you’ve been gone for one year Natsu –well, everyone was gone, so I can’t trust anybody like I did before. I feel like it in that way”

“B-but Lucy, I-”

“Oh, you needn’t apologize. You were in your right to do it -it’s just me trying to understand it myself. Understand that I can’t reproach you nothing” She gave him a smile, but he realized that it didn’t reached her eyes.

“Lucy you can-”

“Well, this feeling may not last long so don’t worry, I might be overreacting” she let out a laugh.

“But you’re still-”

“I said don’t worry, now that we’re all-” a hand covered her mouth and a pair of green eyes appeared in front of hers.

“Hell, Luce, lemme talk –I’m glad to see that you’re still that talkative but for god’s sake” the dragon slayer sighed. “I know you want an explication but I can’t tell you right now, kay?” Even in the dark of the night she saw his cheeks getting flustered. “That doesn’t mean that I don’t trust on you, you know I’ll bet my life for y-hey, don’t you dare to bite me, Luce!” The blondie had to avoid his gaze due to her blush. “Anyway, we’ll always be nakama, won’t we? Even if we’re one thousand kilometers apart. But it’s just more fun when we…?” he reminded quiet and move away his hand.

“’re together.” She ended completely blushed, making him smile.

“Good.” With his typical big smile he made her wanted to run away before falling harder than she had already fallen. They both relied again over the railing. “I told you what I’ve been doing during the year –but Lucy, what did ya do? All that reporter stuff aside”

“Well, I trained a bit with my spirits and spend my time looking at the stars. That’s all, basically.”

“Sure, I saw that weird clothes of yours and your spirits. They’re so cool!”

“Yeah, the star dresses. At the beginning it took me days to do it. I think my celestial spirits got a bit tired of me!” they both laughed with the memories and then the silence came back.

“So…” he started again “what ‘bout your novel?”

She erased her smile. “Oh… I stopped writing. I didn’t touched my novel before Tartarus. Just wrote some articles for the Sorcerer”

His eyes widened at her with the discovery. What the hell… “Why, Lucy? You loved writing!”

“I was out of inspiration. I tried so hard but nothing came to my mind, so all that I wrote was worthless. I wasn’t living so much adventures to write after.”

“O-oh.” For the first time in his life, Natsu was speechless. He never thought that Lucy will be alone during the past year, and realizing what her loneliness has caused made him want to hit himself.

He took her hand and turned her to him. “I hope you brought a lot of paper, Luce, ‘cause our adventure continues here and now!” He gave her hand a little squeeze.

She was slowly smiling.

“I’ve missed this too much” she muttered –but he was half a dragon so he heard it perfectly.

“I missed you too, Luce.” He leaned to touch her forehead with his “Ya know? When your missing was quite too painful, I always looked at the stars. They didn’t shine as you do, but it was almost like having you there with me.”

“N-Natsu…” Hell! She was sure she couldn’t be more blushed –with her hands and knees literally trembling for him.

‘Why is he always doing this kind of things for me? Always cheering me up… Always protecting me… God, he’s like a freaking hero! He’s my hero…’

“Thank you, Natsu.” The words slipped out of her mouth and she got closer in their embrace.

“For what?”

Lucy lifted her head up. “For change my life, stupid. Thanks for finding me in Hargeon, for take me to the gild, for let me be part of this crazy family. For bring me extraordinary adventures together. Just thank you.”

He smiled like just him know how to. 

“Anytime, Lucy. Anytime.” He enclosed her waist and hugged her tightly.

“Then don’t you dare to leave me again, understood? I can’t live without your stupidness, idiot.”  

“I swear it, Luce. We’ve got too many adventures to live yet.”

“Celestial promise?” She asked, with her forehead still touching his and with their eyes meeting each other’s.

“Celestial promise.”

(Sorry for my english, it’s not my mothertongue, so just sorry.)


