I spent most of the day reading ‘The Adventures of Tin Tin’ at Black Bamboo Restaurant while Amanda took it easy back at the hotel. Around noon we checked out and hung around the lobby area playing on the internet. Amanda’s stomach situation had been improving, but the rising mercury and lack of ceiling fans weren’t doing her any favors. Late in the afternoon I convinced her to join me on one last sunset scramble to the temples. Luckily, we found Momo standing on her usual corner and her driver soon found us after finishing his roadside game of chance. Just look at that flowing mane. You go Momo.

Girl with Great Adventure (day 191)

Song: Run Away With Me by Carly Rae Jepsen

Went to Six Flags today with some Sabor fam. Super sad that Andrea couldn’t make it. We all felt so awful because we thought it was going to storm all day and of course, it didn’t rain a drop even though it was more humid than the devil’s breath all day. We had a lot of fun and convinced Ami right in the nick of time to get on the Kingda Ka, the last right of the night, the only one she wouldn’t do. Aaaaand it was right before the coast broke down for the night! Lucky thing too…she never would have trusted us again if it broke down before she got on it. Truly one of my favorite days of the summer.

Something that made me laugh: Rushing for the last 3 open seats on the Kindga Ka right before it broke down for the riders after us. They looked piiiiiiiiissed as we climbed out of the cars on the other side. hehehehe

Something that made me upset: Andrea couldn’t come :/ We kept talking about how we felt so so so bad.

What I googled today: what a rollback is on a roller coaster.

Kpop Workout/Food Diary: Day 191

Breakfast:  5 slices of organic flaxseed bread (550 cal) with organic peanut butter; 1 apple

Snack:  1 nectarine; 2 granola bars (300 cal)

Lunch:  1/3 cucumber; 1 tomato; 1/3 pepper; some pumpkin seeds; olive oil; balsamic vinegar; some lactose free cheese; 2 apples; 34 almonds; some dried cranberries; 1 nectarine

Dinner:   Some Nature’s Path Whole Grain Heritage Flakes

Activity:  50 minutes of cardio (50 minutes elliptical); 10 minutes abs; 5 minutes stretching

Off we went to the temples for the last time. I had an pretty nice itinerary, but our driver convinced me that he knew a much better spot to catch a sunset – and it was a secret spot. I was instantly hooked. After a bumpy ride full of Amanda’s signature ‘I can’t believe you talked me into this’ death glances, we arrived at an ancient Buddhist monastery. Up we climbed, through the darkest and most claustrophobic passages we’ve encountered in Bagan. But as always, the view from the top and the cool breeze were so worth it. 


My happiness for today:

- I dragged my butt out of bed for long enough to exercise

- Sleeping in and just generally being lazy

- Grey’s Anatomy with the roommate

What made YOU happy today?

Day 191: Creamy Ebiko Pasta 🍝
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