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DAY 19: The See-Saw of Floyd

Any Pink Floyd fans probably gonna be bored stiff by this intro, but stick with me. It might be worth your while.

So, I was listening to a Floyd playlist on Spotify recently & the song “See-Saw” popped up.

And even though some asshole at the time wrote “The Most Boring Song I’ve Ever Heard Bar Two” on the production sheet, it was one of those rare moments in Pink Floyd history, where Richard Wright was credited as sole songwriter.

And it got me thinking:

What if Richard Wright hadn’t been browbeaten by Waters all those years & had somehow confidently taken the reins of Floyd?  

Just as a level set, this was their sophomore slump period, where the following things were happening:

• Their first album, “Piper at the Gates of Dawn,” was mostly a Syd Barrett joint

• But after the initial success, Syd was being ousted by the band for his sporadic behavior

• They brought in David Gilmour to fill in as Syd’s possible replacement for live performances

• Producer Norman Smith & the record company was rejecting singles as the band was struggling without Syd

• A couple of Wright compositions were out there, but saw little success:
- “Paint Box”
- “It Would Be So Nice”

• Only two of Wright’s sole credits would make the final album

Now, all that being taken into account, it’s easy to see how Wright was handling the Syd debacle. If you listen to ANY of these songs, you’ll hear how he was essentially writing Syd-like songs:

Listen to “Remember A Day
Listen to “Paint Box
Listen to “It Would Be So Nice

They’re all slightly complex, intensely beautiful & perfectly in keeping with the playful aesthetic that Syd had laid down. 

It’s the same with “See-Saw.” 

As a master songwriter, Wright was just trying to give the record company what they wanted, hoping the general public wouldn’t notice. But not in a bad way. All the guys in Pink Floyd were trying to save face & stay employed. 

With Syd gone, they were almost immediately rudderless. 

From goofy, fun, little singles

to soundtracks,

they were still figuring out what the “Pink Floyd sound” was. Making it up as they went along, hoping something would happen.

Well, it took several passes & a few years of touring before that “something” would make them international successes.

And as much as I love “Dark Side of the Moon,” I love everything leading up to it even more.

These albums are where you can still hear Richard Wright contributing music that’s unabashedly his.

Hell, even something as trippy & out-there as “Sysyphus” at least shows more virtuosity than most of the studio tracks from “Ummagumma.” 

So, yeah. That’s where my head’s at.

Given, if Wright had stayed off the cocaine & Waters hadn’t been pushing his own unique, conceptual vision, the “Animals” tour might not have happened. 

Which means Waters wouldn’t have spat on a fan in Montreal, thereby giving rise to his idea of building a wall in front of the band, which gave rise to THIS:

That basically means that if Wright had been at the helm, some of their greatest successes as a band might not have happened.

So, if anything, I regret that such a meek soul & gifted songwriter was shuffled out of the spotlight all those years ago. 

And I regret that we’ll never know what path Pink Floyd might have taken if he hadn’t been pushed away.

• Severus Snape Appreciation Month •
Day 19.  Costume Appreciation //

So uhm. Yeah. For every follower that dropped in after the fancast post yesterday, expecting “”””high quality”””” - I’m sorry? Also really, I just love this flowing amazingness that is Severus’ cape in the movies. Absolutely glorious. So this is me, appreciating the hell out of it.