Least Favorite Character: Sean Prescott

okay so even though i have never met the guy, he has somehow managed to become my #1 most hated character

and i dislike a lot of things about a lot of the characters in this game

but seriously, not only does he THREATEN max, he threatens just about everyone else too

even the nice lady behind the two whales knows he’s dirty

Elsa and Anna :) by Vaaly

Frozen Duos Week: Day 2, Elsa and…

For the frozenfandommonth

Okay this is technically day two but this took me more than I expected. Anyways here it is, Elsa and…. Anna :) 


kim minseok ughhh…

ps. did you see xiuhan fan


Stydia Month; Week 2: AU Week

Day 2: Detective!Stydia

When a report about three students being murdered in between classes every Wednesday for three weeks in BHHS, the L.A. County Sheriff sends Stiles Stilinski and Lydia Martin to Beacon Hills to go figure out who the murderer is. However, they can’t just show up as grown adults and interrogate everyone, or else the killer will find its ways to remain hidden.

That’s why they have to go undercover and pretend to be students to make sure no one knows who they really are.

The more people don’t know they’re cops, the less suspicious students will be, the easier it is to find out who’s killing students left and right and why.

This is a big one for me. I’ve always wanted to really put what God has done for me down in words. Hopefully it gives somebody a little bit of encouragement.

I grew up believing. From birth I was raised in a Christian home, went to church every Sunday, though at a young age I knew there was a God but I didn’t feel a real connection with Him. I had given my life and heart to Jesus, though I’m not sure that I fully comprehended the promise I had entered. He was a big man in the sky who apparently loved everyone, including me. God seemed awesome, that is until questions I had couldn’t/ wouldn’t be answered. I was hungry to know, though when I asked the big questions I was either ignored or punished for ‘being rude’. Years passed and my doubts grew, I was desperate for tangible, touchable proof for everything people wanted me to believe.

The hardest thing in my life threw me off track even harder. My mom did not die, though it really seemed like she did. Severe depression was the diagnosis and the happy, loving mother I knew vanished. It has been six years and it still affects daily life( though with God’s help it’s easier). I grew angry with God. How could he do this to her? To me? I needed my mom and He let this happen. I turned my back on the place I should’ve turned to and my life went down a bad path.

Because I did not know or accept the unquenchable love of the Lord and other factors, I grew to hate myself. I believed I was not good enough, that no one could ever want me. I put my worth in a boy, who sexually assaulted me and broke my heart, and felt dirty for a very long time. I took part in harmful behaviours towards myself and at some points wanted to die. Basically, I was not in a good relationship with myself or with God.

My life continued this way, until I made a decision that ultimately saved me. A friend of mine was going to a weekend retreat and kept talking about how awesome it was. There was a clear tug on my heart and I realized that I needed to go. I was all signed up and very nervous, not sure what I was getting myself into. I had not sought God in years and here I was, right smack in the middle of an entire camp of Christians. Safe to say I was intimidated.

God put my fears to rest the first night of camp and I felt a change in myself. Looking back now I feel a little silly, but I gave God an ultimatum… Show me a sign that you are real or I am done. I wasn’t going to waste any more time on the matter. He met me there, His presence was so overwhelming I couldn’t deny it any longer. I broke down in tears and the love of God washed over me. Words of healing were spoken into my life and I was cleansed and renewed. It’s complicated to explain totally, though I know from what I experienced that there is no going back. I am loved and special to Him. Psalm 139:13-14.

My life has changed for the better. People have come in and out of my life, though I learn something from all of them. I have been baptized and totally rededicated my life to Jesus. I still struggle with self image everyday, though I can overcome it knowing that I am made in His image, exactly how I was intended to be. God supplies our every need. When I needed Him, he put someone in my life to lead me back. When the friend who led me to Jesus abandoned me out of no where and turned on me, He gave me a new family and support system to lean on (missions team/youth group friends). I was asking God for a way to get closer to the church and Him and I was called to be on a missions team(goes hand in hand with the last one 😋). We must only ask and it will be supplied to us. Matthew 7:7. My journey with God is a never ending road and with every beat of my heart I will live for Him. All the glory be to God, who keeps me safe. Life is not perfect and I never expect it to be, though I rest easy knowing He will be walking right beside me through all of it.


lol Yun you’re so manchild 😂 and tidy Chwang again 😘

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